Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

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TBS Kuala Lumpur
5h 4m bus ride in VIP 24
Golden Mile Complex, Singapore
TBS Kuala Lumpur
5h 4m bus ride in VIP 24
Golden Mile Complex, Singapore
KUL Kuala Lumpur Airport
1h 5m flight #3K684 with Jetstar Asia in Economy
SIN Singapore Airport

From TBS Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by bus

TBS Kuala Lumpur
5h 4m bus ride in VIP 24
Golden Mile Complex, Singapore
TBS Kuala Lumpur
5h 4m bus ride in VIP 24
Golden Mile Complex, Singapore

From Kuala Lumpur Airport to Singapore by flight

KUL Kuala Lumpur Airport
1h 5m flight #3K684 with Jetstar Asia in Economy
SIN Singapore Airport

Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Schedule

Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Malaysia Airlines Economy #MH572107:35 - 08:30MYR 1,334.07
Malaysia Airlines Economy #MH62710:10 - 11:25MYR 428.84
Silkair Economy #MI32714:30 - 15:35MYR 422.85
AirAsia Economy #AK71514:25 - 15:40MYR 178.24
Malaysia Airlines Economy #MH60516:10 - 17:30MYR 428.84
Malaysia Airlines Economy #MH584318:40 - 19:45MYR 1,027.03
Malaysia Airlines Economy #MH584520:30 - 21:30MYR 1,027.03

How to get from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Riverside colonial mansions rub shoulders with gleaming state-of-the-art skyscrapers; modern shopping malls in Orchard Road compete in popularity with bustling markets in Chinatown and Little India; majestic Marina Bay Sands towers rise high in the horizon and gigantic Super Trees leave you speechless. Streets dressed in glass and concrete coexist peacefully with green parks and the imposing Sentosa Merlion observes silently its lands. The former British colony has become Asia’s most expensive city after Hong Kong and Beijing; the only Asian country with the top AAA rating from all the credit rating agencies, Singapore is one of the four Asian Tigers. It is fun to reflect on how time flies and changes the faces of world cities sitting comfortably in Long Bar at Raffles Hotel sipping the famous Singapore Sling and, following century-old tradition, throwing nut shells right on the floor.

Very clean and somewhat tough with its strict rules, Singapore has its undeniable appeal, and it is not rare to hear from those who have just come back from their first visit to the city-state that Singapore feels to them as the perfect place for living.

How to get from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

The route between the two cities is well travelled. Buses and trains whisk passengers from Malaysia to Singapore and vice versa any time of the day and night. While travelling by train is an experience in itself, some buses provide you with all the possible modern comforts and the travel time is considerably less.

From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by bus

A bus journey to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur takes anywhere from 4½ hours to six hours and even more as it is highly dependent on the time spent at the border crossings. That said, border formalities are usually completed quite fast – unless you are unlucky enough to hit public holidays or find yourself in the same bus with someone who has issues with their Singapore visa (normally it is not the case) or undeclared goods (see our note below – in fact, it does happen often).

There is a wide choice of departures to Singapore throughout the day from different bus stations in Kuala Lumpur, including the enormous TBS, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, the main transportation terminal in the southern part of Kuala Lumpur, and Berjaya Times Square, to the east of KLCC.

Buses of various companies leaving from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore bring their passengers to different locations throughout the city-state. Transtar Travel and Billion Start Express both head to Golden Mile Tower in Beach Road, northeast from the city centre, Golden Coach Express stops even further northeast, and Star Coach Express is found near Concorde Shopping Centre, west from the city centre.

The majority of buses plying the route between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are very comfortable VIP buses with three seats per row instead of usual four. Even the cheaper intercity buses (e.g. some departures of Billion Stars Express) are of rather a high standard. Tickets cost between SGD22 and SGD28 (MYR66-MYR84). Star Coach Express and Billion Stars Express have night buses (11.45pm and 1am), arriving to Singapore early in the morning what leaves you with plenty of daytime ahead of you.

The most luxurious way to travel between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is offered by Transtar Travel coaches. They are more expensive (SGD36/MYR111) compared to other options on the market, but accommodate just 16 passengers with single seats on the both sides of the aisle. The seats are really enormous and comfortable, nearly fully reclining and with a separate footrest. There is personal entertainment station and electrical sockets for each seat. During the trip hot drinks, snacks and lunch or dinner consisting of a rice with chicken or meat and some vegs as a side dish are served. Note that there are no toilets on board but with two stops en route it is not a big issue. Though the journey is not that long, if you can afford spending a bit more, it pays to opt for Transtar Travel buses.

Transtar Travel has several buses a day heading to Singapore. The first one leaves at 7am and brings you to the Golden Mile Tower by the time you can easily check-in at your hotel which is quite convenient. The last one departs at 6pm and arrives after 10.30pm. If you choose to travel with any of the buses leaving after 3pm, ensure that you have your accommodation booked, as cruising the big city at night in a search of the place to lay your head down is not quite a brilliant idea.

Exiting Malaysia is quick; you get off the bus and have your passport stamped. On the Singaporean side you are supposed to go through immigration (be ready to spend a while queuing to the officer) and present your luggage for scanning. After that you will board the same bus again and continue the journey to your destination.

Note: While crossing the land border between Malaysia and Singapore you are prohibited to bring any alcohol with you without declaring it. Duties are hefty (about USD70 per bottle!) and failing to declare results in even huger fining (up to USD700 even for a can of beer). Be prudent and never ever try to bring alcohol over Malaysia–Singapore border as potentially it is going to cost you a fortune.

Tip: You are not allowed to bring cigarettes to Singapore, either, and there is a mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking carriers. To be on the safe side, never take anyone’s luggage through customs, especially if offered a compensation for your help. Never.

From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by train

From May, 2016, there is no more direct train service between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. You can no longer take the convenient #25 train which used to leave Kuala Lumpur in the evening arriving to Singapore the next morning around 6am. Your train journey will involve three separate trains: a high-speed ETS train from Kuala Lumpur Sentral to Gemas (2½ hours); a shuttle train from Gemas to Johor Bahru Sentral (fabout four hours); and from Johor Bahru Sentral to Woodland checkpoint in Singapore (20 minutes). Expect to spend about eight hours in total. Buses will deliver you from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore faster – in about five hours – but can cost more, while the train journey should not set you back more than MYR60. It may prove a good idea to make a stopover in Johor Bahru. Accommodation and food there costs considerably less than in Singapore and you have a quick look at the second-largest city in Malaysia or venture further afield to explore an amazing Endau Rompin National Park protecting one of the oldest rain forests in the world. For more information on Johor Bahru check Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru page.

Note: It is a bit upsetting that the old colonial railway station in Singapore is not used any more. Trains from Kuala Lumpur arrive to Johor Bahru Sentral. To get there, take a local bus from the Singapore Sentral.


To feel the real taste of the city, let modernity and history go hand in hand during your stay in Singapore. Shop till you drop in Orchard Road, dance till you are dead in Clarke Quay, gamble, lounge, splurge, and do not stop until you have tasted the best of Perenakan, Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes all around the city. Here are some ideas not to miss.

  1. The brand image of Singapore is Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino. Three 55-floor towers contain 2560 hotel rooms, a museum, two theaters and ice-skating rinks, seven restaurants and the cult infinity pool plus breathtaking city views.
  2. A ride over Singapore Flyer is an unforgettable experience. The gigantic 2008-built Ferris wheel is 165 m high, which is 30 m higher than the famous London Eye.
  3. Get your portion of adrenaline in Sentosa's adventure parks and attractions, watch the dancing fountains show and step on the southernmost point of the continental Asia. Take a cable-car ride and observe the enormous port stuck with loads of sea containers.
  4. The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari have long secured their presence in every visitor's must-see list. Even without the little ones in tow, do not hesitate to give the both a glance.
  5. Do they say that Singapore is not Asia? Oh, yes, it is! Savour the regional flavour in Little India or Singapore Chinatown.

And remember that no visit to Singapore is complete without paying respect to the city's founder, Sir Raffles. Greet him with a classic Singapore Sling at the signature Raffles Hotel. Prosit, dear Sir Raffles, and accept our most sincere gratitude for your outstanding creation.

Transportation from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

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Kuala Lumpur to Singapore destination reviews

Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Mar 15, 2020
Я забыла в порту сумочку - косметичку, надеюсь увидеть ее на обратном пути 22 марта
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Mar 9, 2020
The driver and bus were excellent! I really enjoy the ride.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Mar 1, 2020
There were cockroaches in the bus walking up the walls to the seats.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Feb 28, 2020
Comfy masssge seats. Plenty of room and good air con.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Feb 22, 2020
First bus didn’t have air conditioning for two and a half hours, thankfully we switched to another bus. The ticket also said it was a 5 hour ride, it was over 7 hours.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Feb 18, 2020
Double deck bus but I perfect have a seat below rather on TOP as TOP too squeezes below is comfortable seat. Gd bus driver reach earlier then thought but the problem can't charge the phone and no wifi. Nowadays ppls goes for that hope starmart will get much more better in service in success in bussiness
Bus VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, Feb 17, 2020
The ride was comfortable, we're not late, ticket is very easy to claim specially if you choose TBS for it's a very efficient bus station. The seats got massive leg room, but it needs a little vaccuming, the grooming of the bus captain and assistant could be improved. Overall, this is a very good deal to travel from KL to SG.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Feb 14, 2020
Not much time given for toilet break. Requested to change bus at malaysia immigration if drop off at boon lay. Seats are uncomfortable.
flight Economy, Scoot, Feb 14, 2020
The flight was on time.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Feb 12, 2020
Bus is comfortable, somewhat agitated bus driver. Arrived 15 min later than said, so all ok.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Feb 11, 2020
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Feb 8, 2020
Only reason not rated 5 is that not everything on the coach worked but was very comfortable ride. Also no bathroom onboard but would use again.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Jan 31, 2020
Lack of information From staff when reuested particularly on arrival at Singapore
Bus VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, Jan 24, 2020
We arrived to our destination 2hrs late due to heavy traffic through the border of JB and Singapore. The instructions of where to wait for the bus when we walked through the border was unclear - we were all frantically searching for other passengers on our bus to make sure we went to the correct place. We also weren't provided with any water for the duration of the trip, and we had our break stop 3.5 hours after we stayed the journey, which was a long time to wait in our opinion.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Jan 21, 2020
The trip take many hours, but it was very nice, really confortable bus
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Jan 18, 2020
The driver did not wait for some passengers left in Singapore Immigration.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Jan 14, 2020
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Jan 13, 2020
Bus VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, Jan 8, 2020
The food was not good. The first time, that I have to complain about food.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Jan 8, 2020
Very good
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Jan 5, 2020
Very fast, all was good
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Jan 4, 2020
Overall the journey and arrangements good.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Jan 2, 2020
They called before leaving which was very good. They are responsible drivers.
Bus Express, Causeway Link Express, Jan 2, 2020
The driver took too many breaks, the whole journey was more like 8 hours.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Jan 1, 2020
Excellent service
Bus VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, Jan 1, 2020
Driver doesn't tell you where you need to be when you go through customs so all a bit hit and miss. Also be aware, immigration into Singapore took 2 hours. Sooo boring. Got to the front of a line and there was a problem with the kid they were seeing so they shut the line and sent us elsewhere ???? Be prepared for the wait.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Dec 28, 2019
I took a trip from Berjaya Times Square to Golden Mile Tower with my family during the holidays. My experience was a little different in that they didn’t leave anyone behind at immigration (though the bus ticket does say that if you get left behind, ride another Starmart Express bus). There were staff at each of the immigration borders with checklists of the bus passengers and who were waiting as you got out of immigration. The staff on each side were helpful. We even thought our bus had already left but another Starmart Express driver pointed us in the right direction. We got to the Singapore immigration by 2:00 PM after leaving by around 8:45 AM. We spent 2-3 hours in immigration and arrived at Golden Mile at around 5pm. Overall, the bus company wasn’t a horror story like some of the reviews here (which I was prepared for and took the risk on) but I think they can improve on changing the timeslots to manage expectations better and give clearer instructions on the procedures at immigration etc before the bus trip so people know what to expect.
flight Economy, AirAsia (AirAsia), Dec 26, 2019
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Dec 26, 2019
Clean and conffortable bus
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Dec 25, 2019
The bus doesn't make only 5 hours to reach Singapore as promised! took 9 hours and 15 minutes!!! the 2 hours in the immigration office were on top of the 9 hours ( but this is something unpredictable). so a total of 11.15 hours for a road that is quiet good for driving. the stops on the way are way too long and not necessary ( beside the stations). we didnt find it professionally organized and is a pitty because we chose bus between countries to enjoy also roadtrip, not only airplane ( which seems in the end to be the best choice). the long trip by bus made us lose a day from our visit in Singapore. we came from Europe for such a visit...but in the end nobody assumes this waste of time. we don't recommend it. we are 2 travellers. p.s.: the bus doesn't provide much of the promised comfort either (had broken chairs and nonfunctional plugs)
Bus VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, Dec 23, 2019
The bus didn’t wait me in the immigration
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Dec 22, 2019
At the starting point bus was delayed by 30 or 40 minutes. Scheduled reaching time 04.30 pm was delayed by more than three hours. Attendant was reluctant to help passenger to put their luggage in bus boot.
Bus VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, Dec 14, 2019
Everythings is fine just a bit slow......i like the way driver treat passagers....passionate...
Bus VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, Dec 8, 2019
All was cool and the seat was awesome . One of my most comfortable bus trip ever ????
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Dec 7, 2019
Massage chair spoilt.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Dec 1, 2019
It took long queue to pass the custom. Unfortunately, the bus driver left most of us before we were able to come out. At the end, we had to use the public transport to go to MRT station.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Nov 26, 2019
Bus didn't follow seating number. It took off a little late too.
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG (Transtar Travel SG), Nov 25, 2019
The driver didn’t explain anything . He just stopped and we had to guess if it was for immigration , luggage test etc... the arrive hour do not correspond because of the immigration time spend
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Nov 21, 2019
Tre trip took 8 hours, not 5 hours, 15 minutes. I can’t imagine it ever being on time considering that you have to go through immigration both in Malaysia and in Singapore. And then you have to wait each time for everyone to get back on the bus.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Nov 17, 2019
The delays and someone smoking on the bus were not really acceptable.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Nov 9, 2019
Super comfy Bus with massage seats, Driver was friendly, Border was say to navigate and very quick to clear.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Nov 8, 2019
Very comfortable, big chairs. A lot of space for my legs and bag.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Nov 5, 2019
Very slowly, so long waiting for the next bus, is about 30+ mins.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Nov 5, 2019
When check in in Singapore drive says huury other wise I left you and he drive bus without me Draiver not picked up me very bad draiver
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Nov 4, 2019
Sooooo helpfuuuullll
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Nov 1, 2019
The driver was a man of few words, I thought the driving was very reckless as well, he nearly left 2 people in Singapore immigration, also the immigration is a absolute joke it took us 1.5 hour to get through not enough staff and no sense of urgency at all, do not book this if your under time constraints.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Oct 29, 2019
Bus was delayed but comfort and trip was OK. I can recommend this operator.
flight Economy, Jetstar Asia, Oct 21, 2019
We didn't have any problems with our travel. Thank you.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Oct 21, 2019
The outward journey was great. Comfortable seats and good driving. Took about an hour longer but the immigration line was very long despite being 4am. Return journey was not as nice, very fast bumpy ride in bad weather conditions. Thrown out my seat a few times and as the seatbelt had been cut completely of this did not made me feel safe.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express, Oct 16, 2019
hopefully next time, there will be wifi connection on the bus
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