Bangkok to Khao Lak @ bus May 6, 2017

2 trips (THB 2,960 — 3,443)

From Southern Terminal to Khao Lak by bus+taxi joint ticket

Southern Terminal, Bangkok
Phuket Bus Terminal (2)
13h 10m
? seats available
Change stations. Take taxi (fees apply) - 6 min, 3.1 km
Phuket Town
Khao Lak, Phang Nga
  vehicle, all incl
17h 40m
฿ 2,960
× 2 = ฿ 5,920
Southern Terminal, Bangkok
Krabi Bus Terminal
12h 25m
? seats available
Change stations. Take taxi (fees apply) - 17 min, 8.6 km
Krabi Airport
Khao Lak, Phang Nga
2h 30m
  vehicle, all incl
17h 25m
฿ 3,443
× 2 = ฿ 6,886

How to get from Bangkok to Khao Lak

From Bangkok to Khao Lak

Khao Lak is located 800 km south of Bangkok. It is nothing more than an approximately 20 km stretch of picturesque beaches and resorts along the Andaman Coast. There are no world-scale attractions around – apart from Similan Islands, easily reachable from Khao Lak – but regardless the increasing numbers of tourists coming along, the region manages to retain its natural beauty and somewhat ‘far-from-it-all’ feel. Direct buses take over 16 hours to bring you to Khao Lak. There is no railway line in Khao Lak, the most handy train station being Suratthani train station in the town of Phun Phin. Whichever means of transport you choose, travelling to Khao Lak you will inevitably pass via Suratthani – and it is a good idea to make a stop there to savour the atmosphere of this southern Thailand town. If you do not want to waste your time on overland travel, consider flying from Bangkok to Phuket or Krabi and then taking a bus or van to Khao Lak.

From Bangkok to Khao Lak by direct bus

One of the operators to recommend which provide direct service between Bangkok and Khao Lak, is Paradive Travel. They have one daily bus departing from near Hua Lamphon train station in Bangkok at 7pm and bringing you to Khao Lak before noon the next morning. Tickets cost THB1050 one-way.

From Bangkok to Khao Lak via Krabi or Phuket

For the fastest hop from Bangkok to Khao Lak consider travelling via Krabi or Phuket. Flights from the capital to either of the destinations take less than 1½ hour with over a dozen daily flights both from Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok. Several low-cost airlines – Thai AirAsia and Thai Lion Air included – serve the route from Don Mueang airport, and you are almost always can grab a one-way ticket for about THB1000; often even cheaper (from THB500).

Note that AirAsia does not include checked luggage into their ticket price while Lion Air does. Thai Smile, which is an affiliate of the national carrier Thai Airways, is normally more expensive than the rest, but it operates from Suvarnabhumi airport and may come handier if you land there and want to continue your journey immediately.

It is 90 km from Phuket and 125 km from Krabi to Khao Lak, easily covered in two hours, if you order a private transfer. Check Ground Business and Andaman Taxis for best offers from Krabi (THB3000) and PGS – for rides from Phuket airport (THB2700).

Tip: Always inquire about the rate for a 9 pax vehicle. Price difference between an ordinary car and a van is usually insignificant or non-existent, but in a bigger vehicle you can travel with more comfort.

Private companies offer van rides from Phuket and Krabi airport to Khao Lak. You can spot their counters in the arrival halls.

Tip: If you have already booked your hotel in Khao Lak, inquire with your host about the transfer from the airport. Some of the resorts can provide their own transport at reasonable rates. Normally they would advise you to fly to Phuket, not Krabi. Prices depend on where in Khao Lak your hotel is located but expect to pay from THB600 per seat.

From Bangkok to Khao Lak via Suratthani

When you travel from Bangkok to Khao Lak overland, you will anyway pass via Suratthani. It can be a good idea to get off at Suratthani and spend a day in the town just to make your long trip less tiring.

The second reason for travelling via Suratthani is that you can reach it from Bangkok by train. There is a choice of southbound trains passing through the town, many of which depart from Bangkok in the evening bringing you to Suratthani early the next morning. You then can hop onto an orange songthaew to town, spend a couple of hours tasting the flavours of the South, take a short stroll around the market and then catch a minibus heading to Khao Lak.

There is no big bus station in Khao Lak and you are most likely to be dropped off at Nang Thong Supermarket.

Why go to Khao Lak

Imagine mighty mountains covered by lush green jungle coming down to beautiful uncrowded beaches kissed by transparent emerald waters of the Andaman Sea; national parks teeming with wildlife and bustling with biodiversity; great off-shore diving sites within an easy reach; decent choice of accommodation catering for all budgets; and all that relatively peacefully co-existing with usual Thai daily life and traditions not yet too much ruined with package tourism craze – and you easily understand the appeal of Khao Lak. Khao Lak is a good alternative to much more popular beaches of Phuket, and if you are not after a vibrant nightlife, glittering modern shopping malls and inflated prices of the largest of the Thai islands, head to Khao Lak instead. It is a perfect hideaway place for a quiet holiday by the sea – stay close to nature, enjoy unspoiled beaches, spend time with your kids and explore endless trails in national parks. The wettest months are from April to November and during this period life pace slows even more in Khao Lak giving way to a kind of autumn spleen, Thai style.

Where to stay in Khao Lak

Khuk Khak is the most promising area from the point of view of the cheapies. More upscale accommodation is found in Bang La On with Bang Niang offering something in between. World chain resorts have established their headquarters in the northern part of Khao Lak – this is where you find Marriott or Le Meridien. If planning to stay out of the main drag, remember that public transport is next to non-existent in Khao Lak and if you do not have your own wheels, you will be bound to rely on taxis which are, though rather inexpensive, will cost you a real fortune at the end of the day.

Things to do in Khao Lak

Lovely sand beaches are the main draw of Khao Lak for many travellers. Apart from just spending lazy days on the beach, you can get acquainted with the underwater world just off-shore diving or snorkelling or take a day trip to the cult Similan islands which offer arguably the most amazing diving opportunities in the whole country. If you are not short of time, consider live abroad ships which make a tour around the islands of the Andaman.

Lam Ru Khao Lak National Park features a couple of spectacular waterfalls along with a picturesque white sand beach easily explored as a day tour, though camping within the park is also available.

Some 30 km north of Khao Lak lies Takua Pa town, which makes for a nice stroll along the narrow streets flanked with quaint shops and colonial Sino-Portuguese mansions.

Khao Sok National Park, one of the most scenic and diverse national parks in Thailand with a large stretch of virgin rain forest is just 70 km north of Khao Lak. It can be visited as a day tour from Khao Lak, though spending at least one night at Cheow Lan Lake within the park boundaries is an unforgettable experience. For more detailed information about Khao Sok check our Bangkok¬¬–Khao Sok page.

Onward travel from Khao Lak

Khao Lak sits on National Route #4. Following it down south you can reach Phuket (100 km); or, proceeding further along the Andaman Coast, pass through Phang Nga (70 km; 1½ hour), Krabi (135 km; 2½ hours) and Trang (360 km; 4 hours). All the above mentioned destinations can be reached rather by van than by an ordinary bus.

You get take a van heading to Khao Sok National Park via Route 401 (70 km and 1½ hour), too, and after spending a couple of hours or days there proceed to Suratthani (130 km; 2½ hours).

Buses from Phuket to Bangkok and vice versa can be flagged down at Khao Lak, but if your destination is not on their route or you are after a higher level of comfort, consider ordering a taxi. PGS, Ground Business or Phantip Charter all serve Khao Lak and offer three pax cars or 9 pax vans for travel around the region at reasonable prices.

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★★★★★ Apr 25, 2017 (bus VIP, Phuket Central)
★★☆☆☆ Apr 20, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Quality the bus was abysmal. Both seats were broken. Our chosen seats were allocated incorrectly. Tour guide was unhelpful and really did not provide any service. Tour guide kept going for toilet breaks on the side of the road. We were dropped off in what seemed like the back streets of Krabi where we had to pay an extortionate fare to get to Ao Nang Beach. In comparison to the Bangkok busline, Lignite was shocking. Would not use again!!!
★★★★★ Apr 20, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel)
★★★★★ Apr 19, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
Great journey!
★★★★★ Apr 19, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
very nice journey excellent!!
★★☆☆☆ Apr 17, 2017 (bus VIP, Phuket Central) :
Old and dusty bus. The steward is so talkative and noisy. No usb charger
★★★★☆ Apr 16, 2017 (bus VIP24, Phuket Travel)
★★★★★ Apr 16, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Tickets goed geregeld, comfortabele bus.
★★★★★ Apr 16, 2017 (bus VIP24, Phuket Travel) :
It's convenient and comfortable ride..The bus air-conditioning is cold so bring your jacket/sweater with you..The bus driver drove within speed limit and I'm a Muslim they even cater halal food when we reached at pitstop as included in the fare..totally recommended to everyone
★★★★☆ Apr 14, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
On time
★★★★★ Apr 14, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Easy accommodation online makes traveling simple. Bus ride was good. No complaints here.
★★★★★ Apr 12, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel)
★★★★★ Apr 10, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Great journey, comfortable, on time and good driver! Free blankets and water are a bonus.
★★★★☆ Apr 9, 2017 (bus VIP24, Phuket Travel) :
Nice Bus, comfortable seat, shawl also given, No one knows English, Less leg space in first row of upper deck
★★★★☆ Apr 8, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel)
★★★★★ Apr 2, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★★☆☆ Mar 29, 2017 (bus Express, Bus Express) :
Not bad for the price. This is my advise to other traveller who will take this service. Go for VIP bus as it goes around with price anywhere in the world but, in Asia is much cheaper.
★★★★★ Mar 28, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Great! Very comfy and good service!
★★★★☆ Mar 25, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Definitely get your money's worth with this trip! The bus left on time and we even arrived early! Seats are comfortable enough but could always have more padding. But overall it was great - blankets were provided along with a snack, a bottle of water and some soy milk.
★★★★☆ Mar 25, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Central) :
Great services but it is a bit difficult to find the ticket booths for foreigners like us.
★★★★★ Mar 22, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
No complaints. All went very smoothly :-)
★★★★☆ Mar 22, 2017 (bus VIP24, Phuket Travel) :
Great. Smooth and safe ride. New clean vehicle. Courteous professional and on time. Comfortable large seats on the VIP. Bring something to stay warm. Advertised WIFI on Board not available.
★★★★★ Mar 20, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel)
★★★★☆ Mar 14, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel)
★★★★☆ Mar 13, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
The ticket didn't state clearly that I needed to go to the desk UPSTAIRS first and then come back downstairs aftwerwards. Almost missed my bus. The VIP24 bus was very nice though (the seat gives you a back massage). Bring warm clothes even though you get a blanket. Snacks are free. No plug socket so charge your phone first.
★★★☆☆ Mar 10, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Bus was an hour delayed, the bus was humid, blankets where itchy but it got us safely from a to b and there was a little snack
★★★★★ Mar 6, 2017 (bus VIP24, Bus Express) :
It was realy nice bus and cooperative staff
★★☆☆☆ Mar 1, 2017 (bus Express, Bus Express) :
We got our "food" (a small package of cookies) as soon as we all got seated. We made stops at least every hour but not for us. We only got one 5 minute stop to pee and for good. The drivers did a pick up of crates, picked up random Thai people to drop off not far, they got food at random stands for themselves, to chat with locals, and too pee which I could see from my window 2 times (just peed in a bush not far from the bus.) If they hadn't made so many personal stops, we may not have arrived four hours after our projected arrival time.
★★☆☆☆ Feb 28, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
No wifi, old bus, no information for foreigners, too much air-conditioning But safe and on time service
★★★★★ Feb 28, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Was very comfortable and quick.
★★☆☆☆ Feb 20, 2017 (bus VIP24, Phuket Travel) :
Nasty and foul smelling toilet. The smell carried into the bus.
★★☆☆☆ Feb 18, 2017 (bus Express, Bus Express) :
Good driver, a lot of stops. We didn't have to be to Phuket at a certain time. Comfortable bus with plenty of leg room. Helpful driver.
★★★★★ Feb 18, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★★★★ Feb 17, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel)
★★★★★ Feb 17, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Luxury 12 hour ride. Lots of space for your legs (even if you are 180 cm tall, ladies) and comfortable seats. We got a sweet filled bun with soya milk and a bottle of water for free. There was also packed a wet napkin. Air conditioning runned all night but there were available blankets. In the morning, the staff served us hot coffee. Also for free. Five-star experience.
★★★★☆ Feb 16, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel)
★★★★★ Feb 16, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Extremely comfortable bus. Only downside is that TV (which you have in the seat in front of you) has everything sincronised on Thai, and has Thai subtitles. So if you don't understand Thai it's unusable. But everything else is perfect. You get to experience high standard transportation in Thai style.
★★★★★ Feb 15, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel)
★★★★★ Feb 12, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Ran on time, snacks ok, not used to sleeping on a coach but slept ok, seat comfortable, adjustable and vibrating. Would use it again.
★★★★☆ Feb 7, 2017 (bus VIP, Phuket Central)
★★★☆☆ Feb 6, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
You get what you pay for on this one . Old and squeaky bus but it left on time and got in reasonably close to the estimated time. Friendly attendant and a tarro /soy milk +a bottle of water provided. I would pay extra for the nicer option on this long of trip if you have the budget if it this gets you there and is relatively painless.
★★★★☆ Feb 3, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite)
★★★★★ Feb 3, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel)
★★★★★ Feb 2, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★★★★ Feb 1, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Central) :
We fell asleep in Bangkok & woke in Phuket. Driver got us there quickly and safely. Like 4 hours early! Worth the price
★★★★★ Jan 23, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★☆☆☆ Jan 22, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite)
★★★★★ Jan 21, 2017 (bus Express, Bus Express) :
Very good
★★★★★ Jan 19, 2017 (bus VIP24, Phuket Travel) :
Comfortable bus. Friendly stuff. Departed on time and arrived earlier than expected. They provided snack. And we stop for free food in the middle of the trip. I slept well. Recommend if you are on the budget like me. I took a 19.30 bus and arrived to Phuket at 8.30 am. Thank you for your service!
★★★★★ Jan 17, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Amazing trip. On time, comfortable chairs with lots of leg room, very nice, polite and helpful staff. You even got snacks and drinks. Would definitely take this bus again.
★★★★☆ Jan 17, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Ran on time. Seats were comfortable, reclined and had a massage function. Staff were helpful and friendly. Water, cola, soy milk and coffee provided. Wifi would have been a bonus but slept most of the way. Toilet was bearable.
★★★★☆ Jan 16, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★☆☆☆ Jan 5, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
Uncomfortable, they drive crazy fast, In the middle of the night they blast loud music to wake people up for a 20mins break at a rest area where they offer very poor quality food and disgusting bathrooms.
★★★★☆ Jan 3, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Pleasant bus ride. Budget friendly. Wished I'd had more info on how many stops we were making - I thought every time it was my stop...
★★★★☆ Jan 2, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
The bus turned up just before it was due to leave, they don't really give you much info about when the bus is arriving or the schedule, you just get ushered onto the bus as quickly as possible then off. All in all the journey was much better than I expected, lots of leg room, chairs recline quite far and have a foot rest. They provide a blanket, bottle of water and some biscuits. There's a toilet on board but I didn't use it. They played Tarzan for the beginning of the journey which is dubbed in Thai, bit annoying if you don't want to watch it but they turn the TV off when it's finished. You stop after 3 hours then continue through the night.
★★★★☆ Jan 1, 2017 (bus Express, Phuket Central)
★★★☆☆ Dec 31, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★★☆☆ Dec 31, 2016 (bus VIP24, Bus Express) :
Seats sooooooo uncomfortable, sleep impossible. But I mean... We got there safe, so...
★★★☆☆ Dec 31, 2016 (bus VIP24, Phuket Central)
★★☆☆☆ Dec 29, 2016 (bus VIP24, Bus Express) :
I paid for a VIP24 bus but I didn't get that one. It was a express bus. Paid 10 euro to much . And a lot of stops to pick up people.
★★★☆☆ Dec 28, 2016 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Not so many movies avalaible. Most of them without english subtitles. No Wifi. No power supply. No USB socket. They didn't tell us the food at the stop was included. Seats were good. And the bus arrived on time.
★★★★★ Dec 28, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Traffic caused us to be an hour late for our bus. The staff at the depot just showed us to next bus with no fuss. Great service as always
★★★★☆ Dec 27, 2016 (bus VIP24, Phuket Travel) :
God morning, the trip from Bangkok to Phuket at 19:30 til 9:20 (sheduled) was good,but since we are foreigner was the feeling that we needed more further information about what will happen next, like, when we will stop for eat something, how much time do we have at each stop, WiFi conection and password as well :)
★★★★★ Dec 26, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★★★☆ Dec 25, 2016 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
It was difficult to find out the platform od the bus. In the paper was written platforma 37-40, but the bus left from 71. We almost missed that bus. Service in the bus 5*
★★★☆☆ Dec 23, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
The bus itself was quite old, and probably would be fine for a day trip but for a night bus it was not great, no head support for sleeping. The toilet stank horribly for most of the trip, the smell woke me up at one point. A positive is the staff we're nice, there was free water, soya drink and a bun and also a free meal at about 11pm (other than that no toilet stops as there was a stinky toilet on board) the bus arrived on time to Krabi in the morning
★★★☆☆ Dec 22, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Generally ok but a 13 hour bus ride with only 1 stop 3 hours after departure and then 10 hours straight without the possibility of getting food, which is I don't think is good enough. Hostess never warned us that the bus would not stop after the first time. Next time I will know to stock up on food.
★★★★★ Dec 20, 2016 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Comfortable, better then to fly
★★★★☆ Dec 20, 2016 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Beter then the nighttrain. Comfy seats.
★★★★☆ Dec 20, 2016 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
Seats were really comfy with a great pillow attached. Ticket comes with juice water and sweet cakes. Was told there was no wifi. Was also told to sit in a different seat than the one I had booked.
★★★★☆ Dec 20, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
It was alright
★★★★★ Dec 19, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Great journey
★★★★★ Dec 13, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
I always love to travel by this transport.
★★★★☆ Dec 9, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
In general, trip went quite well. No music or TV at night. Bus wasn't new, engine was quite noisy. Arrived on time.
★★★★★ Dec 8, 2016 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
Great service, wasn't expecting a great deal as we booked the cheapest ticket, the bus was clean, spacious, loads of room to recline, blankets and no annoying films. Oh and also free cakes and water.
★★★☆☆ Dec 4, 2016 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Music too loud and air conditioning too cold. Passengers should be comfortable. That's life :)
★★★★☆ Nov 27, 2016 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Movies only in Thai. 3 beverages (soy milk, cola and water) and one complimentary snack... I would prefer 3 snacks and a bottle of water. VIP24 is very confortable and the stops were in nice places. The seats have massage fonction that did not worked this time. Air cond is too cold. No wifi.
★★★★★ Nov 25, 2016 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
I was late but they came back for me THANK YOU SO MUCH! Bus was clean air conditioned had plenty of room to recline and came with free baked pastries water and blanket. Arrived ahead of schedule
★★★★★ Nov 16, 2016 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
Spacious and comfortable seating (reclining seats, adjustable head rest and foot rest, etc.) Efficient service run by staff (providing a snack and water upon arrival, dimming the lights so passengers can sleep, etc.) I was very happy with my trip and would recommend it to others.
★★★★★ Nov 15, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★★★☆ Nov 8, 2016 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
On time, very helpful staff, enough space, movies only in Thai and the toilet was not so nice
★★☆☆☆ Nov 6, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
bus had delay of at least one hour due to engine troubles. Seems to be that engine rapairs are done during travelling hours and not done in planned maintenance time. Furtherone the bus did stop only one time, it didn't stop for any sanitary stops anymore for the rest of the day (approx. eight hours). People can use the toilet in the bus. The bus does stop also on numerous locations to let people out in the province Krabi with the final stop in Krabi itself. The bus does not use the fastest and shortest way for that.This makes the travelling time unnecessary longer.
★★★★★ Nov 6, 2016 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
We had VIP bus with free water, juice, little cake and with big very comfortable chairs. It was simple to find platform and get a ticket. It was nice trip!
★★★☆☆ Nov 1, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
There is no information about where does the bus leave exactly. We got to the bus station and had to start asking people
★★☆☆☆ Oct 29, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Bus seats fairly uncomfortable, extremely loud film at the start of the journey (9pm) then music after that. Arrived around 2 hours late
★★★★★ Oct 27, 2016 (bus VIP24, Phuket Travel) :
The trip went perfectly fine, as expected. A few things to note: - bring sweaters as air conditioning is intense. They provided us with blankets, but used our sweaters too. - staff was helpful but didn't speak much English, but we managed everything we needed to know - provided us with a small water and some snacks upon leaving, and a dinner at midnight at a stop, all for free (local flavours of course) - this is a bus ride. But for a bus ride, it's almost perfect. Beats all my long range bus trip experiences.
★★★★★ Oct 18, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★★★★ Oct 16, 2016 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Very good, perfect service, helpful staff, clean, big chair, best for Bangkok - Krabi
★★★☆☆ Oct 13, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Pretty uncomfortable and totally freezing all night, at least we got a blanket.
★★★★☆ Oct 12, 2016 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Lovely journey, all slept well however we were a little disappointed that the TV did not come with English subtitles as an option as all films seemed to be in Thai. Also, due to the air con being on constant, a thicker blanket would be appreciated. Plug sockets and WIFI would also improve this journey. However, the beverages available were very good and all in all, we had a pleasant journey.
★★★★☆ Oct 11, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Departure and arrival on time, movie loud and only in Thai, seats comfortable, blanket provided, good value for money!
★★★★★ Oct 9, 2016 (bus Express, Phuket Travel)
★★★★★ Oct 8, 2016 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
Perfect. Nice and cool with air con, blankets and pillows provided, reclining seats, toilet on the bus, TV and lights off at night, complimentary water and banana bread cupcake, only one stop for free dinner around midnight.
★★★☆☆ Oct 5, 2016 (bus VIP, Phuket Central) :
I was not able to pull up chair leg so that I could get in horizontal position. That's a bit of a big problem.
★★★☆☆ Oct 3, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Super uncomfortable seats, our bus broke down but we made it so I guess that's all that matters :)
★★★★★ Oct 1, 2016 (bus Express, Phuket Travel) :
Comfortable seats, good A/C, water and cake + midnight dinner for free. Working WC. No loud TV. Absolutely happy with this trip
★★★★☆ Sep 20, 2016 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★★☆☆ Aug 25, 2016 (bus VIP24, Phuket Central) :
Toilets could be cleaner.. bus a bit too fast.. but the rest is fine! Arrived earlier than planned! Value for money ????
★★★★☆ Aug 19, 2016 (bus VIP, Phuket Central) :
It was nice service I just feel missing of wifi if will have wifi it' will be great .
★★★☆☆ Aug 13, 2016 (bus VIP24, Bus Express)

News @ Khao Lak

03 October 2016

Khao Lak is a seaside destination located on Thailand’s southwest facing Andaman Sea shoreline. It is just over 60kms north of the Sarasin Bridge to Phuket Island. Despite this proximity, Khao Lak and pulsating Phuket resorts such as Patong are poles apart on their key attractions.

14 June 2016

Geologists and national park officials in Krabi are exploring options to protect the iconic Fossil Shell Cemetery from destructive monsoon waves. The two-kilometre-long stretch of Noppharat Thara-Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park shoreline is made up of slabs of fossilised shells estimated to be at least 75 million years old.

13 June 2016

A video posted online purports to show a whale shark swimming around a fishing boat in the sea close to Phuket. The sighting of the rare species so near to the shores of Phuket is the second within the last two months.