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Baguio to Manila

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Baguio to Manila Schedule

Baguio to Manila Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Victory Liner Regular AC 00:20 - 05:20₱ 750
Pangasinan Solid North Transit Luxury 02:00 - 08:27₱ 1,259
Victory Liner Regular AC 05:00 - 10:59₱ 726
Victory Liner First Class 07:15 - 13:15₱ 1,175
Victory Liner Regular AC 08:20 - 14:20₱ 734
Victory Liner Regular AC 10:00 - 15:00₱ 750
Victory Liner Regular AC 12:00 - 17:00₱ 750
Victory Liner First Class 15:15 - 20:15₱ 1,175
Victory Liner Regular AC 16:40 - 21:40₱ 782
Victory Liner First Class 18:15 - 00:15₱ 1,175
Victory Liner Deluxe 21:45 - 02:45₱ 877
Victory Liner Regular AC 23:45 - 04:45₱ 794

How to get from Baguio to Manila

Travelling between Baguio and Manila is quite easy and straightforward thanks to multiple bus companies that ply the route between the two cities on a daily basis.

In January 2019 Cebu Pacific plans to start regular direct service operated by Cebgo between Loakan airport which serves the Baguio region and Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. When launched, it will reduce travel time considerably.

What is the distance between Baguio and Manila?

The overland distance between Baguio and Manila is around 260 kilometres. The road conditions are mainly quite good.

How long does a trip to Manila from Baguio take?

Depending on the type of a bus, a night trip should take between 5 and 6 hours while day trips tend to stretch from 6 to 7 hours due to heavy traffic typical to Metro Manila area.

A flight should take 45 minutes or so.

How to get from Baguio to Manila by bus

There are 6 bus companies which offer daily trips from Baguio to Manila. There is normally at least one bus every hour – the choice of departures is very good.

Is it necessary to book bus tickets in advance?

Yes, if you want to travel by a first/executive/premier class or by an overnight bus. It is also necessary to book in advance if your travel date falls around Panagbenga Festival aka Baguio Flower Festival or around huge nationwide celebrations like New Year or the Holy Week.

Which companies serve Baguio-Manila route?

Genesis is one of the best-organized companies serving the route. They operate from the bus terminal in Gov. Pack Road. In Manila, Genesis buses bring you either to Avenida or Cubao, the latter being more popular with travellers.

Alternatively, Victory Liner leave from the company’s own terminal located within walking distance of SM City Baguio and head to Cubao, Pasay, and Sampaloc.

Dangwa Transit, Dagupan Bus, Philippine Rabbit, and Saulog Bus also offer services to Manila.

When do buses to Manila leave Baguio?

Buses run round the clock with the biggest gap between midday and 3pm. So basically with the only afternoon exception, there is at least one bus every hour or half an hour heading to different bus terminals within Metro Manila area.

There are highly popular night buses which leave Baguio between 10pm and 2am, and conveniently arrive to Manila in the early morning.

How much do Baguio-Manila tickets cost?

Ticket prices start from PHP700 for the cheapest standard class and go up to PHP900-PHP1,000 for a comfier first class seat.

Recommendations for bus travel between Baguio and Manila

Regular buses are cheaper but they tend to make plenty of stops during the route and travel slowly.

First/executive/premier class buses offer more comfortable soft reclining seats and more legroom. They are equipped with an on-board toilet, provide a light snack, and have bus attendants. They also distribute blankets which is a big plus as the temperature on-board can be really freezing. There is WiFi advertised but do not expect a blazing fast connection.

How to get from Baguio to Manila by air?

At the time of writing, direct flights between Baguio’s Loakan airport and Manila’s Ninoy Aquino Airport are advertised by Cebu Pacific via Cebgo. Flights are due to start from January, 3, 2019. When launched, travel between Baguio and Manila becomes a whisk.

Transportation from Baguio to Manila

Facts about the transport from Baguio to Manila

Cheapest Transport$13
Fastest Transport4h
Earliest Departure12:20 오전
Latest Departure11:55 오후
Departures per day128
Distance260 kilometers
Transport CompaniesAnis Transport, EMRO Transport Services, Pangasinan Solid North Transit, Victory Liner

Baguio to Manila Destination Reviews

Yes I love the trip ... mabilis ang byahe.
Bus Regular AC, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Apr 1, 2024
I liked that the confirmation of my ticket was fast
Bus Super Deluxe W/CR, Pangasinan Solid North Transit, Jan 1, 2024
The seat I booked and chose online was already occupied upon entering the bus. The driver/bus assistant should've checked the tickets next time.
Bus Regular AC, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Dec 29, 2023
Victory Liner frontliner who entertained us told us that we need to buy another ticket because the 12go only sends voucher 24 hours after online booking. She did not check their online system, only to find out that we were already appropriately booked.
Bus First Class, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Nov 18, 2023
Only one thing I did not appreciate was that they were not able to provide us water. I asked about it but was told that supplies were insufficient.
Bus Luxury, Pangasinan Solid North Transit, Oct 31, 2023
The driver drives too fast. I cant sleep the entire travel .because i am worried and scared .
Bus First Class, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Aug 22, 2023
Booked the night before and got my seat within a few minutes!
Bus Regular AC, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Aug 20, 2023
The staff was excellent and friendly. Things went smooth. Thank you
Bus Regular AC, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Aug 19, 2023
The bus made about 4 or 5 stop overs
Bus Luxury, Pangasinan Solid North Transit, Jun 13, 2023
First time to ride this bus. We were not able to transfer date of our first booking a day before our trip. It was quite difficult to navigate the site for rebooking. We just didn't expect that there were many stopovers along the way. But overall, the the drive was smooth and safe.
Bus Super Deluxe W/CR, Pangasinan Solid North Transit, Jun 5, 2023
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