Gili Gede to Bali

Gili Gede to Bali

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Gili Gede to Bali Schedule

Gili Gede to Bali Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Gili Getaway High Speed Ferry 12:30 - 14:15IDR 960,000

Transportation from Gili Gede to Bali

Facts about the transport from Gili Gede to Bali

Cheapest Transport$16
Fastest Transport1h 40m
Earliest Departure9:40 AM
Latest Departure12:30 PM
Departures per day1
Distance1417 kilometers
Transport CompaniesCitilink, Gili Getaway, Tiara Mas, Wings Air

Gili Gede to Bali Destination Reviews

The ride was very bumby and the ferry was crowded. At arrival point many drivers blocking the pier and made it difficult to get out and collect your luggage.
Ferry Speedboat, Manta Express, Sep 21, 2023
Poor experience. Chaotic and delayed boarding. Very unsafe ride. Do not sit on the roof, I repeat, do not sit on the roof, it is incredibly dangerous.
Ferry Speedboat, Ostina Fast Boat, Sep 11, 2023
2 hours delay at departure and journey took more than 2 hours instead of one hour as scheduled not enough seats, we bought 4 tickets and only two had a regular seat. Speedboat seemed therefore overbooked No AC, very hot inside the boat
Ferry Speedboat, Ganggari Fast Boat, Sep 6, 2023
The journey was an hour longer than advertised (i.e. double the amount of time) and the boat was 30 mins delayed leaving the port. Limited legroom onboard and unable to see out of windows due to them being so high. There were many people sick on this boat (with staff giving out sick bags constantly) so if you’re prone to sea sickness, choose the slower boat over the fast boat.
Ferry Speedboat, Ganggari Fast Boat, Jul 3, 2023
On time and fast, which is great for a fast boat company.
Ferry Speedboat, Ganggari Fast Boat, Jun 29, 2023
The boat left more than 1 hour late and no one could tell us when we would board. Logically we arrived at our destination 1 hour later. I'm not giving it just one star because they let us go on top of the boat and they entertained the trip with music and selling beers all the way.
Ferry Speedboat, Golden Queen Fast Boat, May 7, 2023
The trip was fine but the air con wasn't really working that well. It was extremely hot and not a lot of air flow.
Ferry Speedboat, Inami Luxury Fast Boat, Apr 28, 2023
The staff were helpful from start to finish. The boat left on time from Bangsal pier to Padang Bai and the journey was smooth. We were able to sit on the sun in the roof and the staff were selling beers and drinks too. There was a few waves and bumpy patches for around 5 mins but apart from that the boat was so smooth.
Ferry Speedboat, Golden Queen Fast Boat, Apr 22, 2023
Embarking point in the beach, instead from the pier, this isn't comfortable when you are traveling with luggage
Ferry Speedboat, Eka Jaya Fast Boat (Eka Jaya Fast Boat), Sep 13, 2022
5 star voor Gili Getaway. 2 star for the ride.. the sea got really wild and everyone on deck got soaked. However. The personnel was great. Kind and helpful.
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Gili Getaway (Gili Getaway), Aug 26, 2022
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How to get from Gili Gede to Bali

When you want to get from Gili Gede to Bali, you have a few options to consider. Traveling between these destinations is possible by different means of transport:

  • Flight
  • Bus
  • Ferry

If you’re looking for a quick trip, it’s recommended that you use Flight. However, if you’d rather take your time with a slower, more affordable travel option, you can book a Flight ticket.

The cost of travel will depend on the means of transport you choose for your trip. A flight ticket is the most expensive option - it will cost you about USD 69.53. If you want to save on transportation, it’s better to take a bus as a bus ticket costs as low as USD 15.80.

How far is Gili Gede from Bali?

If you’re traveling by land, it’s important to know the distance from Gili Gede to Bali. Your trip will be a total of 881 miles (1417 km). The flying distance is 881 miles (1417 km).

How long does it take to get from Gili Gede to Bali?

The travel time from Gili Gede to Bali can vary depending on the mode of transportation you choose. All things considered, the whole journey should take from 2 to 24 hours.

How much does it cost to get from Gili Gede to Bali?

The cost of the trip from Gili Gede to Bali varies according to what means of transport you choose for your journey. The most affordable operator is Tiara Mas: travelling by bus expect to pay as low as USD 15.80 for your ticket.

However, if you’re after more upscale travel . The most expensive variant is to opt for a flight - a one-way flight ticket can cost as much as USD 69.53.

Here is a chart of the average ticket prices and transportation options available from Gili Gede to Bali:

  • Bus tickets - USD 15.80 to USD 15.80;
  • Plane tickets - USD 21.85 to USD 69.53;
  • Ferry tickets - USD 62.31 to USD 62.31.

How many trips per day are there between Gili Gede and Bali?

Depending on your choice of transportation, the number of daily trips varies.

  • Ferries leave from Lombok for Bali 1 times a day.

Which means of transport is the best for the route?


Traveling by plane is the fastest way to get from Lombok to Bali. While it’s often the most expensive option, tool, occasionally you can grab promotional tickets for more or less the price of a train or a ferry ticket. Normally, the minimum you need to pay for a Plane ticket is USD 21.85.

Things to remember before boarding a plane:

  • It’s recommended to book a ticket in advance and check-in online. This way, you can save over 2 hours at the airport, and if your seat selection is on a first come first served basis you will have more options to choose from.
  • Getting through security checks may take some time - it’s recommended to get to the airport at least 1.5 hours in advance.

Airlines flying from Lombok to Bali

Citilink, Wings Air


Taking a bus from Lombok to Bali is cheaper than flying. Quite often, a long-distance bus is the cheapest transportation option. Buses normally make bathroom and/or lunch stops along the way.

Things to remember before opting for a bus ride:

  • If possible, make sure to choose higher-class buses for a more comfortable travel experience. Such buses often have an air conditioning system, soft reclining seats, Wi-Fi, bathrooms, etc.
  • As with plane tickets, buses are better booked in advance so that you can secure a good seat.
  • While booking a bus, keep in mind that delays are possible. Yet it still pays to get to the bus station at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.


Travelling by ferry is one of the most scenic ways to get from Lombok to Bali as it combines transportation and sightseeing to some extent.

However, with these upsides in mind, you should still understand ferry travel is not for everyone. If you’re prone to seasickness it may be an unpleasant experience. As a rule, a ferry journey isn’t the cheapest way to travel During the high season ferry tickets might be hard to get, so you should always book in advance when possible.

Things to remember: ferry rides are dependent on weather conditions..

The most popular transport from Gili Gede to Bali

How to choose the most convenient way of travel from Gili Gede to Bali? In order to make your choice of transportation easier, we asked 1000 users to range their preferences for this route. Here are the results of the poll:

  • 94% users voted for a ferry ticket.
  • 5% users took a plane.
  • 1% Other