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Agra to Delhi Schedule

Agra to Delhi Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Indian Railways 3A - AC 3-Tier Sleeper 00:48 - 04:20$ 9.35
Indian Railways SL - Sleeper Class 03:45 - 06:55$ 3.49
Zingbus AC Seater 04:30 - 07:45$ 14.58
Indian Railways 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper 06:20 - 11:10$ 12.13
Indian Railways 2S - Second Sitting Class 08:25 - 11:25$ 2.41
Indian Railways 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper 11:05 - 14:30$ 12.77
Jai Shree Ganesh Yatra AC Sleeper 13:50 - 16:50$ 23.13
Indian Railways SL - Sleeper Class 15:45 - 19:45$ 3.07
Indian Railways 3E - AC 3-Tier Economy Sleeper 17:37 - 20:45$ 8.92
Indian Railways 3A - AC 3-Tier Sleeper 18:05 - 21:50$ 9.35
Indian Railways 3A - AC 3-Tier Sleeper 21:10 - 00:10$ 9.48
Indian Railways IR 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper 23:00 - 03:20$ 15.54

How to get from Agra to Delhi

To travel from Agra, home of the Taj Mahal to Delhi, India’s capital city, there are several means of transport one can choose. While one can either travel by a private taxi or a bus, travel by rail on a train is highly popular.

How far is Agra from Delhi?

The distance from Agra to Delhi by rail is 195 kilometres while by rail it is 217 kilometres.

What is the fastest means of transport to get from Agra to Delhi?

Trains take the fastest time from Agra to Delhi; between one hour to three hours. Travelling by road, be it by bus or by car will take from four hours to six hours.

What is the most budget friendly and most expensive way to travel to Delhi from Agra?

A private taxi is the most expensive way to travel from Agra to Delhi, costing between INR 1200-3000. A berth seat in an air-conditioned train compartment will cost between INR 500-1000. A bus is slightly cheaper, with tickets costing between INR 500-900.

How to get from Agra to Delhi by train

Trains are often a means of transport of choice to travel from Agra to Delhi, as they have berths and air-conditioned compartments. However, most trains from the Agra Cantonment Station depart late at night and reach Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station in the early morning so finding transportation from the station into Delhi may be difficult.

What are the most convenient trains to take from Agra to Delhi?

The best train to take from Agra to Delhi is the Gaitman Express which takes just under two hours and has several amenities including bio-toilets, hostesses to serve meals and snacks and WiFi express. The Gatiman Express departs from Agra in the afternoon.

Other trains one can take are the Kerala Express and Utkal Express, which leave from Agra in the mid-morning. Check the train schedule and departure time online.

How long does a rail journey from Agra to Delhi take?

Aside from the Gatiman Express, the duration of a train trip is from three to four hours.

What is the price of train tickets from Agra to Delhi?

Tickets for air-conditioned berth seats cost anywhere between INR 500-1800 depending on whether one chooses first, second or third class.

Is advanced booking of train tickets necessary?

Travellers should book train tickets at least two weeks before they plan to travel as Agra to Delhi is one of the most popular train routes in the country and train tickets sell out quickly, especially in high season.

Train travel – what to expect?

There are washroom facilities on board, but at times they are not clean, so bring along sanitizer, toilet paper and other required toiletries.

Most trains do not have dining cars, but some have staff selling refreshments in compartments. Otherwise, carry along snacks and meals.

How to get from Agra to Delhi by bus

While there are several buses which ply from Agra to Delhi, reliable buses are operated by the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation(UPSRTC). Other popular companies which operate air-conditioned, comfortable buses are Falcon Tours and Travels and Hans Travels.

Where do buses from Agra to Delhi depart from?

Most buses from Agra to Delhi depart from the Agra ISBT, a stop which is in the outskirts of Agra. Operators run several trips per day, typically in the afternoon or early evening. Once in Delhi, the buses stop at the Sarai Kale Khan which is near Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station.

How long does a bus trip from Agra to Delhi take?

The bus journey from Agra to Delhi takes from four to five hours. The fastest route that most buses take is by the Taj Express Highway and the Yamuna Expressway.

How much do bus tickets cost?

Depending on the operator one chooses, bus tickets cost from INR 500-800.

Agra-Delhi bus travel tips

Buses on the route do not have toilet facilities on board but there are en route stops where one can use the washroom. Similarly, there are no refreshment facilities on board, so be sure to carry along snacks and bottled water.

While there are non-air conditioned buses with cheaper tickets, travellers should choose air-conditioned buses as the route is dusty and temperatures can be extreme.

How to get from Agra to Delhi by taxi or private car

Hiring a private taxi is another way one can travel from Agra to Delhi. However, it is more expensive than other options, costing between INR 1800-3000.

Transportation from Agra to Delhi

Agra to Delhi Destination Reviews

Train on time. instructions provided by 12Go are accurate and helpful.
Train #12049 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Aug 6, 2022
Good for booking, train was 1,5 hours late but inside train everything was clean
Train #12617 3E - AC 3-Tier Economy Sleeper, Indian Railways, Jul 23, 2022
Great option for an Agra-Delhi trip. I reserved in ACC (Delhi-Agra) and EC (Agra-Delhi). The EC was a noticeable improvement in terms of the quality of the seats, AC and service, but both were perfectly fine for my purposes.
Train #12049 EC - Extended AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Jul 5, 2022
The train arrived late in Agra but we made it on time in New Delhi. My overall opinion is very good ! To all users who are about to book a train in India, patience is an asset but it's worth it !!
Train #12192 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Jun 17, 2022
The bus did not stop instead of pick up I had to run to get on the bus with my luggage!The bus was poor and he and they dropped us off in a different place than what was planned without telling us where to go to take the metro... not pleasant!
Bus A/C Semi Sleeper, Daughters Of Ashok Tour and Travels, Jun 17, 2022
We paid for the highest class available, and ended up being split into different cabins. It was also really run down. Go for EC or CC class instead.
Train #12192 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Mar 23, 2022
You get what you pay. Short Trainride from Agra to Delhi in second seater.
Train #02625 2S - Second Sitting Class, Indian Railways, Dec 3, 2021
Couldn't be happier as a westerner travelling on this service. Bed, even if random people were asleep on it,l when i got on, so i just hopped up to the higher bunk or went to sit between the carriages and watched the world rush by. One tip - provide hot water for passengers.
Train #13007 3A - AC 3-Tier Sleeper, Indian Railways, Mar 27, 2020
They shouldn't allow shoes inside the cabins so the bus can stay clean, it was smelly but the service were nice
Bus AC Sleeper, Hans Travels, Mar 14, 2020
As an English traveller I was pleased that the train was on time and was also comfortable We were given sheets and but didn’t need them as the journey was only 4 hours
Train #12485 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper, Indian Railways, Mar 9, 2020
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