Refundable Recommended
AII Ajmer Jn, Rajasthan
2h 35m train ride
JP Jaipur
Refundable Recommended
AII Ajmer Jn, Rajasthan
2h 5m train ride
JP Jaipur
Instant Refundable Recommended
Ajmer, Rajasthan
2h 20m bus ride in AC Sleeper
Instant Refundable

Ajmer to Jaipur Schedule

Ajmer to Jaipur Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Indian Railways SL - Sleeper Class 00:25 - 03:10₹ 732
TravelODesk India Comfort 00:00 - 03:00₹ 5,941
Gill Travels AC Sleeper 03:00 - 05:30₹ 673
Chartered bus AC Sleeper 05:00 - 07:30₹ 293
Patel Tours And Travels AC Sleeper 07:30 - 09:30₹ 336
Rishabh Travels AC Sleeper 10:30 - 12:50₹ 941
Indian Railways CC - AC Chair Class 12:00 - 14:10₹ 732
Indian Railways SL - Sleeper Class 14:05 - 16:25₹ 732
Indian Railways SL - Sleeper Class 16:00 - 18:10₹ 732
Rishabh Travels AC Sleeper 20:30 - 22:50₹ 941
Indian Railways 3A - AC 3-Tier Sleeper 23:45 - 01:40₹ 732

How to get from Ajmer to Jaipur

To get from Ajmer, one of Rajasthan’s oldest cities to Jaipur, Rajasthan's capital, one can take a bus, private taxi or a train which is the most convenient way to travel.

How far is Jaipur from Ajmer

The distance by road between Ajmer and Jaipur is 130 kilometres while the distance by train is 98 kilometres.

How much time does a journey to Jaipur from Ajmer take?

When travelling by train, it takes between two and two and a half hours to get from Ajmer to Jaipur while while travelling by road takes between two to four hours.

How much does the travel cost?

Train tickets from Ajmer to Jaipur cost between INR 75-1500 depending on the class one chooses. Bus tickets are cheap costing from INR 250-700. Hiring a private taxi is the most expensive option; it can cost between INR 1700-2600.

How to get from Ajmer to Jaipur by train

Trains are a comfortable and convenient way to travel between Ajmer and Jaipur. Trains depart from the Ajmer Railway station which is a small distance from the city center but easily accessible by auto-rickshaw or car. They arrive at the Jaipur Railway Station in the center of the city.

Are there many train departures a day from Ajmer to Jaipur?

Yes. There are several trains which go from Ajmer to Jaipur and several departure times; trains leave from the early morning to night.

How long does a train take to reach Jaipur?

The train journey takes between two and two and half hours. The fastest train is the Swarna J Raj Express – you will need only two hours to get to Jaipur. Other decent options include the Amrapur Aravali, the Aii Af Intercity and the Dayodaya Express, all of which have cheap tickets.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for these trains cost between INR 75 for the general class and INR 1300 for first class air-conditioned compartments.

As it is a fairly short journey, one can choose to travel by Sleeper Class with non air-conditioned compartments to spare some rupias in your pocket; yet it is not recommended – it is far better to travel by third or second class air-conditioned compartments.

Trai travel essentials

There are toilets attached to each compartment, but the ones attached to the third and second class air conditioned compartments tend to be better maintained. Regardless of the class you are travelling by, carry along your own toiletries.

It is also wise to carry refreshments and soft drinks with you as there are no dining cars on the train.

How to get from Ajmer to Jaipur by bus

Bus is also an option to travel from Ajmer to Jaipur. Buses depart from near the Maya Mandir Cinema in Ajmer which is near the city center. They arrive at bus stops across Jaipur from the Polo Victory Bus Stand to the Sindhi Camp bus stop so one can disembark at their convenience.

Which bus company to choose?

There are several bus operators serving the route and therefore many trips per day. Popular operators include Rishabh Travels, Ashok Travels and Mahalaxmi Travels.

How long does a bus ride to Jaipur from Ajmer take?

It takes from two to four hours to travel from Ajmer to Jaipur by bus; the fastest route is by the National Highway 48.

What is the bus tickets price?

Bus tickets cost between INR 250-800.

Is it necessary to book an AC bus?

Well, as the bus journey is fairly short, a non air-conditioned coach can be considered, but do avoid those during summers.

Bus travel tips

There are no toilets on board and some buses do not stop en route. However, other buses make a washroom and refreshment stops; be sure to check with your operator beforehand.

How to get from Ajmer to Jaipur by taxi

There are also private taxis available to hire from Ajmer to Jaipur. They cost between INR 1700-2600 depending on the type of car one wants. A car journey takes from two hours and forty minutes to three hours depending on the stops you make along the way.

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