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From Galle to Colombo by train

Colombo Fort
2h 30m

Passenger reviews out of total 155 passengers who traveled with us on this route.

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Mar 16, 2019
train #8051 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
My rating concerns the service by 12GoAsia. The train travel is very poor: no AC in first class, late, very rough ride, outdated carriages.
Jan 7, 2019
train #8051 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
It was not easy to get tickets in Sri Lanka. I thought the tickets could be sent to our hotel in Colombo but they weren't sent until late so were sent to our hotel in Galle instead. First class seats are very basic. The train was very noisy. I would recommend paying extra for priority support.
Jan 5, 2019
train #8051 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
We appreciated comfortable seats with legroom. Windows open were nice for the views of beach and jungle. The train car was very dirty. The bathroom was very poor.
Dec 31, 2018
train #8051 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
Not recommended. I bought 28/12 15:30 tickets from Galle to Colombo and make additional payment for delivering the tickets to hotel at Galle on 27/12. When we arrive our hotel at Galle on 27/12 16:00, the hotel owner told us no tickets are received. And then we try to find the telephone number to call the support office but fail, we note that we can only communicate via email. I sent the email immediately, after 1.5 hours (nearly 18:00), we got response and said we can receive the ticket by 12:00 noon on 28/12 (train departure date) and telephone number of operator is given to us for follow up. Then in the morning of 28/12 after 9 am, we call the operator but no one answered the phone. We were so concerned if we can got the ticket or not. We cancell the morning schedule and wait at the hotel. As time passed, no one showed at 12:00 noon (promised time), and then we waited for 20 minutes more and left the hotel. After we left, the hotel owner informed us they received the tickets for us. Do you know the feeling when you just receive the tickets after 12:00 noon but the train will depart at 15:30. In addition, we need to pay for IDD calls (phone call to operator) (no charged by 12 go asia, but our phone carrier)

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