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From Mandalay Central to Bagan by train

Mandalay Central
Mandalay Central

From Mandalay International Airport to Bagan by flight

Mandalay International Airport
NYU Nyaung U Airport, Bagan

From Mandalay OK to Bagan by taxi+bus joint ticket

Mandalay OK
Bagan Shwe Pyi
Mandalay OK
Bagan Shwe Pyi
Mandalay OK
Bagan Shwe Pyi

Mandalay Central to Bagan Schedule

Mandalay Central to Bagan Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Air KBZ Economy #K770407:00 – 07:30MMK 110,090
OK Minibus Minivan 08:00 – 14:00MMK 18,197
OK Minibus Minivan 10:00 – 16:00MMK 18,197
OK Minibus Minivan 17:00 – 23:00MMK 18,197
Myanmar Railways Sleeper 21:00 – 05:00MMK 19,714

Mandalay Central to Bagan destination reviews

92 customer reviews
Bus Minivan, OK Minibus, Nov 10, 2019
The trip was quick, the bus driver really made speed, so that was a good thing (I've had trips in a minivan before when the bus driver was really slow and picked up all kind of locals along the road to make some kyats for himself, but this time nothing like that). 12GoAsia however should make it more clear on the website that these are local buses for local transport. Not for travellers! There waa no room for my backpack or other suitcases, they were piled up everywhere. Leg room was really insufficient for a guy my height (1.85 m). I couldn't sit in my seat and there was no room for my legs i the aisle so I had to stand up a long time. Airco was fine. Few stops though. Not recommended but whatever, it took us to Bagan in one piece :-)
Bus Minivan, OK Minibus, Nov 8, 2019
Bus left on time and arrived early but those were the only positives. Admittedly I'm a relatively tall person, but I couldn't fit in the seat, so needed my knees out to the side (as is sometimes the case). But then they put stools down the middle of the bus and had people sit in the aisle, so my knees had nowhere to go! Extremely uncomfortable 5 hours.
Bus Minivan, OK Minibus, Oct 5, 2019
The only thing pleasant was the pick up from the hotel. The bus driver drove like crazy and picked up random people on the way. People were seated in the isle. No stops except for local people to get on and off the bus. It felt like a public transport bus. We arrived 2 hours before arrival time.
Bus Minivan, OK Minibus, Aug 25, 2019
The Bus is small and makes stops to pick up locals and packages. However since is a small trip (5h) you have to embrace the circumstances and make ir part of rhw experience.
Bus Minivan, OK Minibus, Aug 20, 2019
Transfer desde Mandalay hasta Bagan salio perfecto. Hora de salida 10am y 15 minutos antes pasaron por mi hotel. El viaje total demoro como 4hrs y media, lo cual es bastante bueno considerando que hace varias paradas. The transfer went perfectly. The hotel pick up was at 10am and 15 minutes earlier the driver was there. In total the trip took 4 1/2 hours considering several stops. Highly recommended!
train #120 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Aug 3, 2019
12GoAsia service was excellent. The tickets were delivered to our hotel without the need to go before to the station or the local office. But, the trip was terrifying: is difficult ti sleep even 5 minutes.
Bus Minivan, OK Minibus, Jul 18, 2019
They picked me up quite late. As mentioned in other reviews, they stop a lot of times to let passengers in. I was lucky to have a seat on the right side so I was sitting alone. It's definitely not the most comfortable ride, but you get to your destination. We had a short washroom break. We arrived early around 12pm, that was a plus. But be aware of the taxi guys at the bus station. They will rip you of like crazy since you've no options. It's better to ask your hostel/hotel to tell them where you want to be dropped of. To give an idea of a 'normal' price, from Nanda restaurant to the bus station is 6.000 kyatt.
train #120 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Jun 27, 2019
not too bad, but no communication from train staff make it difficult to understand where you are.
Bus Minivan, OK Minibus, May 27, 2019
Overall it’s a fine trip. In case it’s not clear, this is a local bus that deal seeking back packers can make use of. I’m 6’2” and had just enough leg space to make it work. What surprised me was the drive from Mandalay to Bagan takes about 2.5 hours. The actual drive took 4.5 because of frequent stops, picking people up (locals on the side of the road) and going well south out of the way. Overall it was still 1.5 hours short than expected (the listing said 6 hours). So not that bad. Download a movie on Netflix and relax. Bring some snacks. Go to the bathroom before hand since we only had two long stops (10 minutes for gas 20 minutes later on for food at an outdoor restaurant. The food I wouldn’t advise eating. Maybe it’s fine but not worth the risk to me. You only come to bagan once so I didn’t want to get sick. The air conditioning worked. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be very cold and bundle up. It wasn’t. So better advice is to have layers available and come in short and a t shirt. As far as 12goasia, the communication was quick and easy and they’re customer support emails have been very responsive for other rides I’ve taken when needed.
train #120 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, May 6, 2019
12GoAsia service was excellent. The 3 (sleeper) tickets for the Mandalay-Bagan night train were delivered to our hotel on the day we arrived. The 8h journey was extremely tiring. The trains and tracks are very old, which is why the journey takes so long. Myanmar would do well to modernise its infrastructure - with the help of the international community - as train should be a faster, safer, cleaner (i.e. environmentally friendly) and more pleasant way to travel.
train #120 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Mar 12, 2019
1. The online price is much difference to the local office. 2. The train is not to good which shake too much. You can’t sleep during your trip. 3. I prefer to use bus next time rather than taking this train. 4. The train is very old school; dirty and some insects. Conclusion, It’s good to explore something new, but for the next time i will take a night bus. It
train #120 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Feb 25, 2019
Everybody was really Nice and helpful. From the 12go helpcentre, lady who gave us the tickets and the personal on the platform and the train. The train was clean and we slept okey.
train #120 Upper Class, Myanmar Railways, Feb 4, 2019
Ride from Mandalay to Bagan was very uncomfortable, our seat cushion had an issue where it could not stay out. I keep having to readjust it every 1 - 2 hours or so. We even switch the cushion that was slightly better but don’t expect too much with the “upper class” ticket. Train was dirty and dusty. We had to wipe down the arm rest since that was so sticky and our wet nap turned brown, no joke. It was much worse with the loud kids in our train laughing and talking loudly all night. Sadly there are no quiet hours even though our train was 2100 - 0500 arrival. On the way back to Mandalay from Bagan we booked a private driver, trust me it will be your better choice if it’s within your budget
Bus Minivan, OK Minibus, Feb 2, 2019
The bus driver did the job of delivering you to the Bagan bus terminal (yes, not to your hotel as you need to pay extra or hire private taxi for that, it was clear from the tickets). But there were no regular toilet breaks/stops , when asked, the driver was quite unwilling to stop for pessengers' pee time, except for lunch time where the driver and his staff needed to have lunch, where there were 3 toilets next to the road side restaurant. The food wasn't as bad / unclean as most described, I've eaten at these sort of places for the past 3 days and I'm still in one piece. Being seated at the back has the disadvantage of getting out as corridor is filled with passengers' luggages (there was no special compartments for luggages apparently). Also, our hotel located on the 78th street in Mandalay, the bus came at 10:40 (for a scheduled 10:00 bus time), even the hotel staff told us they're regularly late and it is "normal". We sat at the hotel lobby for to hours due to the scare on its terms & conditions that they'd leave if they do not find us there when the bus arrives. Other than the lack of toilet stops and little space in bus, I'd say the company did its job, although journey was bumpy and the driver drove hellish, but yeah, for that price, what else could I ask for. I'm still alive to be able to write this review.
Bus Minivan, OK Minibus, Jan 16, 2019
We did not eat our lunch at the bus stop bec. We felt that the food is not clean & the restaurant missy and dirty, hopefully this will improve for the safety of your costumers. Also the driver and his relatives are so noisy in the bus talking with a loud voice we cannot sleep in the bus
train #120 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Dec 30, 2018
Thank you so much for your assistance. The ticket for a sleeping car from Mandalay to Bagan was delivered to my hotel by the time promised and the travel was completed with no problem. Excellent quality of service.
train #120 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Dec 25, 2018
The train should seriously be cleaned (sleepers wagon). The washroom facilities aren’t convenient. Missing a mirror and a wider space to wash.
train #120 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Dec 25, 2018
Probably better to take a day train for sightseeing. The night train departs at 21:00 and arrives in Bagan very early at 5 a.m. Also very cold during the night. Can't sleep well.
Bus Minivan, OK Minibus, Oct 1, 2019
Leaving late time but arriving faster nearly 1H.
train #120 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways, Aug 26, 2019
Everything celan. Staff nice and speaks english

Popular Routes in Myanmar

How to get from Mandalay Central to Bagan

When you want to get from Mandalay Central to Bagan, you have a few options to consider. Traveling between these destinations is possible by different means of transport:

  • Flight
  • Train

If you’re looking for a quick trip, it’s recommended that you use Flight. However, if you’d rather take your time with a slower, more affordable travel option, you can book a Train ticket.

The cost of travel will depend on the means of transport you choose for your trip. A flight ticket is the most expensive option - it will cost you about MMK 110,116. If you want to save on transportation, it’s better to take a train as a train ticket costs as low as MMK 12,741.

How far is Mandalay Central from Bagan?

If you’re traveling by land, it’s important to know the distance from Mandalay Central to Bagan. Your trip will be a total of 249 miles (400 km). The flying distance is 99 miles (158 km).

How long does it take to get from Mandalay Central to Bagan?

The travel time from Mandalay Central to Bagan can vary depending on the mode of transportation you choose. All things considered, the whole journey should take from 1 to 8 hours.

How much does it cost to get from Mandalay Central to Bagan?

The cost of the trip from Mandalay Central to Bagan varies according to what means of transport you choose for your journey. The most affordable operator is Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways): travelling by train expect to pay as low as MMK 12,741 for your ticket.

However, if you’re after more upscale travel . The most expensive variant is to opt for a flight - a one-way flight ticket can cost as much as MMK 110,116.

Here is a chart of the average ticket prices and transportation options available from Mandalay Central to Bagan:

  • Train tickets - MMK 12,741 to MMK 20,051;
  • Plane tickets - MMK 110,116 to MMK 110,116;

How many trips per day are there between Mandalay Central and Bagan?

Depending on your choice of transportation, the number of daily trips varies.

  • Trains always run on a set schedule - there are 2 trains per day.
  • Flights from Mandalay to Bagan depart during the day - there are approximately 1 departures a day.

Which means of transport is the best for the route?


Traveling by plane is the fastest way to get from Mandalay to Bagan. While it’s often the most expensive option, tool, occasionally you can grab promotional tickets for more or less the price of a train or a ferry ticket. Normally, the minimum you need to pay for a Plane ticket is MMK 110,116.

Things to remember before boarding a plane:

  • It’s recommended to book a ticket in advance and check-in online. This way, you can save over 2 hours at the airport, and if your seat selection is on a first come first served basis you will have more options to choose from.
  • Getting through security checks may take some time - it’s recommended to get to the airport at least 1.5 hours in advance.

Airlines flying from Mandalay to Bagan


Things to remember while choosing a train ticket:
Consider everything carefully while choosing the class of your train travel. In most cases, the second class is comfortable enough – it features 2 or 4 berths in each compartment and is often air-conditioned.

If you’re in for a premium experience, consider getting a first class ticket. The price of first class tickets may include Wifi, and a choice of snacks and drinks.

The most popular transport from Mandalay Central to Bagan

How to choose the most convenient way of travel from Mandalay Central to Bagan? In order to make your choice of transportation easier, we asked 1000 users to range their preferences for this route. Here are the results of the poll:

  • 975 users enjoyed a train ride.
  • 25 users took a plane.