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Delhi to Goa Schedule

Delhi to Goa Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
IndiGo Economy 03:45 - 09:30₹ 14,060
IndiGo Economy 05:45 - 11:20₹ 17,177
IndiGo Economy #6E241307:30 - 09:55₹ 5,919
IndiGo Economy #6E227709:55 - 12:20₹ 7,655
IndiGo Economy #6E232911:00 - 13:30₹ 7,947
IndiGo Economy 12:20 - 17:45₹ 12,003
IndiGo Economy 14:10 - 20:15₹ 11,073
IndiGo Economy #6E202816:20 - 18:45₹ 8,682
IndiGo Economy #6E660319:25 - 21:55₹ 7,157
Air India Express Economy #IX56020:55 - 23:25₹ 5,260

How to get from Delhi to Goa

To get from Delhi, India’s capital city to Goa, a popular tourist destination, the most convenient way to travel is by flight. One can also take a train, which is a longer journey. Another option is to travel by road; by car or by bus, but as the journey is long, one will have to make an overnight stop.

Haw far is Goa from Delhi?

The distance between Delhi and Goa by rail is 2094 kilometres, while by air it is 1515 kilometres. Meanwhile, the distance by road is 1877 kilometres.

How long does it take to get from Delhi to Goa?

The fastest time in which one can get from Delhi to Goa is by flight which takes around two and a half hours. A train journey takes from 28 hours to 36 hours while by road the journey can take from 33 to 40 hours.

How much does it cost to travel between Delhi and Goa?

A flight from New Delhi to Goa can cost between INR 4000-5000 for an economy class ticket. A train journey is cheaper as tickets cost between INR 2000-5000. Bus tickets cost INR 2000 for the whole journey.

How to get from Delhi to Goa by plane

There are several flights which fly from Delhi to Goa. Most depart from Terminal 3 at the Indira Gandhi International Airport which is in the outskirts of New Delhi. The airport has a good connectivity to the rest of the city; one can get to the airport by Metro or by taxis.

Meanwhile, in Goa flights arrive at the Dabolim airport in Goa. The airport is on the coast and therefore has hotels and beaches around it. However, to get to the rest of Goa, travellers will need to take a private taxi from the airport.

How long does a flight from Delhi to Goa take?

The flying time on a direct flight from Delhi to Goa is just over two and half hours. There are also several connecting flights, many of which stop at the Mumbai International Airport. Connecting flights take between four and seven hours.

What is the airfare for the Delhi–Goa trip?

Economy class flight tickets cost between INR 4000-5000.

To get cheap tickets, be sure to book tickets at least two weeks in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

For cheaper tickets, book a flight on budget airlines such as Indigo, SpiceJet and GoAir. However, budget airlines do not serve meals or snacks on board; one either needs to be prepared to purchase food on the flight or carry refreshments along with them.

Do flights normally depart in time?

Be sure to check flight schedules and departure times before leaving for the airport as flights in Delhi may get delayed during the winter due to congestion or weather conditions.

How to get from Delhi to Goa by bus

Yes, it is possible to travel by bus from Delhi to Goa. But be prepared for a long trip!

Are there direct buses between Delhi and Goa?

No, there are no direct buses that ply the route; one will have to take a bus from Delhi to Mumbai followed by a bus from Mumbai to Goa. Travellers would typically spend one night in Mumbai before departing for Goa.

Getting from Delhi to Mumbai

Buses from Delhi to Mumbai depart from the Khanna Market, which is in central Delhi and arrive at the Mumbai Dadar bus stop at the center of the city. Stay in the area overnight and then depart from the Dadar bus stop to Goa

Getting from Mumbai to Goa

There are many trips per day from Mumbai to Goa. Most buses to Goa stop at the Madgaon bus stand. From there, one can get a bus or private taxi to other parts of Goa.

What are the recommended bus operators between Delhi and Goa?

One of the most reliable bus operators from Delhi to Mumbai is Shri Rishabh Travels and from Mumbai to Goa, one can choose between Chirag Travels and Paulo Travels.

How long does a bus ride between Delhi and Goa take?

From Delhi to Mumbai the bus takes from six to ten hours, while from Mumbai to Goa, the bus takes from thirteen to seventeen hours.

How much does it cost to get from Delhi to Goa by bus?

From Delhi to Mumbai, a bus ticket costs around INR 1300 for an air-conditioned coach, while from Mumbai to Goa, a bus ticket costs from INR 400-1600.

Tips for Delhi–Mumbai–Goa bussing passengers

As the route is extremely long, its best to stay the night in Mumbai before continuing on to Goa.

Travellers should choose air-conditioned buses for more comfortable travel. There are no toilets of meal facilities on board, so travellers should be sure to use washroom facilities and have meals and snacks at the stops en route.

How to get from Delhi to Goa by train

A train is a much more convenient option than a bus journey if one wants to travel cheap.

How many trains are there between Delhi and Goa?

There are only a couple of trains from Delhi to Goa, most of which depart from the New Delhi Railway Station or the Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station and arrive at the Madgaon Railway Station. The two stations in Delhi are in different locations, but both are easily accessible from across the city. From the Madgaon station, one will have to take a private taxi or bus to other places in Goa.

Is it necessary to book train tickets in advance?

We would say ‘yes’ as the number of trains is not that big and the route, though painfully long, is still popular. Book tickets at least two weeks in advance; the best way to book is to make an online booking.

How long does a train journey between Delhi and Goa take?

The train journey from Delhi to Goa takes from 35 to 39 hours. The MNGLA LKSDP Express offers the fastest option. Other trains one can take include the Goa Express and the Kerla S Kranti.

How much do Delhi-Goa rail tickets cost?

Tickets in the first, second and third air-conditioned class cost between INR 2000-5000.

Delhi-Goa train travel tips

It’s best to take air-conditioned berth seats for a comfortable journey. Toilets attached to the air-conditioned compartment tend to be better maintained, but can still get dirty, so carry along toiletries like toilet paper and sanitizer.

There are no dining cars aboard most trains, but one can purchase snacks and meals from station.

Transportation from Delhi to Goa

Facts about the transport from Delhi to Goa

Cheapest Transport$13
Fastest Transport2h 25m
Earliest Departure4:30 AM
Latest Departure7:25 PM
Departures per day12
Distance1890 kilometers
Transport CompaniesAir India, Air India Express, Air Vistara, Indian Railways, IndiGo