Butuan to Cebu

Butuan to Cebu

  Sep 25, 2021, 5 trips (1,033 – 0)

Butuan to Cebu Schedule

Butuan to Cebu Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Philippine Airlines Economy #PR236209:20 - 10:10₱ 1,033
CebGo Economy #DG692613:50 - 14:50₱ 1,696

How to Get From Butuan to Cebu

Cebu can be reached from Butuan via two primary modes of transportation. The most convenient and quickest way to get from Butuan to Cebu is by flying directly from the Butuan Airport to the Mactan International Airport. If you are on a budget, you may want to consider taking a ferry which is slower although much more affordable way to travel.

The flying distance from Butuan to Cebu is around 240 km, and the flights take anywhere from 45 minutes up to an hour at the most. The nautical distance from Butuan to Cebu is 340 km, which will take around 9–10 hours aboard a ferry.

If you choose to fly directly from Butuan to Cebu, ticket prices may be as low as PHP 2,000 to as much as PHP 11,000 for a one-way flight depending on the airline and how far your travel period is from the date of booking. Traveling by ferry is much cheaper, since it only costs around PHP 700 each way for the most affordable cabin on 2Go Ferries.

Ferry From Butuan To Cebu

If you aren’t in a rush and have time to spare, taking a ferry from Butuan to Cebu is usually the cheapest option. It costs around PHP 700 upwards on the 2Go Ferry, and there are several types of cabins to choose from including more expensive staterooms if you need privacy.

The ferry from Butuan to Cebu takes approximately 9 hours. This mode of transport is best suited for travelers who have a lot of spare time and who don’t mind the long journey. The ferries from Butuan to Cebu are equipped with facilities to keep you relaxed and entertained, so if you don’t sleep during the journey there’s a karaoke room, food and drink stations, and some even have a salon.

2Go’s vessel St. Leo The Great departs from Butuan every Sunday at 1:30 AM and arrives in Cebu at 10:30 AM. Cancellations for ferries traveling from Butuan to Cebu are generally rare, but if the weather is bad, 2Go may decide to cancel for the safety of travelers especially when they foresee rough sea conditions.

Note! 2GO sails from Butuan to Cebu on SUNDAY.

General notes

There are no speedboat or fast boat services that run from Butuan to Cebu. The 2Go ferries take 9 hours to complete the journey and offer several accommodation options ranging from budget – usually in bunk beds in a room shared with other travelers – to private suite rooms accommodating 2 passengers. For passengers who are prone to seasickness, we recommend that you book a private room which will reduce the risk of nausea while ensuring you stay comfortable and cozy for the duration of the trip.

Flights From Butuan to Cebu

Flying from Butuan to Cebu takes just under one hour and the route is served by both Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. For cheaper tickets check Cebu Pacific – expect to pay from PHP2,000 for this route though you will have to pay for all extras including meals and checked luggage. The Philippine Airlines are considerably more expensive, sometimes selling tickets for as much as PHP11,000 but their tickets normally include some checked luggage and normally offer more comfortable seats – you need to check airfare in advance, though.

Transportation from Butuan to Cebu