Penang to Bangkok @ train, van, flight Jan 22, 2018

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From Komtar New Asia Travel to Bangkok by van

Komtar New Asia Travel, Penang
Morchit Terminal, Bangkok
Komtar New Asia Travel, Penang
Morchit Terminal, Bangkok
Komtar New Asia Travel, Penang
Morchit Terminal, Bangkok

From Butterworth to Bangkok by train

Butterworth, Penang
Hua Lamphong, Bangkok
21h 15m

From Penang Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport by flight

Penang Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport
1h 45m

From Penang Airport to Don Mueang Airport by flight

Penang Airport
Don Mueang Airport
1h 45m
Penang Airport
Don Mueang Airport
1h 50m

Adventures @ Bangkok

Thai Massage Experience Training and Ascetic self-Stretching (Rue-si Datton) Course - 2 day
MYR 1,051.81
2d 1h

Watpo Thai Traditional Massage School

Thai Massage Experience Training and Ascetic self-Stretching (Rue-si Datton) Course - 2 day
Package set 4
MYR 742.45
Thai Massage Experience Training and Ascetic self-Stretching (Rue-si Datton) Course - 1 day
MYR 680.58

Watpo Thai Traditional Massage School

Thai Massage Experience Training and Ascetic self-Stretching (Rue-si Datton) Course - 1 day
Entrance Fee with Rides Only
MYR 105.18

Dream World

Entrance Fee with Rides Only
Package set 3
MYR 556.84

Passenger reviews out of total 371 passengers traveled with us on this route

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★★★★★ Mar 30, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
Very efficient
★★★★★ Sep 7, 2016 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
Flight left 10 minutes early. Air Asia staff were informative and smiley. Huge thunderstorm at Don Mueang airport so a lovely air cabin crew lady held a huge umbrella from the aircraft to the bus so we didn't get wet
★★★★☆ Aug 4, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
I was only informed about the discontinuation of service for Train 36 from Butterworth just two days before I departed but 12go's email did inform of alternatives. Not sure if there should be any reimbursement for the difference in ticket prices or not but I presume it will be small change so I didn't ask about it. 12go's email mentioned about a free shuttle bus by SRT from Butterworth to Padang Besar but when I enquired about it with the KTM staff, they replied there was no such thing so I had to purchase a KTM Komuter ticket to Padang Besar myself. Upon arrival at Padang Besar, there wasn't anyone around to guide travellers on the immigration procedures and when I finally got down to it, both Malaysian and Thai immigration officers had already knocked off for the day. As such, I had to walk all the way to the vehicle border control to get my passport stamped and also had a whole lot of explaining to do. I was worried that I would miss the train but "luckily" it was late. The ride itself was pleasant and comfortable and I would definitely consider doing it again in future!
★★★☆☆ Aug 2, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
12goasia's email to us 30th July was incorrect . There was no shuttle bus and we had to wait at Butterworth for 2 hours before boarding another train to Pedang Besar. Quite happy with the train.
★★★★★ Jul 13, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
Really good service tough I had to take the train in Padang Besar instead of Butterworth. Days before I've been advised from 12go about the changes. 12go information was accurate and reply my inquires within hours
★★★★☆ Jul 12, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
Everything was fine actually and I would have given 5/5 for the train, but there was no free shuttle bus as promised, so I had to pay extra for using ETS commuter train. There was also no information that the train departure was shifted, so I had to wait for 5 hours. Perhaps it was just because of the new schedule. Other than that, everything was great.
★★★★☆ May 30, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways)
★★★★☆ May 26, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
12go staff very helpful and efficient At Butterworth is was not made clear we had to travel on one train to the Thai boarder then change so most people were not sure what to do Delay at boarder was a pain no body explained what was happening Lower bunks were good upper bunks were rather a tight fit
★★★★☆ May 21, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
12go was very professional and efficient in getting us information about the logistics of our trip. Our ticket was delivered on the Butterworth train by the Thai employee. Everything went smoothly, though, as others have said, we weren't clear about what would happen between the time we got to the Butterworth station and the Thai order. We thought we'd get on the sleeper train in Butterworth but went along with the flow of things and it all worked out great. The lower bunks were comfortable but the occupants of the upper complained about being cold. Food was good and supplemented by hawkers walking through the train at stops. As to be expected, the hawkers food was much cheaper.
★★★★☆ May 18, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
The Butterworth - Padang Besar section is still replaced with ETS Komuter trains, in my case airco wasn't working too well. Long wait for the Thai train at the border, but once in, service and cleanliness were good. The fact that the Thai train doesn't run all the way to Butterworth led to some confusion with the Malay train conducter as he didn't understand why I didn't have a ticket yet (it was with the Thai train officer). In the end everything was cleared up, so no complaints about the service from 12go, apart from that they could have warned about the Komuter train to the border.
★★★☆☆ Apr 21, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
I've ridden the line before and found little had changed after 15 years. Enjoyed the trip well enough, but it is what it is. Dated hardware, roaches roaming the car, a hot hot plus waiting for the transfer at the border. It's a travel experience; relatively comfortable, not too clean, but it will get you there. 12go's service and handling were good; after a mix-up on addresses they still got them to my office in Italy with time to spare.
★★★★★ Apr 20, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
At end all was fine. I mistook the price for delivering my ticket to butterworth but got nice help from support. I would take the service again.
★★★★☆ Apr 11, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
Great train journey. The sleeper was very comfortable, the scenery special. Spot on service from 12Go too.
★★★★☆ Apr 11, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
We had our tickets delivered to our hotel in Penang and they were waiting for us when we arrived! We asked for 2 upper & 2 lower but ended up with 4 upper. Didn't bother us overly though as we were near eachother. 12GoAsia did a great job and we'll be using them again to et other tickets.
★★★★★ Mar 23, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
Great email communication from 12GO Asia. I booked tickets late and they delivered them on the train, as promised. It was nerve-wracking at first, but someone showed up, as promised. The train ride itself was wonderfully comfortable and we slept like babies. Thanks!
★★★★☆ Mar 12, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
Asia12go are to commended for their great service. Our tickets were delivered to us on the train Butterworth to Bangkok as promised because we booked too late to have them sent. Their customer service throughout the procedure was totally reassuring and professional and would like to recommend them. The train ride went without a hitch, we ordered a dinner and coffee that was delivered to our seat at the Malaysia Thai border stop, but we saw on arrival in Bangkok there was actually a restaurant car! The bed making procedure was precision-like and great to watch. All very clean linen bedding, but it does get cold overnight even with the blanket, it pays to have a warm layer to wear.
★★★★★ Mar 5, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
Excellent service, they explained the whole process and tickets were waiting for me. Cannot be faulted and I will definitely use them again.
★★★★★ Feb 19, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
We were very happy with the service of 12go. From Australia we could have our tickets booked and sent to Langkawi for pickup with no problems. Also they got us the best seats. Both lower berth, middle of carriage. Thanks 12go, we will recommend you to others!
★★★★★ Feb 16, 2016 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
Finding your service saved me as the KMTV site was a mess. Thanks. I like trains and this was a good one. Helpful crew. Good sleep!
★★★★★ Dec 29, 2015 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
Amazing! Clean and comfortable. Really an enjoyable ride. 21 hours may seem long but in fact, time passed quite fast in the train. Coach attendants are friendly and approachable. Waiter and waitress will take order for dinner and breakfast. i recommend that you have your dinner ordered via the waiter and you will have your dinner ( in the train cabin) after you go through the Malaysia/Thailand immigration at Padang Besar while the train is stationary at about 6pm (Malaysia time). The Restaurant cabin is decorated with Christmas themed. Lovely sunrise at about 630am. Reached Bangkok 1 hour late, but expected. Lastly, 12goasia have done a great job by securing the tickets for me and sending straight to my house, received it less than 4days after confirmation of tickets. There was some hiccups before the confirmation on the date of departure as train are full. Do book early to avoid disappointment.
★★★☆☆ Dec 14, 2015 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
Interesting journey. Quite fun and no problems. Late arriving in Bangkok but guess that is to be expected. Ticket agents were fab
★★★★★ Sep 20, 2015 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
Agents secured tickets for us when KTM advised all sold, 30 days before departure and arranged courier to our Penang hotel for our collection. Train journey itself was comfortable, but would recommend you have destination currency with you as many hours on the Thai side especially as train encountered mid journey delay of 2 hours. Thanks 12go.
★★★★★ Sep 19, 2015 (train #32 Class II Sleeper AC, Thai Railways) :
Had an amazing trip, the really helpful staff provide a great service. Will definitely use 12go again.

Book Tickets from Penang to Bangkok Online

Where do you book tickets Penang - Bangkok? How long is the Penang - Bangkok route? It takes on average 10h 30m by van, train, flight, depending on operator and vehicle. The route is going over a distance of 929 km. Having 7 departures to Bangkok, 12go gives a choice of 4 operators for Penang - Bangkok route. Earliest departure goes at 05:00, while the latest is 16:45 local Thailand time.

Operators serving the route Penang - Bangkok are New Asian Travel, Thai Railways, Thai Airways, Thai AirAsia. Cheap ticket for Penang - Bangkok by flight is MYR 231.89 (US $ 58.64) by Thai AirAsia (45m), while most expensive fare and presumably best would be MYR 1,165.90 (US $ 294.80) by Thai Airways which takes 50m on schedule. Some operators provide snacks, others stop at a foodcourt on the road (some also include it in the ticket price).

To have a safe and a comfortable trip Penang - Bangkok you may want to choose highest rated trips, and leave your own review.


US rockers Incubus to play Bangkok concert in February

Californian rock band Incubus are scheduled to make a stop in Bangkok next month on the Asian leg of their new tour. Incubus will be on stage at the BCC Hall in the Central Plaza Lardprao Mall at 20:30 on the 15 February.

17 January 2018

Jetstar Asia beats Singapore Airlines in OAG flight punctuality study

A 2018 survey by aviation industry analyst OAG has found budget carrier Jetstar Asia is one of the planet’s most punctual airlines. With 85.08 per cent of its flights operating to schedule, Jetstar Asia placed eighth in the world rankings, fourth in the Asia Pacific region and second for Southeast Asia.

17 January 2018

Bangkok transport authority says bus fares have to increase

The boss of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority told reporters last week that the price of travelling by bus has to go up. Nuttachat Charuchinda warned that the only way for the authority to clear its massive debt was to increase fares.

15 January 2018