Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas

Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas

Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas Schedule

Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Starlite Ferries Economy Bed 06:00 - 16:00$ 37.84
Philippine Airlines Economy #PR203408:25 - 09:40$ 111.23
Cebu Pacific Economy #5J89810:10 - 11:20$ 117.64
Starlite Ferries Tourist Bed Bunks 13:00 - 23:00$ 47.30
Philippine Airlines Economy #PR203614:40 - 16:05$ 195.37
Philippines AirAsia Economy #Z222816:05 - 17:15$ 151.59
Philippine Airlines Economy #PR204818:30 - 19:55$ 189.91
2GO Tourist Class 23:30 - 11:30$ 54.07

Transportation from Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas

Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas Destination Reviews

The waiting room crowded and all indoors during Covid season. The port does not allow waiting in outdoors area. The seating area was much nicer than the bunk bed areas jammed with people. There were only ten of us in an area for 150! I guess people did not want to pay a bit extra for the reclining seating. Many seats were in bad repair, the Co. does not seem to care about the maintenance. The charging stations where you had to pay for charging your cellphones (Absurd) were mostly broken and no cables. The ones supposedly working, you dropped the money and your phone got no juice! waste of time and effort with people crowding the charging stations areas. Not a good idea for Covid era. I don't know why the company cannot have plugs everywhere for people to charge their phones. They have them in buses that cost 200, 300 pesos for 60 to 100 kilometers. You paid close to 1500 here and no charging free? Cafe was nice but once it closed it never opened for morning coffee. I WILL SAY THIS I LIKE THIS COMPANY BETTER THAN 2GO WHICH TREATS PEOPLE LIKE ANIMALS. MY LAST EXPEIRENCE WITH 2GO FERRY WAS THEY DELAYED THE FERRY FOR 5 HOURS WITH 1000 PASSENGERS SO THEY COULD LOAD A FEW MORE TRUCKS ON THE WAY. THE TIME FOR 1000 PEOPLE WAS DISPOSABLE FOR A FEW MORE PESOS FOR THE TRUCKS COMING!
Ferry Reclining Seats, Starlite Ferries, Sep 25, 2022
The free linen provided was the fitted bed sheet. We had to rent and pay 60 pesos for a blanket to use in a cabin that was fully air conditioned & the temp was fixed. The free food did not include any type of beverage not even service water.
Ferry Cabin, Starlite Ferries, Aug 1, 2022
no blankets/ramp was not passable so we had to carry our luggages with our kids thru the stairs, crew members are rude. ticketing office crew in caticlan starlite was soooo rude. would not recommend
Ferry Tourist Bed Bunks, Starlite Ferries, May 5, 2022
It was a great travel, arrived at expected time...☺️ Till next travel...
Ferry Reclining Seats, Starlite Ferries, May 1, 2022
We are supposed to be in tourist then you emailed us that the tourist slots are full already, so you came up with the solution that we have to book in cabin, so we did. Then when we were on board already, the crew said that their are no cabin available for us so they transferred us to tourists again and refund the money that we added for cabin. Your system is so poor and the crew had a hard time to fix the problem we encountered.
Ferry Cabin, Starlite Ferries, Apr 20, 2022
We experienced a lot of delays before and during on board. The crews had a hard time to fixed the problem and led to confusion.
Ferry Tourist Bed Bunks, Starlite Ferries, Apr 19, 2022
There is this crew at the Starbite Counter that is so rude to every passenger when he answered questions and provide service. His name is JAYVEE btw. He doesnt deserve a position in the hospitality industry. I am a waiter in a cruise ship and what he showed to every passenger is not tolerable for me. If he has a problem in private, he must hide it and not show anger and disrespect passenger at all. I observed him the whole time until he was changed by another crew that is better than him.
Ferry Reclining Seats, Starlite Ferries, Jan 7, 2022
T’was a good experience. Thank you.
Ferry Reclining Seats, Starlite Ferries, Jan 7, 2022
-Only one toilet was used -No shower -Booked online but there was actual discount for seafarer, i did not get any discount -Late departure
Ferry Tourist Bed Bunks, Starlite Ferries, Nov 22, 2021
Excellent very past transaction
Ferry Economy Bed, Starlite Ferries, Sep 2, 2021
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How to get from Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas

When you want to get from Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas, you have a few options to consider. Traveling between these destinations is possible by different means of transport:

  • Flight
  • Ferry

If you’re looking for a quick trip, it’s recommended that you use Flight. However, if you’d rather take your time with a slower, more affordable travel option, you can book a Ferry ticket.

The cost of travel will depend on the means of transport you choose for your trip. A flight ticket is the most expensive option - it will cost you about USD 189.91. If you want to save on transportation, it’s better to take a ferry as a ferry ticket costs as low as USD 29.76.

How far is Caticlan Jetty Boracay from Batangas?

If you’re traveling by land, it’s important to know the distance from Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas. Your trip will be a total of 247 miles (397 km). The flying distance is 190 miles (305 km).

How long does it take to get from Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas?

The travel time from Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas can vary depending on the mode of transportation you choose. All things considered, the whole journey should take from 1 to 13 hours.

How much does it cost to get from Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas?

The cost of the trip from Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas varies according to what means of transport you choose for your journey. The most affordable operator is Starlite Ferries: travelling by ferry expect to pay as low as USD 29.76 for your ticket.

However, if you’re after more upscale travel . The most expensive variant is to opt for a flight - a one-way flight ticket can cost as much as USD 189.91.

Here is a chart of the average ticket prices and transportation options available from Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas:

  • Ferry tickets - USD 30.00 to USD 160.00.
  • Plane tickets - USD 96.00 to USD 190.00;

How many trips per day are there between Caticlan Jetty Boracay and Batangas?

Depending on your choice of transportation, the number of daily trips varies.

  • Flights from Caticlan to Batangas depart during the day - there are approximately 14 departures a day.
  • Ferries leave from Caticlan for Batangas 9 times a day.

Which means of transport is the best for the route?


Traveling by plane is the fastest way to get from Caticlan to Batangas. While it’s often the most expensive option, tool, occasionally you can grab promotional tickets for more or less the price of a train or a ferry ticket. Normally, the minimum you need to pay for a Plane ticket is USD 96.00.

Things to remember before boarding a plane:

  • It’s recommended to book a ticket in advance and check-in online. This way, you can save over 2 hours at the airport, and if your seat selection is on a first come first served basis you will have more options to choose from.
  • Getting through security checks may take some time - it’s recommended to get to the airport at least 1.5 hours in advance.

Airlines flying from Caticlan to Batangas
Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Philippines AirAsia


Travelling by ferry is one of the most scenic ways to get from Caticlan to Batangas as it combines transportation and sightseeing to some extent.

However, with these upsides in mind, you should still understand ferry travel is not for everyone. If you’re prone to seasickness it may be an unpleasant experience. As a rule, a ferry journey isn’t the cheapest way to travel During the high season ferry tickets might be hard to get, so you should always book in advance when possible.

Things to remember: ferry rides are dependent on weather conditions.

The most popular transport from Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas

How to choose the most convenient way of travel from Caticlan Jetty Boracay to Batangas? In order to make your choice of transportation easier, we asked 1000 users to range their preferences for this route. Here are the results of the poll:

  • 99% users voted for a ferry ticket.
  • 1% Other