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Cebu to Boracay

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Cebu to Boracay Schedule

Cebu to Boracay Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Philippine Airlines Economy #PR235907:35 - 08:40£ 32.57
Cebu Pacific Economy #5J13208:25 - 09:30£ 28.31
Philippines AirAsia Economy #Z255010:30 - 11:25£ 37.91
Philippine Airlines Economy 12:30 - 16:15€ 48.41
Cebu Pacific Economy #5J14015:40 - 16:45£ 24.98
Philippine Airlines Economy #PR236816:25 - 17:30€ 30.80

How to get from Cebu to Boracay

If you're done hitting all the Instagram-worthy spots in Cebu and is ready to move on to the equally famous Boracay, you can do so in a jiffy. Although, there is currently no direct way to go there by land or by sea, numerous flights connect the two islands every day.

Boracay is located approximately 500 kilometres from Cebu and the quickest and most convenient way to reach the island is by air. Airfare can be as low as PHP1,500 if you book your tickets at least a few months in advance. As for the travel time, flight normally takes just 1 hour 15 minutes, give or take.

Flights from Cebu to Boracay via Caticlan airport

Three airline companies regularly ply the Cebu-to-Boracay route. Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, and Philippine Airlines all have daily flights to Cebu.

Out of the three, the budget airlines Cebu Pacific and Air Asia regularly offer seat sales so we recommend stalking their social media accounts from time to time. Seat sales normally start around midnight and last for a few days.

Year-round fares for Cebu Pacific usually range between PHP2,500 and PHP6,000. You can score the cheapest tickets if you travel light although you can purchase prepaid luggage allowance if necessary. The same is true for Air Asia which offer the most competitive ticket prices at PHP1,500-PHP1,700. The country's flag carrier, Philippine Airlines, might have the most expensive airfare but they normally have a wider legroom plus a free 10-kilogram luggage allowance and light snack. Airfare typically ranges between PHP1,800 and PHP15,000.

Do take note that you do not land on the island itself. You will disembark at Caticlan Airport and then you can take the ferry to the island. This is one of the airports that have a very short runway so there's a sunset limitation. It actually means that it is best to take the morning flights. If you take the afternoon flight and it gets delayed, your flight can be rerouted to Kalibo instead.

From Caticlan airport take a tricycle or van to Caticlan Jetty which is about 15 minutes away. From there, pay all the necessary fees (terminal fee and environmental fee) then get your boat ticket. Depending on the ferry, it should cost between PHP25 to PHP30 per pax. The boat ride should take just about 5 minutes.

Another option is to catch the airport transfer from the airport directly to your hotel. Check My Boracay Guide – they offer this service though it may come at a price.

Flights from Cebu to Boracay via Kalibo airport

Alternatively, you can fly to Kalibo from Cebu instead of going directly to Caticlan. Airfare is generally cheaper for this route.

Cebu Pacific can get you to Kalibo for around PHP1,000-PHP45,00 one way. Meanwhile, Philippine Airlines offer tickets for PHP900-PHP10,000. Flight time is usually about 1 hour 20 minutes.

From the airport, you can ride one of the vans or tour buses that head to Caticlan Jetty for PHP200. The trip should take just about an hour and a half. You can also ride a tricycle to the town if you fancy to have a look at it first. There's a terminal for shuttle vans that head to Caticlan Jetty.

Transportation from Cebu to Boracay

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