Kanchanaburi to Bangkok

Kanchanaburi to Bangkok

Sat, Jul 27
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Kanchanaburi to Bangkok Schedule

Kanchanaburi to Bangkok Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Glassflower Comfort Car 3pax Any time฿ 2,950
Kanchanaburi Express Intercity 03:30 - 06:30฿ 160
Kanchanaburi Express Intercity 04:30 - 06:30฿ 140
Kanchanaburi Express Intercity 07:20 - 09:10฿ 140
Kanchanaburi Express Intercity 08:30 - 11:10฿ 160
Kanchanaburi Express Intercity 11:10 - 13:00฿ 140
GO Family Express 12:00 - 15:00฿ 239
Kanchanaburi Express Intercity 15:20 - 18:20฿ 160
Win Happy Minibus 17:00 - 20:00฿ 150
Kanchanaburi Express Intercity 19:00 - 21:40฿ 160

How to get to Bangkok from Kanchanaburi

How to get from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok

Kanchanaburi remains one of the most popular tourist destinations away from the sea in Thailand. There are dozens of tour buses plying the route daily, and public buses and vans do not lack either. Note that different companies drop off passengers in different locations in Bangkok: before buying your ticket check with the provider what is the terminus of their route in Bangkok. The most useful options include the Northern bus terminal (Mochit), from where you can continue your journey to many other destinations in the north and northeast of the country as well as catch an airport shuttle bus to Don Mueang; Victory Monument, which has the namesake BTS station and is a headquarters of many van companies providing transfer to cities and town all around Bangkok; and Khao San Road, the prime choice for backpackers and flashpackers planning to stay in Bangkok a couple of days before setting off for a new trip.

From Kanchanaburi to Bangkok by bus or van

Kwan Chee Vee Tour operates hourly vans from Kanchanaburi bus station to the Northen bus terminal in Bangkok, aka Morchit. Kanchanaburi bus terminal is located between U-Thong Soi 4 and Soi 6 in the southern part of the city, about 2.5 km from the main guesthouse area. To get there from the city, take a public songthaew (THB10 per person) or negotiate a motorbike taxi ride (normally about THB40). Van tickets cost THB150 only but note that luggage space is rather limited in these vans. It may prove a good idea to buy a separate ticket for your luggage, too. The first van of Kwan Chee Vee Tour leaves at 4am and reaches Bangkok by 7am, the last one departs at 6pm.

Hanuman Tour Siam has vans to Bangkok heading to Victory Monument. The route originates from Kanchanaburi North, at the intersection of Route 3199 (Lad Ya–Bo Ploy) and 3086 (Thanon Phra Kru Son), and is convenient if you stay around that area – some 15 km northwest from the main guesthouse area in Kanchanaburi proper. Tickets cost THB180, a bit more than Kwan Chee Vee Tour offers, but it is quicker and easier to get to central locations in Bangkok from Victory Monument than form Morchit. Vans of Hamunan Tour Siam depart every 40 minutes from 5am till 6.20pm.

There is also a direct service from Kanchanaburi bus station to Khao San Road area in Bangkok. It levies quite a bit of headache of getting to Khao San Road by public transport, though costs significantly more: THB250. The service is offered by Thai Sriram company. They have four buses a day – at 10.30am, 12.30pm, 4.30pm and 8.30pm – and bring passengers to their office off Chakrabongse Road from where all the budgets digs in Soi Rambuttri and Phra Athit are an easy walk away, so you will be comfortable even if taking their last bus which arrives to Bangkok by midnight.

From Kanchanaburi to Bangkok by train

Kanchanaburi sits on the Nam Tok branch of the Southern line of Thai railways (aka Western line). There are only two trains a day heading to Bangkok: at 5.20am and at 12.50pm. They take devastating five hours to reach their destination. Both of them offer third class seats only cars. But if you have free time to waste away and tough lower back, you can catch quite a lot of nice countryside pastorals from your railway carriage with your camera. Buy tickets on the spot.

From Kanchanaburi to Bangkok by taxi

The fastest and by far the most convenient way to travel to Bangkok from Kanchanaburi is by private transfer with PGS company. They have Toyota Camry for 3 passengers maximum (THB3,000) or Toyota Commuter which accommodates up to 9 travellers (THB3,400). The rates are flat and all-inclusive: you will not need to pay any toll charges or additional fees for pick-up or drop-off at specific locations.

Not to miss while in Kanchanaburi: Thai Myanmar in Sangkhlaburi

An elegant silhouette of a wooden Mon bridge is hardly visible behind a transparent veil of the morning mist. Young barefooted girls hurry from Wang Kha to the other side of the Khuean Khao Laem with piles of metal bowls balancing on their heads. The rattle of longtail boats over the water ushers the day in, and a golden chedi of Wat Mon glitters in the distance, surrounded by the sea of lush greenery.

The two things any visitor to Sangkhlaburi should do is to walk along the Mon bridge to Wang Khla to experience ‘Thai little Burma’ with men wearing traditional longyies, women and children with tanaka powder on their cheeks, flavoursome Mon curries in street cafes and a postcard perfect view of the bridge which will inevitably make you think of Amarapura – well, if you have ever ventured up there.

The second thing is a boat trip to the sunken temple which used to be the main wat of the Mon settlement before the dam was constructed in 1982. Even though the most part of the year you can walk inside the temple as the water level in Khao Laem reservoir remains relatively low, the whole place oozes tons of atmosphere. It is even more fun in summer when it often rains the whole day through, as both the bridge and the temple look especially mysterious. The boats are wonderfully affordable, too, and cost THB300 for the trip up to the temple.

For even a greater experience invest in a suit room at P Guesthouse on the Thai side of the bridge (THB900). Their suits are located on the second floor of the main building, are perfectly appointed and have balconies with jaw-dropping view over the bridge and Chedi Buddakhaya in Wang Khla. If you choose to stay on the Mon side, come to the restaurant in P Guesthouse for an affordable and tasty dinner at sunset.

Tip: There are local buses travelling between Kanchanaburi and Sangkhlaburi, but the route 323 which leads to the border town is best done on your own wheels. If you go by bus, you miss half the charm of your journey: you will be unable to make a stop at Thong Pha Phum and to go up the hill to Wat Tha Kha Nun for a picturesque view; you will not enjoy a cup of the best Thai coffee grown locally in one of those no-name coffee shops along the way; and you will not detour to Hin Tat hot springs, either.

Transportation from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok

Facts about the transport from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok

Cheapest Transport$4
Fastest Transport1h 50m
Earliest Departure3:00 AM
Latest Departure7:00 PM
Departures per day212
Distance92 kilometers
Transport CompaniesBangkokTaxi24, Glassflower, GO Family, Kanchanaburi Express, Kim Transfers Thailand, MCC VAN, Monsiri Travel Kanchanaburi, Thailand Limo by Datum, Win Happy

Kanchanaburi to Bangkok Destination Reviews

It was fast and on time. Very worth the price, remember to take an extra seat if you have a big bag/luggage.
Bus Intercity, Kanchanaburi Express, Jun 5, 2024
The operator (Driver) did not let myself and my friend know where to get off. He began shouting and was very rude to my friend. She had no knowledge where and when to exit the bus.
Bus Intercity, Kanchanaburi Express, May 25, 2024
1. The operator was called Kanchanaburi Express, but it is in no way an express bus. It stops dozens of time between the destination for people and packages. 2. The ride was announced 1 hour 50, but once you complete the reservation, the tickets estimate the ride taking 3h. That's just false advertising. Either way, the ride ended up taking 4h, and there were no traffic involved, so I can't imagine how long it can take during rush hour. 3. The seats are excessively small. I'm 5'3" (1meter60), and couldn't cross my legs by lack of space. They're also uncomfortable. 4. There's no space for your luggages (neither overhead or in the boot), if you have a travelling backpack or a rolling luggage, I strongly suggest you buy a second seat. 5. Some people were embarked as there were no remaining seats available. They were in the alley, holding themselves onto the benches and invading personal space as they had nowhere to go in the tiny cabin. 6. The Mochit mini-van terminal has no clear indications once you arrive there. There's no WiFi available. The illegal taxis and tuk tuk around are charging double/triple the price of the course. To get a legal taxi, you need to cross a highway to get to the main bus terminal. All in all, it's a cheap option, but far from a good one.
Bus Intercity, Kanchanaburi Express, May 21, 2024
Departure on time and arrive earlier.
Bus Intercity, Kanchanaburi Express, Apr 23, 2024
The bus was really comfortable and had snacks, the seats were really spacious. Everything was on time. Overall it was a really good trip! The reason we knocked off a star was the transfer in the middle of the trip that we didn't know about, so we got rushed off the bus and had to quickly gather our things. Also, all of the announcements were in Thai so we had no idea what was going on. When the operator saw we were the only ones left on the bus he spoke English to tell us to get off, so it was possible that he could have told us when he made the announcement. Otherwise we felt the service was fantastic and have no complaints. Note to non-Thai speaking folks - when you get to Bangkok Station, you will need to go to a ticket window to get a paper ticket. The window they were trying to direct us to was out in front of the station but this was not obvious with the pointing. You go there first to get a paper ticket, THEN you go out to the bus platform to catch your bus. We almost missed our bus because the area people were pointing at looked like the seats, so we thought we were being told to wait there. We used Google translate but sometimes it's difficult if people don't use it in return. We hope this helps!
Bus Intercity, Kanchanaburi Express, Apr 17, 2024
Just got off the express train from Don Muang to Chang Mai ,great experience. Very well organised at the station and very helpful staff who make sure you board the train at the right carriage . Once on board food orders are taken and delivered to your seat . Air con is cool but the blankets provided are warm enough .Beds are made up at around 8.30 pm and most people were settled for 10...breakfast and coffees served from 6am. Great experience will use again .
Bus Intercity, Kanchanaburi Express, Mar 11, 2024
Super the driver was early for departure and on arrival too.the car super comfortable and spacious I recommend this service thank you
This review was autotranslated
taxi SUV 4pax, MCC VAN (เอ็มซีซี แวน), Feb 16, 2024
The bus driver drove very unsafe. And spoke almost no English. The bus stops several times which made it difficult to know when to get off because the driver did not speak English this made the process difficult
This review was autotranslated
Bus Intercity, Kanchanaburi Express, Feb 14, 2024
Arrived in advance. Staff super nice and helpful. Thank you
Bus Intercity, Kanchanaburi Express, Jan 28, 2024
On time. Comfortable
Bus Intercity, Kanchanaburi Express, Jan 20, 2024
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