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From Mae Haad Koh Tao to Khao Sok by ferry and van joint ticket

Mae Haad Koh Tao
Khao Sok van station

Koh Tao to Khao Sok Schedule

Koh Tao to Khao Sok Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Fame Tour Sleeper Boat 23:00 – 13:00฿ 1,190

Koh Tao to Khao Sok destination reviews

ferry High Speed Ferry, Songserm, Mar 2, 2020
The ferry had plenty of leg room even for a tall person. I often suffer sea sickness but didn't on this boat. Maybe since the trip was long I would have liked more choice of food to buy because they only sold two kinds of noodles.
ferry Catamaran, Lomprayah, Feb 10, 2020
It was ok. Wouldn't travel with kids or with any disabilities. Half of the staff is nice and friendly, the other staff not so much. The boat is ok if you like your luggage to be handled roughly and packed in big piles on top of another. The seats on the boat is hidious and the ride is quite bumpy. Good information when it comes to which bus you should take (they say like "Krabi, bus 56" and so on). We went to Khao Sok in a mini van. We had to change mini van in Surat Thani. No information given at all, the driver just told everybody to get of at this bus stop. Then everybody was told to wait and take a seat. So when people started doing that, they came and said we should get on another mini vän. So everybody was just carrying their stuff back and forth. The mini van was really packed with all the backpacks and suitcases amongst the seats. So you didn't have much space to sot comfortably. You have to change vehicle once again at the bus stop in Khao Sok, but its just for a short ride. So all in all, we arrived on time and in one piece. But if you want to travel with a bit of comfort, choose a different company.
ferry Catamaran, Lomprayah, Feb 8, 2020
Great service, thank you
ferry High Speed Ferry, Songserm, Jan 21, 2020
The boat was delayed so we arrived about an hour and 15 minutes later, but everything was good and overall we were satisfied.
ferry High Speed Ferry, Songserm, Jan 11, 2020
Climatisation beaucoup trop froide dans le bateau, les sièges toujours aussi sale. Premier bus à l'heure, 2 ieme bus en retard.
ferry Catamaran, Lomprayah, Jan 11, 2020
Good organised service
ferry Catamaran, Lomprayah, Nov 22, 2019
We bought a ticket with Lomprayah from Koh Tao to Khao Sok, however, when we got off the ferry in Surathani, we were put in a van that only took us to some kind of a bus station in Surathani. There we had to wait for half an hour, then we were put in a van that was filled to the extent that extra seats were put in the aisle, people had to climb over others chairs and bags. The driver still stopped at different street corners and put in more and more people. Finally we were on the way and then we stopped three times when no one was getting off. Once for the driver to deliver a package in a store and twice for the driver to buy stuff like vegetables in a market. We were simply put on a regular bus-van. That was not what we had paid for. However, we arrived only one hour to late at our destination.
ferry High Speed Ferry, Songserm, Sep 30, 2019
A long trip with two overstays
ferry Catamaran, Lomprayah, Sep 26, 2019
Everything was fine.. just minivan ride was bit bumpy..
68 customer reviews

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How to get from Koh Tao to Khao Sok

When you want to get from Koh Tao to Khao Sok, you have a few options to consider. Traveling between these destinations is possible by different means of transport:

  • Ferry
  • Van

If you’re looking for a quick trip, it’s recommended that you use Ferry+van. However, if you’d rather take your time with a slower, more affordable travel option, you can book a Ferry+van ticket.

The cost of travel will depend on the means of transport you choose for your trip. A ferry+van ticket is the most expensive option - it will cost you about THB 1,190. If you want to save on transportation, it’s better to take a ferry+van as a ferry+van ticket costs as low as THB 900.

How far is Koh Tao from Khao Sok?

If you’re traveling by land, it’s important to know the distance from Koh Tao to Khao Sok. Your trip will be a total of 436 miles (700 km). The flying distance is 122 miles (196 km).

How long does it take to get from Koh Tao to Khao Sok?

The travel time from Koh Tao to Khao Sok can vary depending on the mode of transportation you choose. All things considered, the whole journey should take from 10 to 14 hours.

How much does it cost to get from Koh Tao to Khao Sok?

The cost of the trip from Koh Tao to Khao Sok varies according to what means of transport you choose for your journey. The most affordable operator is Songserm (ส่งเสริม): travelling by ferry+van expect to pay as low as THB 900 for your ticket.

However, if you’re after more upscale travel . The most expensive variant is to opt for a ferry+van - a one-way ferry+van ticket can cost as much as THB 1,190.

Here is a chart of the average ticket prices and transportation options available from Koh Tao to Khao Sok:

  • ferry+van price: THB 900 - THB 1,190. From Koh Tao to Khao Sok starting from 10:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao until 23:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao

How many trips per day are there between Koh Tao and Khao Sok?

Depending on your choice of transportation, the number of daily trips varies.

  • 2 by ferry+van from Koh Tao to Khao Sok starting from 10:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao until 23:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao

The most popular transport from Koh Tao to Khao Sok

How to choose the most convenient way of travel from Koh Tao to Khao Sok? In order to make your choice of transportation easier, we asked 1000 users to range their preferences for this route. Here are the results of the poll:

  • 100% chosen ferry+van