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How to get from Baguio to Sagada

The road that connects Baguio to Sagada is one of the most traversed and the most scenic routes in the Cordillera Region. Sagada lies in the Mountain Province approximately 150 kilometres from Baguio. You will be passing through La Trinidad until you reach to the highest highway in the country, the Halsema Highway with its peak resting at an elevation of 2250 m. Sagada can only be reached by bus or via a combination of buses and jeepneys.

There are several direct Sagada-bound bus trips daily that depart from Baguio City, but you can also connect via Bontoc for a wider choice of options. Either way, expect to reach Sagada in approximately 5–6 hours and spend about PHP220.

Bus from Baguio to Sagada

Direct Baguio–Sagada buses leave from Baguio Dangwa Terminal. From there, you can board either GL Trans or Lizardo Bus.

The former departs Baguio daily with the earliest trip at 5.30am. Buses leave every hour with the last one scheduled at 1 pm.

The other option to reach Sagada from Baguio is to pass through Bontoc with Lizardo Bus. Buses depart from Slaughterhouse Terminal in Baguio from 3am till 5pm. Tickets with both GL Trans or Lizardo Bus cost PHP220.

Bus types, onboard service and road conditions between Baguio and Sagada

Please note that all these buses are ordinary buses so do not expect extra comfort: no snacks are served, no toilets onboard and normally no air-condition either.

In the peak season, especially during summer months, the influx of tourists can make everything chaotic. Expect your journey to be cramped as passengers fill even the aisle space.

As for the road itself, it is mostly paved now so it is not as dangerous as it used to be. In fact, the winding road is quite exciting and the scenery will surely take your breath away.

How to get to Sagada from Banaue

If Banaue is ok your travel itinerary, it could be a good idea to head from Baguio to Banaue first. The trip takes around 9 hours and there are convenient nighttime departures. Check Ohayami Trans – their intercity bus leaves at 9pm and brings you to Banaue early by 6am for PHP600. The morning scenery along the route is simply stunning.

Coda Lines operate direct buses from Banaue to Sagada – the trip takes 3 hours and there is a choice of morning departures. If you miss big buses, consider taking a jeepney or any bus bound for Bontoc. Note that all of them leave before noon and cost between PHP120 and PHP150.

From Bontoc, take a jeepney to Sagada. The duration of your trip should be about an hour and the fare is PHP45. The first jeepney leaves at 8.30am and every 30 minutes thereafter. Jeepneys can get filled up really quickly and the locals often get on the roof of the jeep. This is what is called "toploading". We would not recommend to follow the suit, though.

How to get to Sagada from Manila

It is possible to reach Sagada all the way from Manila via Coda Lines. They offer direct night trips from Quezon which take 12 hours and cost between PHP800 and PHP1200 depending on the bus type.

Ohayami Trans has their terminal in Sampaloc and their night buses departs for Banaue daily at 9pm and 10pm each Friday. To get to Sagada, you will need to get off Banaue and follow the same route outlined above.

Transportation from Baguio to Sagada

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