Hanoi to Halong Bay

Hanoi to Halong Bay

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Hanoi to Halong Bay Schedule

Hanoi to Halong Bay Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
OUROS Travel SUV 4pax Any timeVND 2,183k
Cua Ong Limousine VIP 9 Express 05:25 - 08:25VND 320k
Cua Ong Limousine Seats 36 07:45 - 10:45VND 207k
Grouptour Standard 08:00 - 11:40VND 633k
Grouptour VIP 9 Express 10:10 - 12:40VND 317k
Grouptour VIP 9 Express 13:45 - 16:15VND 403k
Cua Ong Limousine VIP 9 Express 15:00 - 18:00VND 334k
Grouptour VIP 12pax 17:15 - 19:45VND 322k
Ha Long Travel Limousine Minivan 19:01 - 21:31VND 314k
Ha Long Travel Limousine Minivan 20:00 - 22:30$ 11.27
Trung Thanh Limousine Van 9pax 22:00 - 00:40$ 12.57

How to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay

The following options are available to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay:


There are many bus companies serving this route but we recommend to not opt for the cheapest local buses but look for plusher buses instead. A couple of more bucks will buy you a soft reclining seat with sufficient legroom in an air-conditioned coach.

Local buses leave from bus stations around the city including Nuoc Ngam and My Dinh, and many luxury buses offer complimentary pick-up from your hotel in Hanoi.


Hanoi to Halong Bay train departs Yen Vien train station, 12 km northeast of the city centre. It is an ordinary Vietnamese Railways train with hard seats only. The main drawback is that it runs on Fridays only. Taking into account the duration of the journey, it is not going to be the most convenient one.


Taxi, or private transfer, is the most convenient option but comes at a price. You will be picked-up at your hotel and dropped-off at the location specified. It is a door-to-door hassle-free friendly service; it is also quite fast.


Seaplanes let you travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay in style. It is fast, convenient and picturesque way to get to the bay. Flights leave from Hanoi’s Noi Bai Airport and arrive to Tuan Chau Marina from where cruises around the bay depart.

Organized tour

It is the easiest option though not the cheapest one. Your ticket will include transportation from Hanoi to Halong Bay as well as a 4-hour tour of the bay and a visit to a coupe of caves, too. A simple solution if you really want to keep it easy.

How far is it from Hanoi to Halong Bay?

The driving distance from Hanoi to Halong Bay is 175 km; slightly less if you fly.

How long does it take to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay?

Hanoi to Halong travel time varies depending on the means of transport. In media,

  • the fastest time is guaranteed by flying a seaplane – 45 minutes only;
  • you’ll need between 3 and 4 hours if travelling by taxi or private transfer;
  • by bus, expect to spend between four and 5 hours on the wheels;
  • by train, duration of the trip will be around 6.5 hours;
  • organized tours take the whole day – 12 hours.

How much does it cost to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay?

Ticket price from Hanoi to Halong Bay lies within USD3–USD175 range depending on what you want to get from your travel.

The cheapest way to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay is by a direct train. It is wise to use online booking to guarantee your seat. One-way ticket will cost you between USD3 and USD4.

Hanoi–Halong Bay buses make multiple trips per day. Prices range from USD10 for ordinary local buses to USD15-22 for luxury or night buses. Book your tickets online to save you a trip to the bus station and avoid queues there.

Prices on organized tours vary depending on the program included but normally start from USD50.

Private transfers cost from USD100 for a car accommodating up to 3 passengers and over USD150 for a van good for 9 travellers.

Seaplane will set you back between USD175 and USD400 one-way, in the latter case a 15-minute sightseeing tour is included. Round trip tickets are available with a discount.

Hanoi to Halong Bay Timetable

Travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay is possible throughout the day with multiple departure times offered by day and night buses.

This timetable will give you an idea of bus, train, and seaplane timetable.

Hanoi–Halong Bay every hour from 6 am till 8 pm 4–5 hours USD15-18

Night buses:
Hanoi–Halong Bay 6 pm, 8.30 pm 4–5 hours USD18-22

Hanoi–Halong Bay on Friday only, 4.55 am 6.5 hours USD3-4

Hanoi–Halong Bay scheduled trips at 10 am, 2 pm 45 minutes USD175

Best Rated Companies for this Route

There is a wide choice of local bus companies plying the route between Hanoi and Halong Bay – Dai Phat Coach, Duc Phuc Coach, Kumho Viet Thanh, Phuc Xuyen Coach and Xuan Truong Coach to name just a few.

For comfier shuttle buses check Rosa Eco Bus, Hoang Long VIP bus, Minh Anh Limousine and the like.

Hai Au Aviation is the only company operating seaplanes on this route.

Hanoi to Halong Bay Travel Tips

  • Hanoi to Halong Bay tickets sell out well any time of the year, so do book in advance.
  • Ask for round trip tickets – some companies offer a discount if you travel with them both ways or you are a group of 5 or more.
  • Invest a couple of more bucks into a more up-level bus seat – you won’t regret.
  • Do not despair if it rains in Halong Bay – it is beautiful all the same.

Transportation from Hanoi to Halong Bay

Facts about the transport from Hanoi to Halong Bay

Cheapest Transport$8
Fastest Transport1h 50m
Earliest Departure12:00 AM
Latest Departure8:15 PM
Departures per day231
Distance92 kilometers
Transport CompaniesBooking Car, Cat Ba Express, Duy Khanh Transport, Good Morning Cat Ba Bus, GreenLion Bus, Grouptour, Ha Long Travel Limousine, Halong Transportation, Luxury Trans Vietnam, Mui Ne Sky Travel, OUROS Travel, Saigon DMC, Sapa Dragon Express, Sapa Express, Techbus VN JSC, Tiim Group, Trung Thanh Limousine, VTS

Hanoi to Halong Bay Destination Reviews

Very fast and comfortable
Bus VIP 12pax, Grouptour (Công ty du lịch quốc tế Grouptour), Sep 19, 2023
The van was ok but the experience wasn't good. We were collected by a car (not a van) 15 minutes late (and It was ok, because the cause was trafic jam) and after 7 km we stopped 30 minuts. The driver was talking all the time by phone and gave us no explanation. After 30 minutes waiting, the trip started again but we again stopped IN THE MIDDLE OF AN HIGHWAY waiting for someone (no information given again). After 20 minuts a van arrived and we changed there our type of transport. It was totally surrealist. When I asked the driver (Who didn't speak English) about explanation he laughted at me without no respect. Finally we arrived 30 minutes late (instad of 1 hour late as expected) because the second driver drove well above the speed limits. Also in the limousine there were no wifi and the driver had no idea where to drop us (fortunately a passenger who spoke English helped us). Since It should be luxury, no recommended at all.
Bus VIP 12pax, Grouptour (Công ty du lịch quốc tế Grouptour), Sep 10, 2023
Instead of the booked van we got picked up by a big tour bus 20 minutes late. The bus started then to drive around Hanoi old town to pick up more people from their hotels. So we eventually left Hanoi about one hour late. The drive was ok and we actually made up some of the delay until we stopped at a pearl souvenir shop shortly before Ha Long bay for half an hour half an hour. Eventually we arrived one hour late. Annoyingly this was not caused by the traffic bus by poor organisation by the operator (Vehicle not as advertised, late departure, stop at souvenir shop)
Bus Ford 16 Express, Grouptour (Công ty du lịch quốc tế Grouptour), Aug 16, 2023
I bought a ticket to Tuan Chau, but they took me to the main part of city instead.
Bus VIP 12pax, Grouptour (Công ty du lịch quốc tế Grouptour), May 30, 2023
The bus was too late and than they made a break about half an hour at some pearl store where it seems like they shuttle every tourist to. At least they brought as directly to our check in at the Harbour.
Bus Ford 16 Express, Grouptour (Công ty du lịch quốc tế Grouptour), Apr 25, 2023
Tha car is really comfortable and pretty. We also used other car companies, but this one was the best.
Bus Minivan, Ha Long Travel Limousine (Hạ Long Travel Limousine), Feb 12, 2023
Comfortable bus and ride to the destination
Bus Minivan, Ha Long Travel Limousine (Hạ Long Travel Limousine), Nov 29, 2022
Fast, comfortable and with the little extra of a bottle, departure on time.
This review was autotranslated
Bus Minivan, Ha Long Travel Limousine (Hạ Long Travel Limousine), Nov 23, 2022
The guide, Harry, was very friendly and very nice, he explained things about Hanoi. 100% recommendable
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 30, Grouptour (Công ty du lịch quốc tế Grouptour), Nov 17, 2022
The office was extremely far from the city center and the car to get there was triple the amount of the ticket.
Bus Minivan, Ha Long Travel Limousine (Hạ Long Travel Limousine), Nov 13, 2022
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