Don Mueang Airport to Phnom Penh @ bus, flight Dec 23, 2017

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From Morchit to Phnom Penh by bus

Morchit, Bangkok
Phnom Penh Transport Co

From Suvarnabhumi Airport to Phnom Penh by flight

Suvarnabhumi Airport
Phnom Penh Airport
1h 10m
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Phnom Penh Airport
1h 10m
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Phnom Penh Airport
1h 10m
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Phnom Penh Airport
1h 10m
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Phnom Penh Airport
1h 10m
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Phnom Penh Airport
1h 15m
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Phnom Penh Airport
1h 10m

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★★★★☆ Dec 14, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Everything was good, the staff of the bus helped with border crossing, the only thing is that the bus' last stop is near y5coffe in front of bayon market. This is for those who don't know the city and have a friend to pick them up.
★★★☆☆ Oct 23, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Trip started good, though at the border in Aranyaprathet a tout tried to rip me off for a visa (I had an e-Visa and he claimed that it still needed to be stamped for 20 USD on the Thai side... which obviously was big bullshit). I ignored the guy and pass the border with ease, got back in the bus and had a good ride. I received complimentary steamed rice with shrimps (the one you can buy at 7-eleven). Further down the route at Battambang, the bus broke down though and I had to wait for a local bus, which stopped everywhere on the rest of the route, making me arrive 2h late in Phnom Penh. Anyway, I'm on holiday so no problem for the delay, I've got plenty of time. Trip was ok for the price I paid.
★★★★★ Jan 28, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★☆☆ Oct 7, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
After they found out, how to print my ticket I got on the bus and got a place with quite much space which was nice. The bus was okay, not the newest but comfy. They had all of stuff just put in the back. The travelling was alright too, they just didn´t really said anything because of breaks and didn´t give any water, but at least we got a rice meal with shrimp from the 7eleven for free, that was nice. At the border it was a bit confusing and they brought me from this to that point and also wanted 1000 Bath for the stamp even if I already payed my visa, that was definitly cheating, next time I know better, so just to be aware of, though it was noone from the buscompany! Just as a warning, ask someone else if that´s true before you pay anything. We arrived about 1h20min later than expected, but that was okay. All in all I was content.
★★★☆☆ Oct 6, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
The bus was ok, but definately less nice than the bus with Bangkok Buslines that I took from Chiang Mai to BKK, even though the Bangkok Busline wasn't a VIP like this one. The staff working at the bus didnt speak any english, which is ok I guess, but it got me to Phnom Penh and that was my goal :) The toilet was a bit smelly, so do not sit in the back of the bus if you can get a seat up front. It also said only 8 seats left when I bought the ticket online, but only 8 seats booked was the reality, but at least that ment plenty of space for everyone ;)
★★★★☆ Jun 11, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
don't know, just bought the tickets to show immigration in my country b4 leaving otherwise need a thai visa if going for more than 30 days... your ticket was cheaper and easier to get than thai visa!!! flying to pnohm penh tomorrow thanks for the lovely official looking ticket! would use your service again!!!

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Where do you book tickets Don Mueang Airport - Phnom Penh? How long is the Don Mueang Airport - Phnom Penh route? It takes on average 2h 39m by Bus, flight, depending on operator and vehicle. The route is going over a distance of 546 km. Having 8 departures to Phnom Penh, 12go gives a choice of 3 operators for Don Mueang Airport - Phnom Penh route. Earliest departure goes at 05:00, while the latest is 21:35 local Cambodia time.

Operators serving the route Don Mueang Airport - Phnom Penh are Transport Co Intl, Thai Airways, Bangkok Air. Cheap ticket for Don Mueang Airport - Phnom Penh by flight is ฿ 2,494 (US $ 76.43) by Thai AirAsia (1h 10m), while most expensive fare and presumably best would be ฿ 7,780 (US $ 238.43) by Thai Airways which takes 1h 10m on schedule. Some operators provide snacks, others stop at a foodcourt on the road (some also include it in the ticket price).

To have a safe and a comfortable trip Don Mueang Airport - Phnom Penh you may want to choose highest rated trips, and leave your own review.


Thai Airways jacks up fuel surcharges with immediate effect

Thai Airways increased fuel surcharges on all international flights to and from Bangkok yesterday. The extra charges range between US$5 (THB163) and US$45 (THB1,468) and will be added on to the price of the airline’s tickets.

07 December 2017

New international bus service links Nan and Luang Prabang

Yesterday saw the inauguration of a new international bus service linking Thailand and Laos. The bus service links Nan in northeastern Thailand with the UNESCO listed World Heritage town of Luang Prabang in Laos. 

10 November 2017

Cambodia confirms new rules on long stay visas now apply

A director with the Cambodian Interior Ministry has confirmed new rules apply to foreigners applying for long-stay visas. Sok Veasna told the Phnom Penh Post earlier this month that people who apply for long-term business visas would now have to show work permits.

18 October 2017