Sri Lanka Railways
Colombo Fort
3h 15m ride in train #8050, First Class seat
Sri Lanka Railways
Recommended Fastest
Colombo Fort
2h 3m ride in train #8050, First Class seat
Hikkaduwa, Galle

Colombo to Galle Schedule

Colombo to Galle Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Sri Lanka Railways First Class seat 06:55 - 10:10LKR 3,444

Colombo to Galle destination reviews

12 customer reviews
83% of 12 travelers were happy with this destination
train #8050 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways, Aug 26, 2019
The actual train trip was fantastic and there were no issues with the tickets provided by 12go once on board the train. However, we paid for the train tickets to be dropped off at our hotel in advance of our journey, minimising the stress of having to locate the 12go office. Despite numerous assurances that our train tickets would be delivered on time, they were not. Given our train journey was on Sunday and the office is closed, this caused considerable stress as to whether we should go to the 12go office/go to Colombo station to buy more tickets. 12go in fact assured us the tickets had been dropped off on the Friday, this was a lie. The tickets were safely delivered on Saturday much to our relief. Given that trying to locate anywhere in Colombo is difficult, we do have some sympathy. On the whole, would use again.
train #8050 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways, Mar 30, 2019
Got the best seats in 1st class, our first views of Sei Lanka were fantastic. Good customer service from 12go. Thank you
train #8050 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways, Mar 19, 2019
Lovely scenery. But do not expect 1 st class European standards
train #8050 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways, Mar 11, 2019
Everything ran smoothly with our train tickets. A driver from 12goasia had picked us up from the airport and brought the tickets with which saved us a trip to their office. I would recommend.
train #8050 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways, Feb 24, 2019
Initially it is easy to book your tickets with 12GoAsia, but after receiving confirmation of my request, I didn’t receive any further information and couldn’t contact them. On reaching Colombo I phoned the Agents who had the tickets. A tuktuk ride to collect them. It’s a complicated system but it works.
train #8050 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways, Feb 10, 2019
Communication was good with company. Though they said they could reserve them got another message saying 10 days. Yes their markup is almost double the price of ticket. Then another $10 for delivery to hotel on the day I arrived. So yes you pay for their services but I also had a great train ride with tickets in hand. No stressing if I could get a ticket at the station. I would do it again for the convenience
train #8050 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways, Jan 28, 2019
As other reviewers have said, the process of booking through is not straightforward. I am not sure how much this is their issue or the difficulties of dealing with Sri Lankan railways. Despite being promised my voucher (not the ticket itself) between 10 and 30 days before travel, my voucher arrived less than three days in advance, making it necessary for me to pay extra for the tickets to be delivered to the hotel. However the company did deliver on time and the online support staff responded quickly efficiently to my enquiries. The rail trip itself was enjoyable and just about punctual, but on balance not worth the troubles involved in booking or the cost. Hopefully, Sri Lanka Railways will allow online booking soon.
train #8050 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways, Jan 22, 2019
All worked well and the train was on time. Although it was a pain having to pick the tickets up from Stef Lanka as it is in the suburbs at the edge of Colombo. It took us a half an hour in a tuk tuk to get there.
train #8050 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways, Jan 16, 2019
I booked 3 sets of tickets for first class seats. Communication is not good at booking stage that confirmation can take some time with the railway company and that you need actual tickets not just printouts. but I continued to contact 12go support about getting the confirmations and arranging delivery of the tickets to our hotel. They were all eventually confirmed and delivered. So if you are prepared to do a bit of follow up with 12go and want it organised before you go and prepared to pay high price for that peace of mind then all good. Book well in advance if you can!

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How to get from Colombo to Galle?

When you want to get from Colombo to Galle, your choices are limited. There is only one option we offer for this route:

  • Train

How far is Colombo from Galle?

The overland distance from Colombo to Galle is 102 miles (163 km).
The flying distance is 64 miles (102 km).

How long does it take to get from Colombo to Galle?

The travel time from Colombo to Galle takes 4 hours in media.

How much does it cost to get from Colombo to Galle?

To get from Colombo to Galle prepare to shell out about LKR 3,441 for your ticket.

How many trips per day are there from Colombo to Galle?

Trains always run on a set schedule - there are 2 departures a day.

Useful tips for travel from Colombo to Galle

While train is the only option we offer for this route, these simple tips and recommendations will help enhance your travel experience.


Things to remember before buying your train ticket:

  • Consider everything carefully while choosing the class of your train travel.
  • In most cases, the second class is comfortable enough - it features 2 or 4 berths in each compartment and is often air-conditioned.
  • If you are in for a premium experience, opt for a first class ticket. The price of first class tickets may include Wifi and a choice of snacks and drinks.

Do many travellers take train from Colombo to Galle?

Up to now, 555 booked train tickets from Colombo to Galle through our
service. You can check reviews above.