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How to get from Bagan to Yangon

Fly, take a train or travel by bus – all these options are worth considering if you need to get to Yangon from Bagan. Flying is obviously the fastest way to get to your destination and the most expensive one as low cost airlines have still to come to Burma. Though travelling by train takes almost twice as long as by bus, it still remains a good alternative to a bus. Rail journey in Burma is an experience in itself and if you have not experienced the country to the musical clickety-clack of the railway carriage wheels, why not do it right now? Train will let you enjoy the pictures of rural Burma in the early evening and in the morning and allow you to sleep the major part of your trip. Buses are a compromise between price, comfort and speed and in addition you are not limited to the only departure a day in this case.

From Bagan to Yangon by train

Bagan is connected to Yangon by a direct railway line which runs all way down southeast via Taungdwingyi and then makes a detour passing via Lewe to merge with Mandalay–Yangon line just below Pyinmana proceeding then straight south to Yangon. This deviation of the railroad from its straight route makes the railway journey between Bagan and Yangon longer than between Mandalay and Yangon. Train takes 17 hours to reach Yangon but with its current schedule – departing Bagan at 5pm and arriving to Yangon at 10.30am – the whole journey is not as tiring as it sounds.

Currently there is only one daily train between Bagan and Yangon (#62). During high season it has carriages of all classes which you can find in Burma: the cheapest hard seats in ordinary class; slightly more comfy second class seats, soft reclining upper class seats and the local luxury, berths in a sleeping car. Prices fluctuate significantly, from MMK5,500/USD4 for a hard seat if you buy it in person at the station to MMK80,000/USD60 for a berth in a sleeping car when purchasing in advance from outside of Burma. Out of high season period there are normally no sleeping carriages in this train unless they receive a substantial booking for berths in advance – in this case they do add the sleeper.

Sleeping cars are undoubtedly the most comfortable and enjoyable way to travel over such a long route, especially if you travel as a group of friends or a family and can get the whole compartment all for yourself. Otherwise consider upper class seats – they are less expensive than berths and more expensive than second class seats but a far way more comfortable than the latter.

Note There is no air-conditioning in carriages. Some have ceiling fans and others get their portion of fresh air from the open windows but generally it is not a problem even if travelling during the hottest months (April and May). It also pays to have some warm clothes at hand as it can get rather chilly at night.

To get to Bagan railway station which is actually located in Nyaung U, 3 km further south from the airport, take a private taxi (MMK8,000/USD8) or a shared taxi (MMK2,000 per seat).

Yangon Central Railway Station is located in Kun Chan Road, opposite the stadium and about 2.5 km southeast of Shwedagon Pagoda. There is a choice of mid-range accommodation options around the Pagoda. Kandawgyi Lake area, slightly to the east from the Shwedagon, offers more upscale hotels. For budget deals check streets around Sule Paya – just one km south of the Central station.

From Bagan to Yangon by bus

Bagan–Yangon route is served by buses leaving from the long-distance Highway bus station in Nyaung U, located close to the railway station, some 2.5 km past the airport. Expect to pay MMK5,000/USD5 for a private taxi to the bus station from Nyaung U and between MMK1,500 and MMK2,000 per seat in a shared taxi.

There are both morning and evening departures to Yangon, all taking about 9 hours to get to the destination. It is a good idea to choose one of the first buses (7am) if you want to leave in the morning in order to arrive to Yangon before dark and one of the last buses of the day (8pm) if you wish to travel by night and arrive at a reasonable hour in the morning and not in the small hours.

There are buses of different classes, from the cheapest regular ones to relatively comfy VIPs. Prices also fluctuate depending on the class and the company you travel with (from MMK15,000/USD11 to MMK20,000/USD15). In general, the ride is quite comfortable and not as bumpy as it used to be.

In Yangon, buses arrive to the Highway Bus Station, a good way out of the city, some 24 km northeast of the Central Railway station. You can get to the city from the Highway bus station by public bus. Look for bus #43 (MMK300). A taxi can cost anywhere between MMK6,000/USD5 and MMK10,000/USD8 depending on your negotiation skills.

Flights from Bagan to Yangon

The first thing to take a note of while travelling from Bagan to Yangon by plane is the seat. Yes! Take a window seat by all means and enjoy a scenic panorama of the Bagan temples from the bird’s eye view. Amazing it definitely is!

Flights in Burma in general are not cheap and Bagan–Yangon route is no exception: an air ticket of almost any airline sets you back from USD110 and up, but your travel time is reduced dramatically to one hour only.

Contrary to arrival, hotels in Bagan do not offer complimentary transfer to the airport, but they can organize the transfer at a bit better rate than you can find in the city (between MMK5,000 and MMK8,000 depending on your location). The airport is located 3 km south from Nyaung U centre and about 9 km east from both Old and New Bagan.

In Yangon, Yangon International airport lies 17 km north from the Central Railway Station. It is not served by public transport – in the sense that no bus or train comes right up to the terminal building, but you still can get to the city by bus or train though some walking or a short ride is necessary. Bus N51 goes from Sel Maing Kone bus stop to Suli Paya. The bus stop is about 2.5 km from the terminal building. A ride costs MMK200 or MMK300 only. The closest to the airport circular train station, Pa Ywet Seik Kone, is about 2 km far. The train costs MMK100 and brings you to the Central Railway station. The official taxi rate from the airport is MMK8,000/USD8.

Why go to Yangon

Till relatively recently Yangon has been the only gateway to the country for any international visitor. Now there are international flights to Mandalay and a number of border crossings with Thailand are open to foreigners, too. Yet the former capital of Myanmar, Yangon, remains a must-visit stop on every Burmese travel itinerary. A melting pot of cultures, Yangon experienced and absorbed British, Indian and Chinese influences. Their traces can be found in rich though dilapidating colonial architecture, leafy boulevards, busy markets and Burmese curries. One of the most exotic cities in South East Asia, Yangon conquers hearts with its colourful mix of golden pagodas, exotic garments of the locals and sincere smiles showing blood-red teeth busy with chewing betel nut. Though a couple of years ago a lot of restrictions concerning foreign tourists have been done away with and you will no longer get a compulsory Internet detox while visiting Yangon and the rest of the country, there are relatively few international visitors around. Visit now until it is too late!

Onward travel from Yangon

The former capital of the country and once the only gateway to Burma for foreigners, Yangon is connected by air with many regional capitals and major cities, including Bangkok in Thailand and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia with many other destinations easy reached by connecting flights via these two capitals.

Travelling further down the country, think Thaton (7 hours by train) or Mawlamyaing, the capital city of the Mon State, 300 km from Yangon (10 hours by train).

Transportation from Bagan to Yangon

Bagan to Yangon Destination Reviews

Train #62 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Mar 20, 2020
Excellent journey, comfortable & arrived 2 hrs early Some confusion with disembarkation - initially stopped at taxi area 2 miles before bus station to encourage customers to get off early
Bus Business, Elite Express, Mar 11, 2020
Overall good experience. Train was late, instead 9:30 arriving at 15:00. Was super hot at the day time.
Train #62 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Feb 9, 2020
They came to pick me up to my hotel for free. (You need to call them for pick up, though). Very comfortable seat, with thick blanket. They offerred nice hot coffee before departure, and nice cold towel and toothbrush, etc. for 30-minute break. Everyone needs to get off the bus for the 30-minutes break for security reasons (as the driver locks the door).
Bus VIP 31, Mandalar Minn Express (Mandalar Minn Express), Feb 6, 2020
An incredible experience. Facilities were adequate but expected.
Train #62 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Feb 1, 2020
We had nice seats and the staff was very kind. Only the food and drinks onboard were a bit more expensive then if you’d buy it outside. But overal good experience!
Train #62 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Jan 15, 2020
The driver was driving very fast. Way too fast.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 8, 2020
Personally I'd rate our experience 5 stars because it worked out for us, but the train left nearly 7 hours late and was slower than expected. We left at 10:30pm(meant to be 4pm) and arrived in Yangon at 6pm the next day (meant to be 9:30am). We didn't have any connections to make though, and the ride through the vast farming land and villages was actually quite a relaxing way to spend the day. The 2 of us were the only ones in the sleeper berth carriage which has 2 long thin beds and 8 more regular seats which flatten out into very short "beds", surprisingly easy to sleep even with the loud noise and rocking of the train. No food in the carriage as its separate from the rest of the train, but people in villages will come up to the window with reasonably priced fruits and food. If you've got the time and no flights to make I'd recommend the train, otherwise avoid it.
Train #62 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Dec 21, 2019
The experience was great. We knew the train was slower than the bus and the conditions were a bit more rudimentary. We got a 4 bed cabin with toilet. Beds were ok. The train is noisy and in the night it gets cold (no glass for the windows). Bring your own food or expect to pay quite a lot for the fried rice and vegetables that the train offers. Once we got in the train we were asked for what we'd like for dinner and breakfast. We thought the meals were included as they didn't mentioned the price and it was the first thing we had to do once in the train. Our surprise came the day after when we had to pay 34.500mmk for x4 fried rice, x4 vegetables, x2 coffees and a water. If we had known the meals weren't included we wouldn't have ordered so much food.
Train #62 Sleeper, Myanmar Railways (Myanmar Railways), Dec 16, 2019
Seamless and safe journey back from Bagan to Yangon. Complimentary transfer bus pickup directly from hotel to bus terminal, and bus to Yangon city area too. Good stopovers/toilet break and in-bus snack & water.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 16, 2019
151 customer reviews