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At 12Go our operators offer three types of service:

Cheap, Fast, Good - but you can usually pick only two of them!
Cheap & Fast won’t be Good. (e.g. buses from/to Khao San Road, local buses or 3rd class trains)
Cheap & Good won’t be Fast. (e.g. VIP trains in Thailand)
Fast & Good won’t be Cheap. (e.g. private limousine services, or VIP24 buses vs Express buses)

Make your choice! Please remember that though we are closely monitoring services, we are still an agency marketplace - meaning we focus on ticketing service and route availability / coverage rather than on factual seat recline angle you got today ^_^

2/5 Thomas left a testimonial on Jan 13, 2018

The arrival was a bit chaotic at Surat thani, we had to leave the boat over another and it took a long time

5/5 Tamara Jan 13, 2018
5/5 Lothar left a testimonial on Jan 9, 2018

Es hat alles sehr gut geklappt, vielen Dank, bis zum nächsten mal!

5/5 Laurence Jan 7, 2018
5/5 Roxann left a testimonial on Jan 4, 2018

It’s a real team effort out there, felt well taken care of

5/5 Luca Jan 2, 2018
5/5 David left a testimonial on Jan 1, 2018


5/5 Karthikeya Dec 29, 2017
2/5 Andrew left a testimonial on Dec 28, 2017

We booked a catamaran but were put on a slower ferry that took twice as long. No safety instructions or directions from the crew of the boat. No assistance with baggage. We are still on the bus and not at our final destination. Don Sak port is a disaster. Is this a temporary problem? Everyone standing in the rain and mud waiting for the boat to show up. Bus driver stopped on the side of the road to run into somone’s house on the way to Surat Thani. Thank god we planned to stay the night or we would have missed our flight for sure. Next trip to Thailand we will use a different ferry company.

5/5 Michael Dec 26, 2017
5/5 Loryn left a testimonial on Dec 15, 2017

Thanks for this compagne Lompraya :) It was a nice and sunny trip ! The boat was in time !

5/5 Vanessa left a testimonial on Dec 4, 2017

Nickel ????

5/5 Erol left a testimonial on Dec 2, 2017

Very well organized and fast.

4/5 Louis left a testimonial on Nov 29, 2017

Compagnie sérieuse et organisée, plutôt ponctuelle.
Vieux bateaux cependant, mais nous sommes arrivés sains et saufs à l'aéroport pour prendre notre avion.
Nous recommandons cette compagnie.

4/5 Celine Nov 21, 2017
5/5 Mike left a testimonial on Nov 10, 2017

Alles Reibungslos geklappt, von der Abholung im Hotel bis zur Ankunft am Flughafen.

4/5 Jana Nov 9, 2017
5/5 hjeini Nov 9, 2017
5/5 Deepak Nov 8, 2017
4/5 Doug left a testimonial on Nov 4, 2017

Amazingly on time, clean toilets, smooth transfer to bus. Sadly the staff don't help much with luggage on the ferry, and the AC leaked on quite a few of the window seats, otherwise I'd give 5 stars!

5/5 Lionnel left a testimonial on Nov 1, 2017

Bien pris en charge et rapide! rien à dire, on recommande

5/5 diana Oct 25, 2017
5/5 DANIEL Oct 21, 2017
5/5 Andrew Oct 14, 2017
5/5 Timo left a testimonial on Oct 9, 2017

Super quick and well organised

2/5 David left a testimonial on Sep 17, 2017

Lange wartezeit am Bahnhof, sonst Transfer war ganz zut. Der Minibus fahrer war ungefähr 60, aber früher warscheinlich Rennfahrer so wie er gefahren ist !!!

5/5 Stan left a testimonial on Sep 16, 2017

Very comfortable trip!

4/5 karina left a testimonial on Sep 9, 2017

was confused about where i check in, they don't have office on the pier but 5 min away. not a problem just wasnt sure. other than that everything went well

2/5 Yeshe left a testimonial on Sep 4, 2017

The Shuttle Driver to the Pier was so in hurry that once we got down he was already leaving with the car with our luggage still on it. Further he was unfriendly and overstressed....this is not what I am looking for!!!

5/5 Marco Aug 31, 2017
5/5 Ines Aug 22, 2017
5/5 Luca left a testimonial on Aug 21, 2017

Fast and surprisely organized! Recommended

4/5 Debbie left a testimonial on Aug 21, 2017

This trip was easy and although it can sometimes appear chaotic the Thai people have a system which works well and they will always help you get where you are going. There are usually lots of staff around so ask if in doubt and do not listen to other tourists who can often just confuse things. Make sure you read the instructions they give and you won't go wrong.

4/5 Ana Aug 21, 2017
4/5 Yol left a testimonial on Aug 20, 2017

Fast and right on time!

5/5 Angelika Aug 19, 2017
5/5 Audrey Aug 19, 2017
5/5 Yvonne Aug 18, 2017
5/5 Max left a testimonial on Aug 18, 2017


5/5 Troussel left a testimonial on Aug 14, 2017

The bus arrival was not correct. Instead of the location closed to the bus terminus, we arrived very far from it and we had to pay for a tuk tuk to join the right place. That is like racket.
Not fair at all.
Excepted that point, it was ok.

5/5 Jerome left a testimonial on Aug 13, 2017

Departure right on time. Rapid boat and neat connection with bus.
Arrived early at the airport

5/5 Natasa left a testimonial on Aug 10, 2017

Everything was well organized.

2/5 Marc left a testimonial on Aug 9, 2017

Fast and clear !

4/5 damien left a testimonial on Aug 6, 2017

Bon transport dans un bus confortable, mais les différentes haltes sont usantes à la fin.

5/5 Bert Aug 4, 2017
3/5 Lander Jul 30, 2017
5/5 Yusef Jul 28, 2017
5/5 Jan Jul 25, 2017
5/5 Isabelle left a testimonial on Jul 24, 2017

Great but the bus was pretty old.

4/5 Alexander left a testimonial on Jul 24, 2017

Es hat alles ohne Probleme geklappt.

3/5 Joannitha left a testimonial on Jul 20, 2017

High Speed Ferry trip was perfect on time scedule.

Joint Taxi trip to Surat Thani Lomprayah was miscommunication for us.

There was no adress given on 12goasia.com. We assumed it would be drop off at Lomprayah head office. Looked up by google maps.

But it was a total different office in the city. So we made a wrong booking for hotel location.

Please improve your service by giving the right drop off adres downtown Surat Thani city.

4/5 Alexander left a testimonial on Jul 17, 2017

Ferry was a bit delayed but quick once enroute. Our one gripe with it was that it was overly air-conditioned, so bring a sweatshirt and long pants. We were dropped off right downtown, only a 2 min walk from Phantip office to catch our bus to Koh Lanta, which was perfect!

5/5 ZEBENSUI Jul 14, 2017
5/5 Isabelle Jul 14, 2017
5/5 BLAS Jul 12, 2017
4/5 Pedro left a testimonial on Jul 2, 2017

Well organized and the bus and the ferry were OK

2/5 Casper left a testimonial on Jun 28, 2017

very unfriendly woman helping by bus, quick quick, screaming to someone who has to go to toilet...

4/5 Anh left a testimonial on Jun 26, 2017

Decent operator. Well organised procedures. Friendly staff. Probably one of the best you can book around Thailand..

3/5 Samantha Jun 17, 2017
5/5 Camilla left a testimonial on Jun 6, 2017

The ferry terminal was a block away from the ferry port and we were transferred to the ferry port by van. The ferry left on time and arrived earlier than expected at the airport in Surat Thani. The ferry was well equipped with safety equipment. Swapping tickets at the terminal was easy and when we arrived in Surat Thani the bus for the transfer to the airport was waiting at the dock. Everything was well signposted and well organised in general. Booking through 12go asia was easy and the confirmation email was received almost immediately.

5/5 Klaus left a testimonial on Jun 5, 2017

Alles bestens organisiert. Nächstes Jahr werden wir wieder 12go.asia vertrauen. Danke

4/5 Anne May 17, 2017
4/5 Graham left a testimonial on May 14, 2017

A true fastcat.Pier 3 at koh phangan is hidden around the corner behind piers 1& 2.If leaving from koh phangan you may have a stopover at koh samui.

5/5 Jesus May 12, 2017
5/5 Meinir left a testimonial on May 12, 2017

Great service thank you and everything went very smoothly :)

4/5 Nigel May 1, 2017
4/5 Sheryl left a testimonial on Apr 15, 2017

Very nice bus. The only issue was that the local office in Suratthani I was dropped off at on my return trip was further from the airport than the one I was picked up from so I didn't keep enough money for my taxi.

5/5 Julie left a testimonial on Apr 15, 2017

Everything went very smooth. easy trip!

5/5 Anna-Lena left a testimonial on Apr 12, 2017

It is easy and worked without any problems. 12Go Asia even changed my ticket shortly before the trip for no extra charge! Very nice!

5/5 STACEY Apr 8, 2017
5/5 Kim left a testimonial on Apr 8, 2017

Well organized, efficient and timely.

5/5 Stepan Apr 1, 2017
3/5 Adam left a testimonial on Mar 30, 2017

Fairly well organised - everybody colour coded with stickers based on where you are going. Helps mean you know exactly what bus to get on and don't get lost.
Ferry and bus were not very comfortable, but did the job.
Arrived at my destination - the train station - 30 mins late. Make sure you don't cut it too fine with your transfer from this service to a train/flight as it quite likely will be late.

5/5 Rasmus Mar 25, 2017
5/5 Markus left a testimonial on Mar 15, 2017

All very good. The best choice.

5/5 Amanda Mar 15, 2017
4/5 Gauthier left a testimonial on Mar 9, 2017

Tres bien organise. Sans soucis mis a part clim dans bus! Prevoir un gilet!

4/5 BOURGEOIS left a testimonial on Mar 7, 2017

Accueil très satisfaisant avec une personne disponible et souriante.
Le train est un peu vieillot mais le voyage a été agréable

5/5 Martin Feb 23, 2017
4/5 Manfred Feb 22, 2017
5/5 Borna left a testimonial on Feb 21, 2017

Everything was well organized

5/5 trontte left a testimonial on Feb 14, 2017


5/5 MIRONOV Feb 14, 2017
5/5 Katarina left a testimonial on Feb 12, 2017

Very efficient. Not quite on time but still had plenty of time left to catch ma train.

4/5 MARC left a testimonial on Feb 11, 2017

Ponctualité et efficacité, c'est le plus important. Le sourire et l'amabilité traditionnels thailandais doivent être en option, ou la routine de transporter ce flux continuel de touristes...qui pourtant reste leur source principale de revenu.

4/5 Catia left a testimonial on Feb 11, 2017

Ferry 1h late, apart from that nothing bad to mention. Bus waiting to get us to train station.

4/5 Armin left a testimonial on Feb 11, 2017

Echt guter Support! ✌

4/5 Renaud Feb 8, 2017
4/5 Iuliia left a testimonial on Jan 23, 2017

Задержали отправление, но ненадолго. По прибытию на материк уже нас ждали автобусы в разные направления. Поездка прошло по времени, указанному на сайте

5/5 KIRILLOV left a testimonial on Jan 19, 2017

When buying tickets, I made a mistake with the date of departure, I called the hotline and the problem was solved in an hour. Thank understanding of the company!

4/5 Jagoda left a testimonial on Jan 12, 2017

Grundsätzlich war alles super organisiert und hat reibungslos geklappt. Allerdings würde ich nicht mehr online sondern vor Ort buchen - da hätten wir 1/3 dessen bezahlt wie online.

12Go response:

Dear Jagoda Martha, I came across your review where you have complained that you paid more than at the pier - that is because you also purchased "Flex" option along with both your bookings that allow you to freely change departure date avoiding cancellation fees. The ticket price with 12Go is same as you would have paid with Lomprayah directly.

3/5 David Jan 3, 2017
5/5 Kari left a testimonial on Jan 1, 2017

getting from thong sala to the train stain was easy and straight forward

4/5 CHABUEL left a testimonial on Dec 30, 2016

Voyage plutôt bon malgré retard du bateau et du coup 45 mn de plus sur le temps indicatif. Et le bus etait un peu sale. ..

5/5 Christophe left a testimonial on Dec 17, 2016

Nice journey back to Bangkok..Lovely staff on the train, very helpful.

5/5 Jesse Dec 16, 2016
5/5 Henriina left a testimonial on Dec 10, 2016

Fast, well organized, comfortable. :)

5/5 Larissa left a testimonial on Nov 24, 2016

Alles super!
Pünktlich, gut organisiert und auch guter Umgang mit dem Gepäck.

Check in ohne Probleme. Die Passagiere bekommen Aufkleber für Tshirt und Gepäck mit verschiedenen Farben für die entsprechenden Endziele.
Schöne neue Fähre. Schnelle Überfahrt.
Nach der Ankunft im Zielhafen standen direkt Busse für die verschiedenen Endziele bereit. Die Busse sind sehr komfortabel: viel Beinfreiheit, Ledersitze, gute Klimaanlage. Fahrer fährt sicher ohne ständige Zwischenstopps. Wir kamen sogar etwas zu früh an.

Gerne wieder Lomprayah!

4/5 Marlene left a testimonial on Nov 23, 2016

Gutes Boot und freundliches Personal, Gepäck war eher chaotisch gelagert

5/5 Vladimir Nov 4, 2016