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About Yellow Bus

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Yellow Bus started operations in March 2005 connecting the regions in the northeast and east of the country. Over the last few years the operator has intruduced several newer routes to the south of Thailand including Rayong to Koh Samui and between Phuket and Hua Hin, which launched in 2011.

Routes served by Yellow Bus


There are nine services each day between Rayong and Mukdahan, with departures throughout the day from 06.00. The journey usually lasts around 16 hours and fares costs THB720. From Mukdahan there are also nine trips each day to Rayong between 06.15 and 17.45, with tickets available for the same price.

The same buses on their way both from Rayong and from Mukdahan call en-route to Pattaya. Heading from Mukdahan to Pattaya there are eleven services per day from 06.45 with tickets available from THB670. The trip takes approximately 14 hours and there are five daily departures from Pattaya to Mukdahan throughout the day from 08.00.

Five of these buses also call to Chonburi each day with departures from 06.45 until 21.15 (from Chonburi). Tickets for this 13-hour trip are priced at THB640 in either direction. Travellers looking to visit Rayong from Chonburi have the option of two departures each day at 06.25 and 19.40, arriving at 09.40 and 22.55 respectively. Tickets are available for THB185 for this three hour journey.


Technically it is just the same Rayong–Mukdahan route, but we put it separately to help travellers who often have difficulties with spotting out the bus to Cambodian border.

Yellow Bus is a very useful option for these visitors looking to cross the border into Cambodia. There are five daily departures from Pattaya to Aranyaprathet, with the first service starting at 08.00 and arriving at the border town for around 13.00. For those crossing from Cambodia into Thailand, Yellow Bus offers seven departures from Aranyaprathet to Pattaya from 0.25 until 23.55. Tickets cost THB360 in either direction and the journey usually takes around five hours.

From Aranyaprathet there are also departures heading towards Mukdahan, Rayong and Roi Et. There are five services heading in either direction each day between Aranyaprathet and Mukdahan with the nine-hour trip costing THB505. Visitors crossing into Thailand from Cambodia can catch the 15.15 bus to Rayong from Aranyaprathet which is scheduled to arrive at 20.25. There are five services each day from Rayong each day with tickets also priced at THB390. Another option for those arriving at Aranyaprathet is the service to Roi Et, with three departures each day costing THB390.

Other popular routes operated by Yellow Bus include Roi Et – Rayong, with four departures each day in either direction (13 hours and ticket available for THB610), and Mukdahan –Roi Et (three to five services each day which takes three hours and costs TB200).

Rayong–Donsak (Koh Samui)

Yellow Bus also operates routes connecting Koh Samui with some of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations. There are two departures between Pattaya and Koh Samui each day, with buses leaving Pattaya at 18.30 and 20.30 (arriving at 10.00 and 12.00 respectively). The journey often takes around 16 hours in total with tickets priced from THB790. The departures from Donsak to Pattaya are scheduled at 13.30 and 16.30 so you will arrive into Pattaya early the next morning (at 05.00 and 08.00 respectively).

In Donsak the Yellow Bus brings passengers directly to the pier so you can hop onto the ferry right away.

On their way from Donsak Yellow Bus also passes through Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan and Suratthani.


There is a very wide range of departures for travellers to choose from when planning a trip with Yellow Bus. The operator also offers one of the largest choices of routes in the east and northeast of the country so there is bound to be a departure that will suit your schedule. Passengers also have the option of picking daytime or overnight services which offers great flexibility when planning a trip.

Another major advantage of travelling with Yellow Bus is the low cost of the tickets on all the routes offered. Those passengers who are crossing the border with Cambodia often choose Yellow Bus as there are many competitively priced services connecting Aranyaprathet with some of the country’s major tourist destinations. Unlike other operators offering low-cost tickets, the standard of the buses on these routes is higher than average and passengers can enjoy a good level of comfort.


As is the case with almost all transport operators in Thailand, delays are very common on all routes. It is always worth leaving some additional time between connections in case you suffer from delays. After all, if you have a flight booked then you do not want to miss it as it will be a hassle to reschedule this, not to mention the additional costs that you will incur.

Till recently Yellow Bus was not featured on any online booking systems and the only way to book tickets was to get to their sales office or call via phones. This is still true to some minor destinations served by Yellow Bus.

Keep in mind

Yellow Bus operated the first long-distance buses (and ferry) between Rayong and the hugely popular tourist destination, Koh Samui.

Travellers reviews

Travellers are usually attracted to Yellow Bus by the large range of routes and departure times that are on offer. There is plenty of choice that will suit all schedules, whether you are crossing the border into Thailand from Cambodia or if you want to visit the world-famous beaches on Koh Samui. The low cost of tickets on these routes and the decent level of comfort also help to make Yellow Bus one of the most popular options for travellers visiting this region of the country.

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Yellow Bus Company Reviews

Low price & good space. Extra big seats to fit Americans etc at front of bus cost more. Much wider and have video screen but no one seemed to watch much. Small thin blanket & cold aircon not nice. Need warm clothes. Small water & cup cake provided and mediocre food included at stop. Many stops (maybe 12 or more). Bus old with truck (not air) suspension so bad road means a bad ride. I prefer to pay a little more for a VIP bus). This bus not bad but not good either.
Bus Express, Yellow Bus (รถรุ่งเรือง (มุกดาหาร)), Sep 16, 2017
the bus was delayed and there was WiFi
Bus VIP 24, Yellow Bus (รถรุ่งเรือง (มุกดาหาร)), Mar 3, 2017
It was my first time in many years taking a bus. Price was great...
Bus Express, Yellow Bus (รถรุ่งเรือง (มุกดาหาร)), Feb 22, 2017
Its OK. Friendly. But VIP is more comfortable. Yellow bus provides a bottle of water and a light blanket. But it could be more space, for this long journey from Surin to Pattaya. Roads in Thailand need serious improvement too! Otherwise, acceptable, for 330 BT. Thanks. :-)
Bus Express, Yellow Bus (รถรุ่งเรือง (มุกดาหาร)), Sep 19, 2016
Bus Express, Yellow Bus (รถรุ่งเรือง (มุกดาหาร)), Nov 20, 2016
5 customer reviews
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