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How to get from Dumaguete to Manila

The distance between Dumaguete and Manila is approximately 930 kilometres via the Western Nautical Hwy. You can either fly or sail between these two cities with the former being the quickest and the most convenient mode of transportation. Flying would take only around an hour and 25 minutes with tickets costing PHP6,000 per pax on average. On the other hand, sailing presents a myriad of options to suit any traveller’s budget and preferences. Accommodations on the ship may cost anywhere between PHP2,000 to PHP7,400 but travel time does take a lot longer at roughly 26 hours.

Ferry from Dumaguete to Manila

If you'd rather travel by boat, 2Go sails from Dumaguete to the capital once a week.

Note! 2GO sails from Dumaguete to Manila on WEDNESDAY.

One of their vessels, Saint Francis Xavier or St. Michael The Archangel, departs the port of Dumaguete bound for Manila every Wednesday at 1 pm and arrives at 3 pm the next day.

Depending on the vessel, there are several accommodations that you can choose from. The most economical would be the Super Value Class which consists of bunk beds in a non-airconditioned area. Tickets for this section generally range between PHP2,000 and PHP2,400.

A bit more of an upgrade are Mega Value Class for PHP2,300 to PHP2,500 or Tourist Class for PHP2,500 to PHP2,700.

If you want a bit more privacy, you may book their Business Class For 6 at PHP2700 or the Cabin for 4 at PHP3,200 to PHP3,500.

If you wish to travel in relative comfort then you may splurge for a Stateroom for 2 or Suiteroom for 2 accommodations available at around PHP5,800 to PHP7,600.

Flights from Dumaguete to Manila

Cebu Pacific currently offers both direct and connecting flights between Dumaguete and Manila. Airfare typically ranges between PHP3,900 and PHP8,000 one way per pax with an option to purchase additional baggage allowances, insurance, meal, and seat selection.

This budget airline is quite known to offer frequent sales so if you have at least 6 months before your intended travel dates, we highly suggest subscribing to their newsletters and social media sites to get the first dib on promotions. History reveals that most of their sales usually coincide with a national holiday so it's something you may want to keep in mind too.

Indirect flights with Cebu have connections at Cebu, Cagayan, and Davao airports.

Philippine Airlines also offer daily direct flights between Dumaguete and Manila. You can book one-way flights from anywhere between PHP5,000 and PHP8,000 inclusive of a 20-25 kilogram baggage allowance plus a free light snack. They are not big on seat sales but it's not exactly a rarity either so it might be worth it to keep an eye on their website too.

General notes

It can be too cold at night in all the cabins up to Tourist Class; but you won't have to worry – if you need extra covers, pillows, and blankets, rent them from the lobby. The queue for this may be long so it's one of the first things you may want to take care of upon boarding.

Also, it would be best if you come with your gadgets fully charged since there aren't enough electrical outlets for everyone. However, there is a charging station that you can use for a small fee.

Although you will be out at sea for roughly 26 hours, you don't really have to spend the entire time inside your accommodation. There are amenities and facilities onboard to make your stay a memorable one such as a videoke room, spa, salon, live entertainment area, a small convenience store, 24/7 diner, and more.

One thing to note, cancellations are not too uncommon during the typhoon season so it's good to be flexible with your travel arrangements.

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Ferry Super Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Oct 18, 2019
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