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Delhi to Haridwar Schedule

Delhi to Haridwar Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Rishabh Travels AC Sleeper 01:31 - 08:00₹ 1,540
Indian Railways 2S - Second Sitting Class 03:25 - 08:45₹ 165
Indian Railways 3A - AC 3-Tier Sleeper 05:05 - 11:18₹ 580
Indian Railways CC - AC Chair Class 06:45 - 11:36₹ 680
Kalpana Bus AC Sleeper 08:00 - 14:00₹ 924
Indian Railways 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper 13:20 - 20:25₹ 1,515
Indian Railways CC - AC Chair Class 15:20 - 19:33₹ 560
SpiceJet Economy #SG98517:50 - 18:50₹ 3,460
SpiceJet Economy #SG203318:20 - 19:20₹ 3,460
India Getbookcab AC Seater 21:00 - 03:00₹ 634
Ravi Gajraj Travels AC Sleeper 23:37 - 06:07₹ 880
Hans India Tour AC Seater 22:00 - 04:45₹ 807

How to get from Delhi to Haridwar

Located in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, the ancient city of Haridwar is easily reached from Delhi by train or bus. Though the distance between the capital and Haridwar is not that big, it is also possible to hop onto a direct flight from Delhi to Haridwar.

How far is Haridwar located from Delhi?

The driving distance between Delhi and Haridwar is about 230 km via national highway 334 passing through Muzaffarnagar and Poorkee.

It is a bit longer by train – 250 km. Planes have to cover 210 km flying direct between Delhi and Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport which serves Haridwar.

How long does the journey from Delhi to Haridwar take?

Flying to Dehradun from Delhi takes around one hour followed by a road trip to Haridwar, some 40 km away.

Buses need six hours in media to complete their trip while trains do more or less similar job bringing you to your destination in about five-six hours.

How much should I expect to pay for a trip?

The cheapest way to get to Haridwar is by a non air-conditioned bus (from INR300) or non air-conditioned sleeper class on a train (INR600).

INR800-1,000 can buy you a much comfier seat or berth in an air-conditioned bus or a seat or berth in an air-conditioned class on a train.

Air tickets are predictably more expensive and in media are available for INR3,000-4,000 for an economy class cabin.

What means of transport to choose for Delhi–Haridwar trip?

We would say that flying won’t save you any time but costs significantly more than taking a train or a bus. Thus we would suggest choosing between the two of these overland means of transport with our personal favourite being a train journey.

How to get from Delhi to Haridwar by train

Trains to Haridwar offer a good choice of daily departures, leave from several railway stations in Delhi and have carriages of variously priced classes. All in all, travelling by train is a decent – if not the best – option for this route.

How many trains a day are there between Delhi and Haridwar?

There are seven daily trains between different stations in Delhi and Haridwar and a similar number of trains which ply the route one, two or three times a week. It means that on a daily bases you have between 8 and 10 train departures to choose from.

Which stations in Delhi do trains to Haridwar depart from?

Some daily trains call to or originate at New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS) or Old Delhi (DLI) with an additional stop some 40 minutes later at Ghaziabad (GZB), east of Delhi, making this station a good option to consider for boarding a train.

Another useful railway station for Delhi–Haridwar travel is Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM).

How long do trains need to reach Haridwar?

The fastest train Dehradun SHTBDI Express 12017 covers the distance in five hours. It originates from New Delhi Railway Station and offers Chair Class and First Class seats/berths only.

The slowest daily trains need between 8 and 9 hours.

Absolutely avoid unreserved Delhi Haridwar Passenger train 54475 which offers daily service from Old Delhi railway station and travels 12 hours with a lot of stops en route.

What is the fare for Delhi-Haridwar rail trips?

Chair class costs between INR600-800; non air-conditioned sleeper class comes out even cheaper.

Prices for third, second and first AC tiered class tickets start from about INR1,100 and go up to INR2,000.

How to get to Haridwar by bus

There are many departures a day between Delhi and Haridwar but if you need to leave at a particular time, are travelling during the high season or national holidays and do not want your choice to be limited to non AC buses only, do book in advance.

How long is the bus ride to Haridwar?

In general you can expect to reach Haridwar in about 6 hours, though in some cases it can take as long as eight hours.

Are there many departures between Delhi and Haridwar?

Yes, there are. There is a regular bus service to Haridwar with buses leaving almost round the clock.

Where do buses to Haridwar depart from in Delhi?

The main departure point for all the state run buses and a number of privately operated buses is Kashmir Gate intercity bus terminal, also known as Maharana Pratap Inter-state bus terminus. It is located near Kashmir Gate, off Yudhister Situ Rd and national highway 44 junction, some 300 m west from the Yamuna River.

It is the oldest and one of the biggest intercity bus terminals in India, so it does feel chaotic handling over 1,800 buses a day.

Which bus stand in Haridwar do buses arrive to?

There is a main bus station in Haridwar close to the city’s railway station. All the state run buses bring passengers there. Buses of private operators often have their own drop off points.

How much does a bus trip cost?

Depending on the type of a bus, you can be required to pay from INR400 to INR1,300. Normally, INR600 is enough to get a soft reclining seat in an air-conditioned coach.

A word of warning: avoid non air-conditioned buses, especially in summer. The road to Haridwar is bumpy and dusty and with a non AC bus windows open your journey will bring you little happiness.

How to get from Delhi to Haridwar by plane

While it may seem to make little sense to fly to the city only 230 km away, flying is always an option if you dislike bumpy bus rides or want to avoid possible train delays.

Which airport serves Haridwar?

Haridwar is served by Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport which sits 40 km north of the city centre.

It takes no less than an hour to get to Haridwar from the airport by taxi, often up to 90 minutes.

Are there many flights to Haridwar?

There is a dozen of daily flights to Haridwar with the first flight of the day scheduled at 9 am, the last one – at 6 pm.

Which airlines serve the route?

You can choose between Air India and Jet Airways as well a couple of lowcosters, namely IndiGo and SpiceJet.

How long is the flight time?

Direct flights between Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport and Dehradun Airport take between 45 minutes and one hour.

How expensive are the air tickets?

The lowest airfare is slightly under INR2,000 and often includes only a handbag.

Normally, flying with budget carriers, expect to pay between INR3,000-INR4,000.

Air India or Jet Airways almost always come at a price: prepare INR5,000-INR9,000.

Transportation from Delhi to Haridwar

Delhi to Haridwar Destination Reviews

Train #12017 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Sep 7, 2020
Obvioulsy I didnt go due to covid 19, I aoplied for a refund from you and never heard anyrhing and though you state you will refund a proportion of the ticket if you cancel.beforehand.
Train #12017 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Feb 25, 2020
It can be done more for the general cleanness of the bathroom and train coach.
Train #12017 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Dec 4, 2019
Train was cancelled had to pay for alternative How do I get a refund?
Train #14041 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Oct 16, 2019
12Go is the easiest website I have ever used for hooking transport abroad. Would 100% recommend to a friend. The train itself was everything you imagine an Indian train to be. They gave you bedding & we had AC which, while they turned it off in the night, was a blessing. (This was in 1st class sleeper).
Train #14041 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Oct 4, 2019
Great trip easy and our names were registered on indian railways computers when we got there
Train #12017 EC - Extended AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Sep 19, 2019
The trip on the train was a nice experience, the train was clean and the staff very friendly (I was traveling in the EC – Class from New Delhi to Haridwar), but be aware at the train station! Before you can go to the platform, your luggage must pass an x-ray check. In front of the machine was a guy who wanted to see my ticket. I showed him my e-ticket and he told me that I must get a printed ticket at counter 68. At the counter 68 was a guy standing in front! of the counter and told me my ticket is not valid for foreigners, I must cancel it and get a new one. Due to these strange circumstances I decided to ignore these guys and go straight through the check. The policeman at the x-ray check saw everything but did nothing and said nothing. Without showing my ticket I was able to enter the train. I told the train conductor everything and he said don´t show anybody your ticket, just enter the train and sit down at your seat, the e-ticket is perfectly valid without printing at Indian railways. Don´t trust anyone, a lot of people want to cheat you in India!
Train #12017 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Sep 11, 2019
Good journey. Easily booked.
Train #12017 EC - Extended AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Aug 3, 2019
My first trip on an Indian train was an awful experience. I almost got scammed on my way into the station, the conductors were mostly unhelpful in directing me to my carriage, and for the most expensive seat, it wasn't that great. I did enjoy the cups of tea. Be wary of a guy standing in front of the x-ray machine with a notice above it saying no admittance without a ticket. He asks to see your reservation, then tells you it litany valid and sends you to counter 68, where another guy gives you a cancellation form and tries to get you to go with the first guy in a taxi. As neither of them were in uniform, and the guy was in front of, not behind the counter, I got angry and was ready to fight the guys if they didn't let me past to the station. There were no police or railway workers around. The security guys behind the x-ray machine must be able to see this happening, but do nothing.
Train #12017 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Jul 30, 2019
Train was clean, on time, and gave water/food.
Train #12017 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Jun 6, 2019
The train arrived in time for departure, left in time and arrived in time at the destination. No problem there. The lady sitting next to me had an entirely different problem, her tray kept falling down. It could not be properly latched. One time it just came down. Luckely she did not get hurt, but she was visibly startled.
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