Ozamis Pier to Manila

Ozamis Pier to Manila

  3 trips (1,450 – 3,940)

Ozamis Pier to Manila Schedule

Ozamis Pier to Manila Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Philippine Airlines Economy #PR289009:30 - 11:30₱ 1,912
Cebu Pacific Economy #5J78211:40 - 13:20₱ 1,450

How to get from Ozamis to Manila

There are several options for traveling from Ozamis to Manila no matter what your budget is. The fastest means of transportation is obviously a plane since there are direct flights from Ozamis to Manila. Cebu Pacific is a popular budget airline, but a more expensive Philippine Airlines service this route, too. Flights only take about an hour and 40 minutes.

Ferries are another option which is usually popular among budget travelers. The journey from Ozamis to Manila by 2Go ferries takes longer than from Manila to Ozamis – namely, 13.5 hours to 19 hours depending on the day of departure. The distance from Ozamis to Manila is 1,145km.

Direct flights from Ozamis to Manila generally cost around PHP 3,000 up one way. It helps to book your flights as far in advance as you can since this can save you up to PHP 1,000. Both Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines regularly run online promos when you book during travel fairs, allowing you to save significant amounts of money on your trip.

If you decide to take a ferry, the cheapest seats for Ozamis to Manila route will cost you PHP 2,300 with 2Go. Besides these cheapies there are 5 levels of onboard accommodation option to choose from. The most expensive, which is a Stateroom for 2, costs PHP 7,000 There is also an option of mixing up a plane and ferry ride to save some pesos in your pocket.


Cebu Pacific currently offers the most cost-effective flights from Ozamis to Manila. Ticket prices start at around PhP 3,000 one way. Just be sure to watch out for promotions from either Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines.

Cebu Pacific’s cheapest seats on Ozamis to Manila flights are already inclusive of 7 kg of hand carry luggage. On the other hand, Philippine Airlines’ lowest costing seats include 20kg of checked luggage.

Both airlines offer direct flights from Ozamis to Manila, which take around an hour and 40 minutes. There is also an option to fly via Cebu which makes the journey longer but offers more departures between Cebu and Manila.

Ferries from Ozamis to Manila

Budget travelers usually opt for 2Go ferries from Ozamis to Manila. The company offers affordable Mega Value Class seats at just PHP 2,300, although there are more exclusive and cozier accommodation options available. 2Go’s most expensive room is the private Stateroom for 2, which is PHP 7,000.

Note! 2GO sails from Ozamis to Manila on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY.

2Go ferries depart Ozamis twice a week. The St. Leo the Great vessel leaves Ozamis every Wednesday at 8.30AM and arrives to Manila at 10PM, for a total travel time of 13.5 hours. The St. Francis Xavier vessel departs Ozamis every Saturday at 1AM and arrives to Manila at 7PM, for a travel time of 19 hours. Passengers rarely have to worry about cancellations unless you are traveling during a storm season.

General notes

2Go ferries offer a comfortable and affordable way to travel. Some of the facilities you can expect on a 2Go ferry are a spa, salon, karaoke, convenience store, and cafes, so even if your journey takes 19 hours from Ozamis to Manila you won’t get bored.

If you are prone to seasickness, we recommend you spending more time on the open deck to get some fresh air and – if possible – book a private air-conditioned room.

Transportation from Ozamis Pier to Manila

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Ferry Mega Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Aug 10, 2019
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