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Ahmedabad to Delhi

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Ahmedabad to Delhi Schedule

Ahmedabad to Delhi Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Indian Railways IR 3A - AC 3-Tier Sleeper 00:50 - 19:35$ 21.05
Rajat Rides AC Sleeper 03:30 - 02:00$ 58.12
Shree Krishna Travels AC Sleeper 05:25 - 09:18₹ 5,774
Gajraj Bus AC Sleeper 07:35 - 04:10₹ 1,617
Go Air Economy #G872008:15 - 10:00₹ 4,811
Indian Railways 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper 10:50 - 05:19₹ 2,110
Shrinath AC Sleeper 12:30 - 09:30₹ 1,733
Gajraj Travels AC Sleeper 15:00 - 09:30$ 35.75
Pooja Travels AC Seater 17:00 - 14:20$ 19.78
Gujarat travels AC Sleeper 19:30 - 15:45$ 36.38
Poonam New Kothari Travels Non-AC Sleeper 20:40 - 17:55₹ 5,775
Go Air Economy #G871423:45 - 01:30₹ 6,214

How to get from Ahmedabad to Delhi

To get from Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s largest city to Delhi, India’s capital there are several ways one can travel. The fastest, most convenient way to travel is by flight while the cheapest way to travel is to take a direct bus. One can also take a train which is an excellent way to see the countryside as you travel.

The rail distance between Ahmedabad and Delhi is 912 kilometres and takes around 15 hours to cover. The distance by road is 926 kilometres and will take at least fifteen hours of non-stop driving to cover. A bus journey will take more time as there will be multiple stops along the way. The flying distance is shorter - 775 kilometres - and takes significantly less time; approximately one and a half hours.

Flight tickets from Ahmedabad to Delhi cost between INR1800-5000 while bus tickets cost around INR 1200 for an air-conditioned, sleeper bus. The price of rail tickets is more varied and can be anywhere between INR 400-4000.

Flights from Ahmedabad to Delhi

Typically, a flight ticket for this route will cost between INR1800 (for budget, no-frills airlines) and INR 5000 (for high-end, premium airlines).

Popular airlines which fly the route are Indigo and SpiceJet, which are budget airlines, and Vistara and Jet Airways which are premium airlines. The premium airlines will serve a complimentary meal on board and often have a range of in-flight entertainment to choose from.

The budget airlines will not serve complimentary meals although fliers can purchase meals from a small selection on board. These include sandwiches and instant noodles but they tend to be quite expensive. To save money, carry food and water with you on your flight.

All flights offer up to 15-20 kg of check-in baggage and a carry-on bag. Be sure to check your ticket for the exact weight allowed.

Flying time is between one and a half and two hours, but when one includes check-in, security, waiting and baggage collection times the total travel time may be four to five hours. There are connecting flight options, but they are more expensive and can take up to ten hours.

Buses from Ahmedabad to Delhi

Compared to flying, a much cheaper way to travel is by bus. Non air-conditioned bus tickets from Ahmedabad to Delhi cost between INR 500-800, but as the journey is quite long, we’d recommend you take an air-conditioned bus which can cost up to INR 1500.

Bus operators like Gujarat Travels, Rishabh Travels and Charu Tours and Travels all have good safety and satisfaction records.

The bus journey from Ahmedabad to Delhi can take up to 20 hours.

One route, where the bus travels along national highway 58, involves travel through small hill ranges, so if you tend to get car sick, do carry some medicine along.

Additionally, carry your own toilet paper and soap or sanitizer as some bathrooms on the route can get dirty by early evening.

There are at least two daily departures from Delhi to Ahmedabad. The buses typically leave from Delhi in the afternoon or late evening and reach Ahmedabad in the late evening or night the next day. To cancel your ticket, get in touch with the bus operator at least 24 hours before your trip.

Most buses in India don’t have toilets on board but there will be several toilet stops along the way. There are both seater and sleeper bus options, but since the trip is quite long we’d recommend you opt for sleeper seats which recline and will make your travel more comfortable.

Snacks and water are not served on board, but one can purchase food at the multiple stops the bus makes on the journey.

In the evening or early night, many of the buses will show movies or local TV shows on an overhead screen.

Trains from Ahmedabad to Delhi

The cost of train tickets from Ahmedabad to Delhi depends on the train and the class you choose. For Sleeper Class a ticket costs approximately INR 500 while for First Class AC a ticket costs up to INR 3800; if you buy from an agent, consider their commission, too.

Popular trains for this route are the Swarna J Raj Express, the Adi Dee Special and the Sarvodaya Express.

Most train journeys take between 14-20 hours.

Trains from Ahmedabad to Delhi depart each day but depending on the train, the time of departure varies. Most trains depart in the late morning or early afternoon.

To cancel your ticket, you may have to pay a small cancellation fee to receive your refund.

There are several types of carriages available from Fist Class AC to Sleeper Class. The First Class AC is a premium carriage with air-conditioning, a limited amount of berths ensuring more privacy, complimentary meals and an attendant to make up beds. The ticket prices tend to be similar to a flight ticket.

The Sleeper Class is much cheaper but does not have air-conditioning, can have up to fourteen berths in a compartment and does not serve complimentary meals.

For this journey, we’d recommend an option in between; the Second Class AC which has moderately priced tickets, air-conditioning, complimentary meals but no attendant. Third Class AC is also an option; the main difference from Second Class AC is that it has more berths and therefore less privacy.

Transportation from Ahmedabad to Delhi