Penang to Kuala Lumpur

Penang to Kuala Lumpur

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Penang New Asian Travel
5h bus ride in VIP
TBS Kuala Lumpur
Penang New Asian Travel
5h bus ride in VIP
TBS Kuala Lumpur
PEN Penang International Airport
1h 5m flight #AK6113 with AirAsia in Economy
KUL Kuala Lumpur Airport

From Penang New Asian Travel to Kuala Lumpur by bus

Penang New Asian Travel
5h bus ride in VIP
TBS Kuala Lumpur
Penang New Asian Travel
5h bus ride in VIP
TBS Kuala Lumpur

From Penang International Airport to Kuala Lumpur by flight

PEN Penang International Airport
1h 5m flight #AK6113 with AirAsia in Economy
KUL Kuala Lumpur Airport

Penang to Kuala Lumpur Schedule

Penang to Kuala Lumpur Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Mara Liner Express 00:15 - 04:56MYR 37.74
Billion Stars Express VIP 02:00 - 06:41MYR 35.77
KTM ETS Gold 05:15 - 09:31MYR 70.57
KTM ETS Platinum 08:00 - 12:12MYR 94.09
KTM ETS Platinum 13:10 - 17:20MYR 92.97
KTM ETS Platinum 16:00 - 20:09MYR 94.09

How to get to Kuala Lumpur from Penang

What about

It is hard not to fall in love with the capital of Malaysia: one of the youngest capitals of Southeast Asia wins hearts with its bold youthful and cosmopolitan character. The rich colonial heritage coexists in harmony with state-of-the art skyscrapers, lush parks are a welcome oasis of tranquillity to escape to after the world-class shopping marathons, and ethnic dishes of Chinese, Indian, Muslim and Western cuisine make your mouth water. The Petronas Towers, the highest twin towers in the world, rise proudly in the heart of the capital, commanding views over the modern bustling city.

How to get from Penang to Kuala Lumpur

Depending on the means of transport, the main starting point for your travel from Penang to Kuala Lumpur may be the town of Butterworth on the mainland part of Penang state or any of the two bus stations on the island. The both bus stations on Penang and the railway station in Butterworth are easily reachable from Georgetown.

From Penang to Kuala Lumpur by train

Trains from Penang to Kuala Lumpur depart from Butterworth train station. To get there from the island, take a ferry. It plies its route on a daily bases from 5.30am till 11.30pm and takes sheer 15 minutes to whisk you to the mainland. From the ferry pier it is a matter of a couple of minutes walk to the train station with the route clearly marked. You can also take a free shuttle van from the ferry terminal to the train station.

The new train station which has replaced the old one closed back in 2011, is not big. It is fully air-conditioned but there is actually nothing more there except for ticket counters, waiting halls and toilets. No food court and no souvenir stalls either.

There are three morning trains leaving for Kuala Lumpur. 5am (#9231) and 7am (#9211) trains are high-speed trains covering the distance between Penang and the Malaysian capital in about four hours. Tickets cost from MYR59 to MYR79 depending on the class of the car. The first train (#9231) is the fastest one and can bring you to Kuala Lumpur by 8.35am, but note that to get to the train station by the time of its departure you will need to take a taxi/a bus from the island as the ferry does not operate at that early hour.

There is also train #1 leaving at 8am. It is a tad slower and takes 5¼ hours to get to its destination, but the lower price of the tickets (MYR34) compensates this drawback.

Afternoon and evening trains #9233 (3pm), #9209 (5.45pm) and #9215 (7pm) arrive to Kuala Lumpur in the evening. If you are planning to use these ones, be sure to book your accommodation in Kuala Lumpur in advance as it may prove next to impossible to get a room to your liking at night.

Note that #9215 train operates only from Friday to Sunday; all the other trains are daily trains.

In Kuala Lumpur, trains arrive to Kuala Lumpur Sentral, which is also a real architectural delight. A large-scale intermodal transport hub, Kuala Lumpur Sentral is the point of origin of many intercity routes all over Malaysia and Singapore, as well as KLIA Ekspress and KLIA Transit high-speed airport trains. KL Monorail Sentral Station is easily reachable via overhead bridge from KL Sentral.

From Penang to Kuala Lumpur by bus

With an endless list of bus departures from Penang to Kuala Lumpur you are never short of choice. Buses depart every 15-45 minutes and take from four to five hours to reach Kuala Lumpur depending on the bus station you are heading to.

If you are going to take a bus from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, you have three basic options.

Option #1 is to hop onto a bus at the main bus terminal on Penang Island in Sungai Nibong (MYR38-MYR39). Located some 10 km from the old city area of Georgetown, it is reachable both by taxi (MYR30) and numerous city buses (MYR2). The trip to the bus terminal from Georgetown normally takes about 20 minutes but is dependent on traffic – leave Georgetown at least one hour prior to your departure. The most useful city bus route from Georgetown to the bus terminal is 401.

Option #2 Some bus companies use the other Penang Island bus terminal, Komtar, which is much handier if you stay in Georgetown as no long taxi ride is required to get there. All of the buses leaving from Komtar then pass through Sungai Nibong terminal before leaving the island over the bridge. If you wish to start your journey to Kuala Lumpur at Komtar bus terminal, look for Economy Express, Super Nice Express, Yakin BG Express or KPB Express buses. Tickets cost MYR41 which is a bit more than in case of Sungai Nibong bus terminal, but you do not need to spend any extra ringgit on a taxi or a city bus ride. There are fewer departures from Komtar than from Sungai Nibong, and if you are in a hurry to leave the island you may want to check departures from Sungai Nibong or Butterworth bus terminals instead.

Option #3 is to take a ferry from Weld Quay in Geprgetown to Butterworth and choose any of the buses, e.g. *KKKL Express operating from the temporary bus terminal connected to the ferry pier by a walkway. Tickets are sold at a similar price as in case with all the other departures from the island (MYR38-MYR40).

Tip: Billion Stars Express, Seasons Express, Super Nice Express and KPB Express all offer VIP buses with only three seats per row instead of usual four what actually guarantees a more comfortable ride.

Note: There are no toilets on board the buses plying the route between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. All buses, though, make one or two bathroom stops en route which helps survive this 4+ hour journey.

In Kuala Lumpur, buses from Penang call to the southern TBS; to the northern Hentian Duta terminal, to KL Sentral and to centrally located Pudu Raya. The latter is the closest drop-off point to Bukit Bintang/Tengkat Tong Shin area, both teeming with accommodation of all varieties and especially those geared towards travellers on a budget.


With an endless list of museums, churches, mosques and temples, historical buildings, shopping opportunities and natural attractions in and around the Malaysian capital, the time spent in Kuala Lumpur is never enough. You can make your visit as diverse and busy as you wish but by all means try to find some time for a very special experience which visiting of any of the following places can enrich you with:

  1. Petronas Twin Towers are easily a whole-day destination. From getting up to the Skybridge on the 41st-42nd level and to meditating to the intricate dance of the fountains at the foot of the towers after dark, you will hardly find a moment for boredom.

  2. Menara Kuala Lumpur may seem just a humble relative of its more famous counterparts elsewhere but it definitely offers the best view of the city with Petronas Twin Towers right in front of you. The revolving restaurant is a great place for an elegant lunch or diner, too.

  3. Kuala Lumpur boasts many green areas and zoos, but Kuala Lumpur Bird Park located in the scenic Lake Gardens is an absolute stunner, especially if travelling with your little ones in tow. The natural aviary with freely flying birds transports you right in the heart of a rain forest.

  4. Batu Caves with the iconic image of Lord Murugan look cheerful and colourful from outside with all those Hundu deities meeting visitors at the entrance gates just at the foot of the stairs, but the system of million-years caverns at the top does impress even more.

  5. Central Market is every shopping lover’s start destination which combines food venues, shops, entertainment programs all under the same roof of an amazing art deco masterpiece. Central Market gives you a real taste of KL shopping which goes far beyond the exquisite boutiques of Suria KLCC next to Petronas towers.

Your onward travel from Kuala Lumpur

Venturing further south from Kuala Lumpur, popular destinations which can be reached overland from the Malaysian capital, include Melaka, Muar, Batu Pahat and Singapore.

Transportation from Penang to Kuala Lumpur

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Penang to Kuala Lumpur destination reviews

Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Mar 28, 2020
The bus stank and the pick up location is not accurate. A different bus had to take us to the actual bus station when they noticed we were at the wrong station (we were at the location in George Town but its wrong).
Bus Express, Plusliner, Mar 23, 2020
We had a brand new bus, with very good seats. We left on time and arrived a little before time. Overall a connection to use again.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Mar 16, 2020
No clear instructions. Waited ages in the bus station.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Feb 28, 2020
Went from penang to KL. Was worried from all the bad reviews but for me was fine. Left on time, arrived a bit late but was to be expected. Very comfortable first class style soft seats, well air conditioned and seemed like a new modern bus. Changed to a different bus halfway which was similar. No problems whatsoever
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Feb 28, 2020
Took longer than expected but that’s usual in south east asia. Comfy seats with enough leg room and good air con. A few unnecessary stops by the driver.
Bus Express, Nice MY, Feb 5, 2020
Jag vet inte om det är kotym att damen som skriver ut en beställd och betald biljett ska ha något extra. Det ville kvinnan på Sungei. Resan funkade bra. Vid ankomsten till Singapore blev jag frånåkt i Woodlands, men det kan ha berott på att det krånglade lite med mitt boende i Singapore. Det får jag själv ta på mig. Började som enda passagerare, men fick byta buss på vägen. Det var väl OK det också, och förståeligt.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Feb 3, 2020
Not to bad, 2 hours traffic delay
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Feb 3, 2020
Arrived 3,5 hour late. No traffic... just too much chilling by the bus drivers. Bus is comfortable.
Bus Express, Nice MY, Jan 24, 2020
The AC wasnt working on the bus, so departure was delayed by 30 minutes. Otherwise the trip was perfectly smooth. The busy stops at KL Sentral before the final stop at old KL station.
Bus Express, Plusliner, Jan 22, 2020
The coach was on time. it was a smooth journey
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Jan 17, 2020
Good service, thank you!
Bus Express, Nice MY, Jan 11, 2020
Bus was on time &Very comfortable
Bus Express, Plusliner, Jan 10, 2020
Overall, my experience was pleasant. We left from Sungai Nibong on time, however we arrived late to KTM Old Railway Station. We were suppose to arrive at 8:30pm and I think it was more like 9:45pm. It is important to know there are no toilets on the bus. There were two stop breaks along our journey. The first one was quite long (I feel it could have been shorter) it was around 30-45 min long. Everyone was back on the bus before the driver. And the second break was only 10 minutes. There were many fruit stalls at the first stop and the second stop had more cooked food, although I didn't see any vegetarian/vegan items. I recommend packing some of your own snacks before departing just so you have nourishment for your travel. It was a smooth journey and the bus was fairly empty. As a female solo traveler, I felt safe the entire time. I happened to sit near the front just out of convenience but I noticed that most women sit in the front, which is probably on the safer side. Also, it's important to know that there is FREE wifi at the KTM Old Railway Station in KL. I've been traveling without a sim so I am dependent on wifi. I was happy to know I could connect easily and call a grab from the station to my air bnb. Safe travels!
Bus Express, Plusliner, Jan 6, 2020
Everything excellent
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Dec 20, 2019
We've now done a few trips on buses through Asia This one didn't quite measure up to the others, no water or food A lot later arrival than scheduled, driver was rude when I wanted to double check if we were on the right bus Communication was lacking
Bus Express, Nice MY, Dec 9, 2019
Excellent Trip.
Bus Express, Nice MY, Dec 7, 2019
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Dec 5, 2019
Awful bus company. The amount of stops this bus made throughout the trip was insane. Trip was advertised as 4h 45min and it ended up taking over 6 hours. The absolute only reason for that was because of the amount o FB stops they made and the fact that each time they stopped it was for up to 45 minutes or more. The first stop was 10 minutes into the trip and it lasted for 45 minutes! Then shortly after that they stopped again and yelled at us to switch busses. The bus we had to switch to smelled awful and the new driver was incredibly rude. He then made another stop at a mall that seemed super unnecessary and despite his assurance that it would be for 20 minutes, it lasted for 45 minutes as well. It seemed like he was trying to scout people at the mall to fill in extra seats on the bus so he could pocket the money because he was gone for far too long and finally came back with 3 new passengers, whom he dropped off on the side of the highway before our final destination. Never booking with this company again.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Nov 30, 2019
The travel agent said to be there at 3.15 but with no clear instruction that actually there would be a 45 minute wait. Then a taxi came to take us to the actual bus station and the bus waited for us and left late - at 4.20. Then with a journey that took almost 5 hours that arrived later than was advertised, there were no comfort breaks. Not great.
Bus Express, Nice MY, Nov 30, 2019
Very comfy and clean would definitely use again
flight Economy, AirAsia (AirAsia), Nov 28, 2019
Very pleasant and helpful air line
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Nov 4, 2019
The bus we got on from Komtar later gets changed before leaving the Penang island and we weren't told this. We also left almost a full hour later than scheduled. Would take the train next time for more professional service.
flight Economy, AirAsia (AirAsia), Nov 3, 2019
Good organised and perfect trip.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Oct 28, 2019
the inside of the bus was very nice. clean. however, the bus left 1 hour late. we suspected that the bus wanted to wait for more customers.
Bus Express, Nice MY, Oct 25, 2019
Good service. If you book online, when you get to the bus station you must head upstairs to get your ticket printed (this costs 1 ringgit). Nice bus, very roomy seats. Our bus ran a little late that stated but not by too much. I would recommend this service.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Oct 21, 2019
Leg space could’ve been bigger and should’ve departed on time. But overall I’m satisfied, it was a smooth ride.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Oct 19, 2019
Very nice driver. Very comfortable bus. Bus needs a good clean though. Cockroaches of all sizes crawling around the windows and walls. Other than that- excellent experience! Thank you :)
Bus VIP, Seasons Express, Oct 4, 2019
Good things first. We had a comfortable trip in comfortable seats. The drivers were both good careful drivers, who knew where they were going. We had one comfort stop. Sadly bad bits:- We checked in 30 mins before and was told our bus for 10:30 was in lane 8. We then stood by the bus until 10:45 with other travellers waiting for a driver. The drivers arrived, did not check anyone's tickets and just sat down and chatted together. At 11:00 the man from the ticket office had words with the drivers and they started the bus. We put our cases on and sat in our allocated seats and one of the drivers then drove the bus off....Without confirming tickets or which bus etc. At the comfort stop we were told 20 mins only. Everyone was back except the drivers who were eating and chatting. The driver got on and started the bus and had to get it moving and honked for the second driver to join us. This was 35 mins after we arrived. Arriving in KL the bus went to one terminal before KL sentral. Driver pulled up and didn't say anything. Some got off but most of us didn't know if we should get off or not. After 5 mins the driver got on again and we drove off. It was an odd journey which got us into KL 1.5 hours later than the start of the rush hour!
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Sep 28, 2019
We had to change bus within Penang for the real departure, it's a silly system which make no sense. As with many of the other reviews, this journey does not take 5 hours, I'd allow 7 hours if not more. Driver was smoking through his window as driving which made the bus smell of smoke which wasn't pleasant. Other than those two things the journey was fine.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Sep 17, 2019
A little confusing having to go from the New Asian stop at the mall to the Penang bus terminal by the airport and then get a ticket changed again to another bus company...very confusing. But the ride was fine. :)
flight Economy, AirAsia (AirAsia), Sep 16, 2019
Bus Express, Plusliner, Sep 15, 2019
Great experience. No issues with the ticket. Bus ran on time.
Bus VIP, Seasons Express, Aug 31, 2019
Very organised but driver was waiting around for a long time at bus station so didn’t arrive to destination till late
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Aug 20, 2019
Very comfortable and smooth drive
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Aug 18, 2019
Great bus, comfortable and ckean
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Aug 14, 2019
The bus was excellent: there were plenty place for the legs and you could rest and enjoy the ride. On the other hand we were sent to a bus leaving half hour later and at a break they stopped at some place that isn't on a highway, but a restaurant outside the road with poor hygiene conditions. If you don't mind it, everything else was fine.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Aug 6, 2019
It was okay. No problem encountered so far except for the minor delays. Overall it was a pleasant comfortable ride.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Aug 6, 2019
Excellent journey! It was pot luck finding the ticket office so make sure you leave enough time...
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Aug 6, 2019
We arrived 1.30 hour late. Normal arrival was on 12am, and we arrived on 1.30am...
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Aug 5, 2019
flight Economy, AirAsia (AirAsia), Jul 28, 2019
Long cue in Penang for bagage drop
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Jul 28, 2019
We left New Asian Travel Office at 12:45 instead of 12. The site mentioned that it is about 5 hours of travel but it took us 8 hours from Penang to Kuala Lumpur.
Bus Express, Plusliner, Jul 25, 2019
Quite comfortable, with a stop at a nice place halfway. Bus was delayed by an our though and the driver was looking at his phone as much as at the road.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Jul 15, 2019
Trip from Penang to TBS took 7-8 hours instead of the advertised 5h. Almost missed my flight in KLIA. Please adjust the online time schedule, as this duration seems to be the norm.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Jul 11, 2019
I took the overnight bus which was quite nice and timely due to lack of traffic. The transfer at SB was time consuming and annoying to go south on the island. Also the driver routinely scolded me for being in the wrong seat despite the fact that someone else was in my seat (which went unaddressed). Ultimately, it was a fine journey and it arrived just on time at night
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Jun 26, 2019
Very spacious coach with large seats and lots of room. WiFi wasn’t working. Was asked to change buses half way so driver could change route which was odd... WiFi on new bus was also unavailable. Journey taken around 6.5 hours, do note this when booking!!! Lots of loud people which isn’t the companies fault but people should be asked to wear headphones and be courteous of other passengers.
Bus VIP, Seasons Express, Jun 25, 2019
The driver left around half an hour late for no other apparent reason than chatting to his friend. The actual trip was good, with 2 short toilet stops where one could also buy food. We were dropped off at KL SENTRAL where it was easy to catch a cab. Would definitely use this service again as it leaves from a convenient location on the island.
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Jun 11, 2019
VIP seats were comfy and cozy, clean bus, air conditioning works. The downside of the trip was the traffic ! our journey from penang to kl should be 5 hrs instead it was 11 hours long ! and the bus conductor refuse to stop at the R&R (rest area) when we request to and his reason was "look at the traffic how to stop?" few of the passengers including us need to use the washroom and we literally have to remind the driver to stop by the R&R and he did just twice. by the way expect bus transfer somewhere in sungai buloh ! which adds another hour to the whole journey to reach tbs station ! first time travelling by bus from penang during raya season and never again !
Bus VIP, New Asian Travel (New Asian Travel), Jun 6, 2019
Nice bus and ontime
443 customer reviews