Phitsanulok to Sukhothai @ taxi Jan 29, 2018

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From Phitsanulok Town any hotel to Sukhothai by taxi

Phitsanulok Town any hotel
Sukhothai Town any hotel
1h 30m
  vehicle, all incl

Adventures @ Sukhothai


Thailand names two possible sites for new Chiang Mai Airport

A spokesperson says the government of Thailand has identified two possible locations for a new Chiang Mai airport. One is in the northern province’s district of San Kampaeng and the other in the Ban Thi area of neighbouring Lamphun Province.

28 December 2017

Thailand parks dept to launch tourist trail to remote Sukhothai waterfall

Officials at a national park in Thailand’s northern Sukhothai province are planning to set up a new tourism trail leading to an isolated waterfall. The 80-meter-high waterfall in Ramkhamhaeng National Park is surrounded by thick forest and lofty mountain peaks.

02 October 2017

Authorities in Sukhothai use sandbags to plug holes in floodwall

Authorities in the northern Thai town of Sukhothai have ordered 50,000 sandbags to help reinforce floodwalls. Workers and volunteers have been using them to plug holes in the floodwall alongside the River Yom.

01 August 2017