Gili Trawangan to Nusa Dua

Gili Trawangan to Nusa Dua

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Gili Trawangan to Nusa Dua Destination Reviews

The man in the check in desk was unfriendly and didn’t want to cooperate
Ferry Speedboat, Semaya One, Nov 15, 2023
Boarding on time good in Gili T, but we didn’t knew that we have to drive to another Gili Iland and Lombok, because of that we arrived at 12:15 instead 11:15 in Bali, i asked some guests from Lombok there arrivaltime was 11:40.. why by us 11:15? If we knewd tgat we took abotherone boat..
Ferry Speedboat, Semaya One, Nov 4, 2023
Late late late late. They departed late, they arrived late. Ac not working
Ferry Speedboat, Semaya One, Oct 12, 2023
The boat from Gili T to Padangbai always go through Gili Air and Lombok so add extra hour. There is no airco so its a hot box you are sitting in. The water gets in to the boat. However, It was better then Ostina.
Ferry Speedboat, Semaya One, Oct 5, 2023
The staff and the boat were beautiful just windy so we got a bit wet up the top but nothing the boat driver could do, definitly wasn’t his fault we could have moved but enjoyed the experience. Make sure you sit up the top it’s a much nicer ride
Ferry Speedboat, Semaya One, Oct 3, 2023
Boat departed late at 12-12:15 pm instead of 1130 am and also made unscheduled stops at Gili Air and Lombok. We finally reached Padang Bai at around 330 pm.
Ferry Speedboat, Semaya One, Sep 27, 2023
There was no air conditioning working on the boat, boat was looking tired, interior walls were ripped . The engine seemed to be working fine.I tried to call customer service and it wasn’t available
Ferry Speedboat, Semaya One, Sep 25, 2023
It smelled like petrol on the boat and the crew was constantly trying to sell drinks. Other than that the ferry ride was ok and we got our luggage. Also recommend taking a boat to Sanur or Serangan instead, as Padang Bai is a shithole with a taxi mob. The taxi drivers start bothering you before you even step off the boat and get rude when you don’t want a taxi. They try to scam tourists with the prices and claim that Gojek and Grab is not available in the area. My advice is to arrange a pick up with the hotel or a driver in advance.
Ferry Speedboat, Eka Jaya Fast Boat (Eka Jaya Fast Boat), Jul 30, 2023
On time, both on arrival and on depature. No AC, windows only open because the sea was not too wild.
Ferry Speedboat, Semaya One, Jul 25, 2023
longer than stated, not well organized, not comfortable
Ferry Speedboat, Semaya One, Jul 21, 2023
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