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Mumbai to Goa Schedule

Mumbai to Goa Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Indian Railways SL - Sleeper Class 00:30 - 10:45₹ 548
Indian Railways 3A - AC 3-Tier Sleeper 05:40 - 12:50₹ 1,365
Indian Railways IR 3E - AC 3-Tier Economy Sleeper 07:10 - 19:25$ 39.23
Indian Railways 2S - Second Sitting Class 08:35 - 17:30₹ 358
Indian Railways 2S - Second Sitting Class 11:30 - 21:15₹ 378
Indian Railways 2S - Second Sitting Class 12:50 - 21:08₹ 348
Indian Railways 3A - AC 3-Tier Sleeper 15:20 - 01:05₹ 1,335
PVS Travels AC Sleeper 17:00 - 09:00₹ 3,465
VRL Travels AC Sleeper 19:45 - 09:15₹ 2,079
Indian Railways SL - Sleeper Class 20:40 - 05:38₹ 578
IndiGo Economy #6E97722:00 - 23:05$ 74.77

How to get from Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai, the capital city of the state of Maharashtra, is also the most populous city in India. It is a huge transport hub and thus offers plenty of options for travelling to Goa. Hop on a plane or go overland by bus or train. While both Mumbai and Goa have harbours and there used to be steamers and catamaran service between the two destinations, there is no sea link any more, alas.

When travelling to Goa, it is important to understand, which part of the state you need to arrive – northern or southern Goa.

What is the distance between Mumbai and Goa?

Goa sits some 600 km south of Mumbai on the Arabian Sea coast. The shortest route is via national highway 66 but is by no means the quickest due to many winding sections. Overland traffic often chooses national highway 48 which is some 15 km longer but allows to win about three hours of travel time.

Which is the quickest way to get from Mumbai to Goa?

Flying is naturally the fastest way to travel. Whichever airline you take, flying time will be within 70-80-minute range. While time spent for getting to and from the airports, check-in and then waiting for you luggage can make your travel some four hours longer, taking a plane still remains the fastest option.

How long does an overland journey to Goa take?

While riding a car takes from 12 (well, in theory) to 16 hours, bussing does not take less than 13 hours at best, more likely 15 or 16 hours and up to 18 hours.

Travelling by rail, expect to spend between nine and 12 hours depending on the type of the train you choose.

How to get from Mumbai to Goa by train

Direct trains link Mumbai with Goa and other South Indian states via the South Western Railway. The Konkan Railway which is a separately administered railway line provides the most picturesque way to get to Goa as it travels along the scenic Konkan coast. In Mumbai, the terminus of Konkan line is Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT).

How many trains are there between Mumbai and Goa?

There is up to a dozen trains between Mumbai Central and Goa on certain days of the week and no less than 7 daily trains.

The first train of the day leaves Mumbai Central at 3.15 am and the last one – at 11.05 pm. Note that there is a gap in train departures between noon and 3 pm and then between 5 pm and 9 pm.

How long does it take to Goa by train?

The fastest trains are supposed to reach Goa from Mumbai in about nine hours. If you are after the shortest travel time, check TRIVNDRM RJDHNI 12432 and JAN SHATABDI Express 12051 both of which leave Mumbai before dawn or KCVL GARIB RATH 12201 scheduled for 5 pm and which travels the picturesque Konkan line.

The slowest trains are normally MANDOVI Express10103 and KONKAN KANYA Express 10111 but they feature 1st class carriages to make your long journey less tiresome.

How much are railway tickets for Mumbai–Goa journey?

The most popular ticket classes are the cheapest and non air-conditioned Sleeper Class and three air-conditioned classes with berths: 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Expect Sleeper Class to cost in the region of INR800, 3rd air-con – INR1,500, 2nd air-con 1,900 and private compartments for two which is 1st air-con – INR2,700.

There are cheaper non air-con seats only which are not recommended for such a long journey (about INR600).

Where from do trains to Goa depart in Mumbai?

Trains to Goa depart from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT), the former Victoria Terminus in Mumbai. It is a beautiful historic railway station built in the end of the 19th century and is an attraction in itself – it is worth visiting the station even if you do not plan to travel by train.

Where do trains from Mumbai arrive in Goa?

The main railway station for Goa is Madgaon (MAO) located in Central Goa. If travelling to Northern Goa, you may consider aligning at Karmali Railway (KRMI) station which is relatively close to Panaji, Thivim Railway Station, or Kudal (KUDL) but the latter is actually in Maharashtra state.

How to get from Mumbai to Goa by bus

There are dozens of buses heading from Mumbai to Goa every day. Though there are morning buses to Goa, the overwhelming majority of all the buses are night buses leaving between 5 pm and 1 am and conveniently arriving to Goa the next day before noon.

Are there sleeper buses between Mumbai and Goa?

Yes, there are. There are both Sleepers and Seaters serving this route.

While choosing your bus note that not all buses are air-conditioned. It is highly recommended to opt for air-conditioned buses as the travel time is long.

How long does it take to get to Goa by bus?

It can take between 13 and 18 hours, but in media expect to spend 15–16 hours.

How much do bus tickets cost?

Bus ticket prices vary greatly. In general a bus ride to Goa on an air-conditioned sleeper should set you back about INR1,000 – for instance, check Neeta Tours and Travels for a good choice of departures.

Non air-conditioned buses are insignificantly cheaper – INR700-INR800 but significantly less comfortable and thus not recommended.

There are also VIP sleepers serving the route – Atmaram Saish Travels run some of these coaches which sell at INR2,500.

How to get from Mumbai to Goa by plane

There are direct daily flights between Mumbai and Goa.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport formerly known as Sahar International Airport in Mumbai is the busiest airport in India and can look somewhat chaotic at the first sight.

In Goa, planes land at Dabolim Airport, or simply Goa International Airport in central Goa near Vasco da Gamma town. For the time being it is the only airport in Goa.

Are there many daily flights between Mumbai and Goa?

There are over a dozen daily flights to Goa from Mumbai. They are operated by various airlines, from lowcost carriers like SpiceJet to the national flag carrier Air India. Other airlines operating the same route include Go Air, IndiGo, and Jet Airways.

How much is the airfare?

You are unlikely to score a ticket under INR2,500 with INR4,000 looking a more probable price. Regardless the carrier, prices are normally within INR2,700-5,200 range.

Transportation from Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa Destination Reviews

No toilets although I booked a bus with toilets. Arrived almost 2 hours late. Beds were small, I am a small woman and I could barely fit in. It was hard to sleep, because the driver was honking and yelling a lot.
Bus AC Sleeper, Atmaram M Dev Travels, Nov 13, 2022
Did not meet the hype. Poor seats, ordinary food, screens not working, film over windows reducing views, arrived 1 hour late. No communication and little service Did leave on time though
Train #22119 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Oct 3, 2022
Great train, great food, on time. Thanks for this excellent experiences.
Train #22119 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Mar 24, 2022
Good food and ok service, nice temperature in 2nd class ac. But windows should be cleaner, as well as the trays, which had food stains. Fast train mostly, and smooth at low speeds, but we encountered delays for which there was no explanation or notification. 'On board WiFi' was only their own videos, no actual internet access, so a bit misleading and useless. Overall though, a nice way to travel and see India.
Train #22119 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Feb 26, 2020
Fly was delayed. Everything else was OK
flight Economy, IndiGo (IndiGo), Jan 27, 2020
Plenty of food on offer and comfortable! I would definitely do it again!
Train #10103 2S - Second Sitting Class, Indian Railways, Dec 21, 2019
Really nice train, good food. Easy ride. Perfect for backpackers!
Train #22119 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Dec 7, 2019
1st class AC from Mumbai to Thivim was comfortable, spacious, and a fantastic way to travel. Having never used a train in India we were glad to be sharing a cabin with a nice guy who helped us know when to get off. The staff were also really helpful, coming to get us prior to our stop. Breakfast on the train was simple but tasted great and there were many opportunities to grab a chai or a coffee from the people walking up and down the train. From a person who usually hates trains, I couldn’t recommend this experience enough. Booking through 12go was easy and straightforward and I would definitely use again!
Train #10111 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Nov 23, 2019
Booking was exact and no hassle with Indian railways 2AC is a good option to travel long distance. They have provided beddings & on board catering service all through out the journey that we could by any food at the seat. All went well except train got delayed but 2hrs delay wouldn’t be not a big news for a long distance train in India.
Train #10103 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper, Indian Railways, Nov 15, 2019
Train was on time arriving but 2 hours late into Madgoan making it over 14 hours , compartment was big and comfortable - no end of service for food, tea and coffee
Train #10103 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Nov 2, 2019
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