Delhi to Udaipur

Delhi to Udaipur

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Delhi to Udaipur Schedule

Delhi to Udaipur Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Indian Railways 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper 00:30 - 15:55₹ 1,620
TravelODesk India Comfort Any time₹ 22,015
Air Vistara Economy #UK62713:20 - 14:45₹ 4,591
Indian Railways 1A - AC First Class Sleeper 18:25 - 07:20₹ 2,750
Rishabh Travels AC Sleeper 19:00 - 06:33₹ 1,040
Shri Rishabh Travels AC Sleeper 19:00 - 07:00₹ 770
Shrinath Transport Agency AC Sleeper 21:00 - 09:45₹ 1,155

How to get from Delhi to Udaipur

Travelling from the Indian capital of Delhi to Udaipur, which sits in the southern part of Rajasthan State, is easy and straightforward. With half a dozen of direct daily flights, at least a dozen of direct air-conditioned buses and a couple of direct trains you have though not excessive but sufficient choice of options.

What is the distance between Delhi and Udaipur?

Udaipur sits southwest of Delhi. Driving distance to Udaipur is almost 700 km if you travel along national highway 48 via Jaipur and Bhilwara. If you switch on to national highway 58 after Jaipur and Ajmer, it is shorter – about 665 km.

Rail distance is about 670 km while flying direct covers 570 km.

How long does it take to reach Udaipur from Delhi?

Flying direct takes only 75 minutes and even connecting flights can be fast enough taking two and a half hours with the shortest layover possible.

Both buses and trains need between 12 and 16 hours to complete their journey.

What is the cheapest way to get to Udaipur?

The cheapest way to get to Udaipur from Delhi is by bus or train. In both cases your options are limited to non air-conditioned classes. Expect to pay in the region of INR800 for a ticket.

What is the most comfortable way to get to Udaipur from Delhi?

We would say that flying or taking an air-conditioned private compartment on a train is the best way to travel this route.

An air ticket and a first class AC berth can cost you more or less the same – INR3,000, though to grab an air ticket for this price you should be really lucky.

Normally expect to pay around INR4,000 for Delhi-Udaipur economy air tickets.

How to get to Udaipur from Delhi by train

There are only two daily direct trains between Delhi and Udaipur. Both are night trains conveniently scheduled to depart between 7 pm and 8 pm and arriving to Udaipur the next morning before 8 am.

Which stations in Delhi do trains to Udaipur depart from?

Mewar Express 12963 scheduled to leave Delhi at 7 pm originates from Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station (NZM), in Southern Delhi.

The second daily direct train Chetak Express 12981 has Delhi Sarai Rohilla (DEE) as its source and also calls to Delhi Cantonment Railway Station (DEC) 15 minutes later its departure at 7.40 pm.

Delhi Sarai Rohilla is the most central of the three – it sits just 4 km west of the historical Old Delhi Railway Station, while Delhi Cantonment lies far west from the centre.

Which train to Udaipur to choose?

Schedule-wise as well as from the point of view of travel time and ticket prices both daily trains are very similar. As they both originate in Delhi, too, there is not much difference which one to choose. Choose the one which leaves from the station located closer to you.

One more train worth considering for the Delhi–Udaipur trip is RAJ HAMSAFAR Express 22986, also from Delhi Sarai Rohilla railway station, which runs once a week on Sunday afternoon and arrives to Udaipur in the course of 13 hours. Note that it has only AC third class berths.

There are also slower trains from Delhi to Udaipur which need about 16 hours to cover the distance – one runs on Tuesday afternoon and the other – after midnight on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. They are not very convenient though – the first arrives at 4 am the second robs you off the whole day.

Which railway station do trains arrive to in Udaipur?

In Udaipur, all the trains arrive to the main railway station, UDZ, some 2.5 km from the city centre.

How long does the train journey take?

Travelling by train takes 12–13 hours if you take one of the two daily trains. There are slower trains running once or trice per week and taking up to 16 hours.

How much do railway tickets cost?

The cheapest non air-conditioned Sleeper Class costs under INR850 though it is not really recommended for a long journey like this one.

Air-conditioned classes cost between INR1,500 (third class) and INR3,000 (first class).

Note that the first class to Udaipur is only available on train 12963. All the other trains offer 2nd and 3rd AC tiered sleepers and Sleeper class with the only exception of 22986 which has only AC 3rd class.

How to get from Delhi to Udaipur by bus

There is a decent choice of buses from Delhi to Udaipur and considering the fact that almost all of them are night buses leaving Delhi between 6 pm and 11 pm and arriving to Udaipur the next morning, they are well worth considering, too.

Are there sleeper buses to Udaipur?

Yes. Almost all of the night buses to Udaipur are sleeper buses with berths though some combine berths with normal seats.

Note that sleeper buses often have very limited head space what actually means you won’t be able to sit on your berth, only lie.

How long is the bus journey to Udaipur?

Travelling by bus never takes less than 12 hours; more likely – 13–14.

How much are Delhi–Udaipur bus tickets?

Prices for non AC bus tickets start from INR800-1000. For example, both Rishabh Travels and Shrinath Travel Agency run such buses to Udaipur.

To travel with more comfort in an air-conditioned coach be ready to part with INR1,600-INR2,500.

Bus tips

There are no on board toilets on buses but they always make at least a couple of stops en route for bathroom needs and snacks.

Not all of the sleeper buses provide blankets so be sure to pack layers as air-conditioning can be excessive (and it is absolutely not recommended to travel by a non AC bus on this route!).

How to fly to Udaipur from Delhi

The Delhi-Udaipur route is served by direct daily flights operated by three low-cost carriers, namely IndiGo, Jet Airways and SpiceJet as well as a full service airline, Air India. And while there is between four and 6 daily flights, the choice is good – both as far as price and schedule is concerned.

How long is flying time to Udaipur?

Direct flights take only 75 minutes.

It is also possible to consider connecting flights via Jaipur. For example, SpiceJet offers a very convenient connection with total travel time of two hours 20 minutes.

How much are air tickets?

The cheapest tickets are sold at about INR2,600 but to get them you need to book early.

Normally, with the exception of holidays period, INR3,500-INR4,500 always secure you a seat in an economy class with any of the carriers, Air India included.

Transportation from Delhi to Udaipur

Delhi to Udaipur Destination Reviews

Train #12963 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Oct 24, 2019
Everything was good
Train #12963 SL - Sleeper Class, Indian Railways, Mar 16, 2019
Very good trip, on time and tranquil. Excellent service from 12Go!
Train #12963 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper, Indian Railways, Mar 5, 2019
Clean and comfy! All good
Train #12963 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Nov 11, 2018
It was very comfortale Dinner was expensive, cold and with no flavor at all.
Train #12963 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Nov 5, 2018
A great experience! The train left on time and arrived on time. Clean bedclothes, comfortable bunk and lockable compartment, I slept for a few hours and watched the world go by for the rest of the time. The toilet was very smelly but not as bad as I had been led to believe. As a solo female traveller I felt very safe.
Train #12963 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper, Indian Railways, Oct 9, 2018
12go is easy and a great way to book tickets
Train #12963 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Oct 6, 2018
Great journey, always a bit of a task finding the correct carriage but once in, was fine.
Train #12963 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Sep 5, 2018
We were only 2 people in a cabin of four and it felt great! I sleep very nicely and we had a face towel, sheets and pillow. Worth the money compared to how it is on 2 AC.
Train #12963 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Aug 6, 2018
Trip was excellent. Double compartment with a lock on it. Station and train were easy to find. Remember to enter your PNR number to check where your seats will be 2 hours before you travel.
Train #12963 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, May 28, 2018
Hard beds, everyone in the cabin was snoring. No bed number given. Wasn't told that you have to look online for this.
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