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Boracay to Cebu Schedule

Boracay to Cebu Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Cebu Pacific Economy #5J13508:50 - 09:50$ 22.97
Philippine Airlines Economy #PR236910:50 - 11:50$ 142.41
Philippine Airlines Economy #PR236915:45 - 16:45$ 101.45
CebGo Economy #DG613317:25 - 18:40$ 145.41
Philippine Airlines Economy #PR236918:05 - 19:05$ 96.90

How to get from Boracay to Cebu

The easiest way to go to Cebu from Boracay is by air. Perhaps because of its geographical location, it is not possible to travel directly to Cebu via bus or ferry. Attempting to do so would mean multiple bus and ferry rides which equates to a very long and arduous journey – not exactly our idea of spending our holiday.

The most convenient and practical way is to fly out from either of the two main gateways: Caticlan Airport or Kalibo International Airport. Cebu is located approximately 500 kilometres away from Boracay and flight generally lasts about 1 hour 15 minutes. There are numerous flights daily and it's possible to book a one-way ticket for as low as PHP1400.

Flights from Boracay to Cebu via Caticlan airport

There are currently three commercial airlines that regularly serve the Boracay-to-Cebu route from Caticlan airport.

Air Asia is usually the most economical option with tickets ranging between PHP1400 and PHP1800. Another budget airline, Cebu Pacific, isn't too far behind with airfare falling between PHP2400 and PHP6000. Both of these airlines announce seat sales from time to time so it would be wise to follow their social media accounts or sign up to their newsletters. Usually, seat sales start at midnight and last for a few days.

What we particularly like about these two airlines is that you can strip your seat inclusions down to the most basic version without any meals or prepaid luggage allowance. This is perfect for those traveling light with carry-on luggage only.

The third airline serving the route, Philippine Airlines, offer a variety of tariffs from affordable PHP1,700 to rather expensive PHP15,000 one-way. What we love about them is that even the cheapest ticket includes a light snack and a free 10-kilogram luggage allowance.

Flights from Boracay to Cebu via Kalibo airport

If your travel dates happen to fall during peak season and you fail to book a direct flight from Boracay to Cebu, no worries because there is another option. You can choose to depart from Kalibo instead.

Kalibo is located approximately 75 kilometres from Boracay via the Western Nautical Hwy. Ask at your hotel whether they can offer transfers if not, there are vans in Caticlan Jetty that go to Kalibo daily. Travel time should be about 2 hours and it costs about PHP200 inclusive of the ferry ride.

You can also opt for DIY and take one of the passenger vans in the pier. Please take a note that these vans do not leave until full and might pick up passengers along the way so it is best to leave early if you need to catch your plane.

Air tickets for the Kalibo to Cebu route are generally cheaper so it is ideal for those on a budget. Cebu Pacific tickets cost from PHP1000 to PHP4000 while Philippine Airlines sell tickets between PHP1000 to PHP15000 one way.

From Boracay to Caticlan and Kalibo airport

For transfer between any hotel in Boracay and the airport check My Boracay Guide vans.

Transportation from Boracay to Cebu

  • Flights
    $ 40.20
  • Trains are not avaliable
  • Buses are not avaliable
  • Ferries are not avaliable
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