Chiang Mai to Koh Phangan @ ferry, bus, flight Sep 28, 2017

2 trips (THB 1,910 — 9,533)

From Chiang Mai Airport to Koh Phangan by flight+bus+ferry joint ticket

Chiang Mai to Koh Phangan
Chiang Mai Airport
Suratthani Airport
1h 55m
Change stations. Walk - 3 min, 100 m (Next departure after 15 mins)
Suratthani Airport
Thong Sala (Koh Phangan)
Instant Refund
6h 10m
฿ 1,910
× 2 = ฿ 3,820

From Chiang Mai Airport to Koh Samui by flight

Chiang Mai Airport
Koh Samui Airport
1h 45m
฿ 9,533
× 2 = ฿ 19,066

Passenger reviews out of total 1,159 passengers traveled with us on this route

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★★★★☆ Sep 19, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★★ Aug 4, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★★ Jul 25, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★★ Jul 23, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★☆☆ Jul 11, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
It is great to be in less han two hours in your destiny but very expansiva too
★★★★★ Jun 10, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★★ Apr 20, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★★★☆ Mar 16, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★★ Feb 28, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★☆ Feb 25, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★☆ Jan 16, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
Flight was on time. Flight attendants very courteous. Only drawback no drinks or water unless you purchase. I would recommend.
★★★★★ Nov 27, 2016 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
Nice and friendly staff, wonderfull plane and a free upgrade of our seats!
★★★★★ Oct 31, 2016 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★☆ Oct 26, 2016 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)

Book Tickets from Chiang Mai to Koh Phangan Online

Where do you book tickets Chiang Mai - Koh Phangan? How long is the Chiang Mai - Koh Phangan route? It takes on average 3h 57m by flight, ferry, depending on operator and vehicle. The route is going over a distance of 1016 km. Having 2 departures to Koh Phangan, 12go gives a choice of 3 operators for Chiang Mai - Koh Phangan route. Earliest departure goes at 07:10, while the latest is 12:30 local Thailand time.

Operators serving the route Chiang Mai - Koh Phangan are Thai AirAsia, Seatran Discovery, Bangkok Air. Cheap ticket for Chiang Mai - Koh Phangan by airplane, ferry is ฿ 1,910 (US $ 57.76) by Thai AirAsia, Seatran Discovery (6h 10m), while most expensive fare and presumably best would be ฿ 9,533 (US $ 288.35) by Bangkok Air which takes 1h 45m on schedule. Some operators provide snacks, others stop at a foodcourt on the road (some also include it in the ticket price).

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Koh Phangan to host marathon techno music fest in February

Thailand’s southern party isle of Koh Phangan is the venue for a multi-day extravaganza of modern electro music and fun events next February. The event is being organised by 5 Senses Thailand and will take place between the 3 and 15 February 2018.

31 August 2017

Meteorological Department warns Thais scorching summer on the way

Thailand’s weather forecasters say that summer has officially arrived and soaring temperatures are on their way. The national Meteorological Department released a statement yesterday saying the hotter weather conditions over the past few days had marked the end of the cooler winter season and the onset of summer.

07 March 2017

Improved weather draws tourists back to Koh Samui beaches

Late last week, Koh Samui’s Chaweng Beach was thronged with holidaymakers basking in the warm rays of the sun. The scene was a reminder that the inclement weather which had battered South Thailand since the New Year was passing over.

23 January 2017