Dipolog City to Dumaguete Port

Dipolog City to Dumaguete Port


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How to get from Dipolog to Dumaguete

Ferries are the only way to get from Dipolog to Dumaguete. There are several sailing options available, all of which are generally affordable. The most convenient way to travel is to take a 2Go ferry, which offers non-air-conditioned seats as well as private air-conditioned rooms accommodating 4 passengers. Cokaliong Shipping Lines and the Montenegro Shipping Lines are roll-on, roll-off (RORO) style ferries that service the Dipolog to Dumaguete route.

Dipolog is 100 km away from Dumaguete by sea. Aboard a ferry, it takes between 3 to 4 hours to cover this distance.

The cost of traveling from Dipolog to Dumaguete on a ferry varies; at the cheapest end are simple seats in a non-aircon area at PHP 260–PHP 360 depending on the operator. There are private cabins, too, which are naturally more expensive than seats.

Ferry from Dipolog to Dumaguete

The cheapest ferry tickets from Dipolog to Dumaguete are the Mega Value Class tickets with 2Go, which are only PHP 260. On Montenegro Shipping Lines, tickets are PHP 360 while the Cokaliong Shipping Lines tickets cost PHP 320. 2Go’s private cabins are much more comfortable and ideal for those traveling with family and friends.

The ferry ride from Dipolog to Dumaguete takes 3 hours with RORO operators, while with 2Go ferries it takes 4 hours.

Note! 2GO sails from Dipolog to Dumaguete on MONDAY.

There are departures every day of the week but note that if you want to travel on a passenger ferry your options are limited to 2Go. 2Go’s vessel the St. Michael The Archangel departs Dipolog every Monday at 11:59 AM, and arrives in Dumaguete at 4 AM the next day.

The Cokaliong Shipping Lines’ M/V Filipinas Dinagat sails to Dumaguete from Dipolog every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 4 PM while the M/V Filipinas Surigao del Norte departs Dipolog every Wednesday at 4 PM.

The Montenegro Shipping Lines have the boat with daily scheduled trips leaving Dipolog for Dumaguete at 4 AM then again at 2 PM.

General notes

Ferry operators rarely cancel these trips, although passengers traveling during harsh weather conditions should check prior to going to the port if the trip pushes through since they may still be cancel for safety reasons.

2Go ferries offer the most comfortable journeys since these are passenger boats equipped with various facilities. You can expect to find a karaoke bar, food outlets, a salon, and choices of air-conditioned as well as non air-conditioned rooms on 2Go ferries.

Montenegro Shipping Lines and Cokaliong Shipping Lines are bigger car ferries, which typically don’t have air-conditioned rooms. If you tend to suffer from seasickness, we recommend that you take a 2Go ferry from Dipolog to Dumaguete to minimize the risk of seasickness.

Travel Warnings

Dumaguete is a relatively peaceful province, where the way of life is quiet and free of chaos. In fact, it’s a popular place in the Philippines for many expats as well as locals who are looking for an ideal retirement place.

While Dipolog is located in Dumaguete province it still requires travelers to be cautious at all times. There are many beautiful destinations to be explored in Dipolog, including the center Dapitan. However, being part of Mindanao means that travelers should be cautious at all times. Although rare, there may be terrorist groups present in Dipolog including the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Abu Sayyaf, and Jema’ah Islamiyah.

When traveling to Dipolog, always stay in the populated areas especially Dapitan. It is in your best interest to avoid traveling alone late at night, or for extended periods of time unless absolutely necessary. If you need help, feel free to reach out to the locals of Dapitan who are known to be charming, helpful, and friendly.

Transportation from Dipolog City to Dumaguete Port

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