Basco Airport (BSO) to Manila (MNL)

Basco Airport (BSO) to Manila (MNL)


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How to get from Batanes to Manila

Getting to Manila from Batanes is pretty much a straightforward affair. Located approximately 660 kilometres south of Batanes, Manila can be reached only by air.

Despite some information proliferating online about a sea vessel plying this route, sadly this is not the case. There is no passenger boat that travels from Batanes to Manila as of this writing and it has been confirmed that the phone number indicated on many of these blogs, supposedly of the person connected to the shipping company is now owned by another individual. So yes, there is no option to travel to Manila neither by land nor by sea.

However, there are several airlines that serve this route and the flight takes only about an hour and a half. It is pricey though at around PHP6,000 for a one-way ticket.

Flights from Batanes to Manila

The airport serving the whole province of Batanes is Basco airport. Currently, no major airline offers flights from Batanes to Manila because of Basco's airport small size. Due to its very short runway, it can accommodate only smaller aircrafts.

One of the airline companies does that fly this itinerary on a regular basis is Skyjet Airlines. They have flights once a day for approximately PHP5,600 to PHP8,000 one way. Tickets include free luggage allowance of 10 kilograms for adults and 5 kilograms for children on top of their allowed 5 kilograms carry-on luggage. If this is not sufficient, you can purchase additional 10 kilograms for PHP800.

Meanwhile, the boutique airline, Air Swift, which is a popular option for flying to many island destinations throughout the country is also now offering flights to Manila from Batanes albeit their schedule is rather limited. They have three flights per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Air Swift tickets can set you back anywhere around PHP4,800-PHP7,500 one way.

Flights from Batanes to Clark

Alternatively, you may opt to fly from Batanes to Clark International Airport and then make your way to Manila what normally takes around 2-3 hours. Philippine Airlines serve this route as Airphil Express and have several flights per week. Expect to pay roughly PHP4,500-PHP9,000 one-way.

Flying from Batanes

When travelling between Batanes to Manila and vice versa, expect rather steep airfare all year round. One of the reasons for that is that there is not much competition on the route and this is due to the size of the island airport. Although extremely rare, it is not at all impossible to score a discounted ticket. You just have to be vigilant and follow the airlines social media accounts so you can act fast if they announce a sale. There are also travel fairs during the year where people have been known to score cheap tickets.

One thing to note is that weather in Batanes can be unpredictable so be ready and flexible in case flights are cancelled what is not uncommon if your travel dates fall after the summer season.

Transportation from Basco Airport to Manila

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