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From Ha Giang SSB to Hai Phong by bus+train joint ticket

Ha Giang SSB
Hanoi My Dinh
5h 30m
Change stations. Take a taxi (fees apply) - 14 minute, 6.9 km (Next departure after 4 hours 30 minutes)
HNO Hanoi
HPH Haiphong, Hai Phong
2h 25m
Total duration
12h 25m

From Ha Giang SSB to Hai Phong by bus+taxi joint ticket

Ha Giang SSB
Hanoi SSB
Hai Phong HL
1h 30m
Total duration
7h 30m

Passenger reviews out of total 512 passengers who traveled with us on this route.

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Jan 14, 2019
bus Semi Sleeper, Grouptour
The bus left 1 hour later than it was supposed to and arrived 2 hours later than planned.
Jan 10, 2019
van VIP, Truly Hagiang
HA GIANG - HANOI: The bus was late picking us up by about 15 minutes and left Ha Giang nearly an hour late. The company did call my phone to make sure I was on the bus which was very nice and appreciated. The driver made us sit in the back which made me feel very sick. It soon became apparent that the foreigners were made to sit in the back. The locals were permitted to sit wherever and pay later. The locals were also dropped off wherever they wanted. Our trip was supposed to drop off at the Hanoi Opera House but the driver made us get out miles away in front of a group of waiting taxi drivers. I showed the driver my receipt that indicated I was supposed to be dropped off somewhere else, and used a translator to make sure he understood, bit he did not care and made us get out so we had to pay an extra 125,000 to get to our hotel. The bus itself is very nice, roomy, comfortable, and has power on every seat so you can charge your phone off you need to. The air conditioning worked very well and every seat came with a blanket and pillow (the pillow was from Vietnam airlines which we thought was funny). The seats recline very far. If you are in a rush or just really don't care so long as you get where your going this company will get the job done and you will be comfortable, but if you have time to plan ahead I would recommend using someone else. I may have just had a bad driver, and every other part of the trip from the bus to the management was A+, so just do your research and good luck!
Dec 29, 2018
van VIP, Truly Hagiang
Nov 14, 2018
bus VIP 20, Grouptour
We booked a vip bus for the toilet that was on board. There was non!! Why pay more for suchs option if they are not there ?!?!
Nov 12, 2018
bus VIP 20, Grouptour
The seats were quite comfortable, but we had a lot of issues before being allowed on the bus, the chauffeur wanted us to pay again. Upon arriving at the bus station just outside Hanoi, nobody could explain how we could get to be city. We were luckily brought by a minibus, but then we were suddenly dropped close to the Opera (far from our destination). Other guys on the bus had to book a taxi to get to the city.
Nov 7, 2018
bus Semi Sleeper, Grouptour
Called the company during the day to confirm our free pick up spot. Gave them my phone number to call if they were coming. Seemed like the could not find the place, although we had a clear agreement. I did not get a call - so we missed our intended bus. Luckily another bus came by and took as along. We had to bluf our tickets were paid for. Not comfortable doing that... also the alternative bus took longer than our planned one....
Sep 24, 2018
bus Standard AC, Grouptour
bus was clean but we started the jorney not at 20:00 but at 23.00 because they pick up others. and nobody informed us. very bad
Jun 10, 2018
bus VIP Sleeper 41, Grouptour
The guy collecting the tickets was extremely rude, physically pushing people, even smacking people on the bum and yelling at them aggressively. If you take this bus I sincerely hope the same ticket collector is not on your bus. It made for a very uncomfortable experience.
Mar 6, 2018
bus VIP Sleeper 41, Grouptour
Bus was 1.5 hours late and bus driver was taking to many chances passing.

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