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Krabi to Koh Lipe destination reviews

ferry High Speed Ferry, Jolly Travel, Mar 25, 2020
Perfectly on time and comfortable journey. Stopped at 2 islands and we had 15 minutes to enjoy and take pictures, making it seem like a touristic journey instead of just a transfer.
ferry Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, Feb 4, 2020
I hate speedboats from now on. It was very loud and extremely bumpy and they transported a puppy!!!! which could have died. It smelled horribly (gasolino)!!! We had to change the boat on Lanta and had to wait for an hour after that we had many stops and instead of people getting of we had people coming in and it was already very crowded. It was a very exhausting trip. I don't wanna travel that long on a speedboat anymore. Besides that I got a wrong information when I still was in the shower (2hs before pick up when the hostel staff told me I need to be ready in half an hour instead of 2 hs later). I was so stressed and in a hurry after that because I didn't even have packed. I was lucky that I had to wake up to pick up my laundry early otherwise I would have slept and couldn't make it on time anymore! Very unnecessary!!!
ferry Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, Feb 3, 2020
We knew the ride would be bumpy. The first part to Koh Kanta was okay. But then had to wait 2 hours for the connecting boat instead of 30 minutes. And on the second boat you had to inhale gas fumes the whole way. Also the motors are very loud. So bring earplugs and a gas mask!
ferry Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, Feb 1, 2020
We didnt get any information where was the picup place and time in airport.
ferry Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, Jan 1, 2020
Perfekt, ble hentet til avtalt tid, og reisen gikk fortere enn beskrevet! Veldig fornøyd
ferry Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, Dec 24, 2019
The operators helped a lot with the suitcases etc. the trip was relatively fast. The only downside is that the speedboat is so small it felt very crowded. We also had to change boats at ko Lanta in order to reach ko Lipe
ferry High Speed Ferry, Jolly Travel, Dec 18, 2019
Everything was on time and ok.
ferry High Speed Ferry, Jolly Travel, Nov 27, 2019
I got picked up on time, the speedboat was arranged for and I got to Koh Lipe so no complaints. After 20+ hours of travel I even got an hours sleep on the speedboat...
van van, Hat Yai World Tour, Nov 25, 2019
It was ok. Thought before that the big part of time it would be by boat and less by van, but was the opposite. No problem.
ferry High Speed Ferry, Jolly Travel, Nov 11, 2019
Minibus journey was good and worked well. Ferry was very cramped and made 2 unnecessary 15 min stops but otherwise fine.
ferry High Speed Ferry, Jolly Travel, Jun 12, 2019
I travelled during low season, so the bus was just myself and two others so it was incredibly comfortable. The van had a decent A/C and good seats and seatbelts. The driver was good and I had no concerns about our safety. He arrived promptly to pick me up (mind you, there were only two pickups). Arrived with plenty of time before my scheduled ferry.
ferry High Speed Ferry, Tigerline Travel, May 8, 2019
We book tickets for a ferry from Krabi to Koh Lipe. We werent enough custumers and they sent us by speedboat. I understand the situation but we payed more to travel comfortable. I think the webpage should mention this and also refund the difference in these situations.
ferry Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, Apr 10, 2019
Very good trip
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