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Win 91 Ayutthaya is a bus company based in Bangkok’s major bus terminal, Mo Chit, connecting the capital with the historic city of Ayutthaya which boasts stunning ruins and is home to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Routes served by Win 91 Ayutthaya


There are 11 services each day connecting Bangkok with Ayutthaya, throughout the day from 07.00 until 17.30. The two-hour trip costs just THB90 in either direction with buses departing Ayutthaya at the same times to head back to the capital.


There are plenty of departures throughout the day in both directions, with buses leaving hourly, so you will never have too long to wait if you miss your scheduled departure or if you just turn up at the bus station.

The journey time is pretty quick and the buses are generally comfortable, although that is less of an issue for a trip of this length than on an overnight journey.


It would be helpful if there were later departures scheduled from Ayutthaya back to Bangkok. This would then allow those on a tight schedule to visit the city on a day trip. Currently, this is only an option if you are able to catch the first service of the day from Bangkok then you would arrive in Ayutthaya for around 09.00. With the last bus departing at around 17.30 it could be possible to see some of the sights of the city before heading back to Bangkok. Unfortunately, this is not really feasible if you do not catch the earliest possible bus. The option of a later departure would also be useful for those who have an early morning flight from Bangkok as in this situation you will be forced to pay for an extra night of accommodation rather than being able to travel directly to the airport.

Note though, that there are no van departures after 18.00 from Ayutthaya to Bangkok with any of the operators.

Another thing to note is the fact that all the vehicles on these routes are minibuses which can be uncomfortable, especially if you are travelling with a lot of luggage. If you do have a considerable amount of luggage then you are likely to have to pay extra for your bags as they will need to be stored inside the minibus. This can sometimes amount to almost the price of an additional ticket. If you find yourself in this situation, then you may want to consider taking the train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya instead, where there will be a lot more room for your luggage.

Keep in mind

Mo Chit can be a confusing bus station, especially if you have not been there before and are in a rush trying to catch a bus, so it is always best to arrive in plenty of time before your departure. If you miss your departure then you will not have too long to wait until the next one, but you may be required to purchase an additional ticket.

Travellers reviews

Although there are fewer trains scheduled along this route each day, many visitors prefer train travel as you will have more room than having to sit on a minibus. Also, as mentioned above, luggage is less of an issue aboard trains than on minibuses so the overall cost can be similar once you have paid an additional charge to store your bags inside the minibus. Also, many visitors opt for train as the departure times are more varied and may better suit your schedule rather than catching a bus with Win 91 Ayutthaya.

Visitors do like the high frequency of departures throughout the day, both to and from Bangkok, which can give you a great deal of flexibility which is often highly useful when planning a trip.

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Win 91 Ayutthaya Company Reviews

1198 customer reviews
99.4% of 23,884 travelers were presumably happy with Win 91 Ayutthaya as they left good or no review
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Dec 4, 2019
Everything was fine, we were a little late to check in but that was no problem. We booked one extra seat for our backpacks so we didn't need to hold them the whole time.
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Nov 23, 2019
Hektisches Personal, obwohl wir 35 Minuten vor geplanter Abfahrt dort waren. Rückfrage wurde nicht verstanden, keine ausreichenden Englischkenntnisse. Extrasitz fürs Gepäck wurde nicht genutzt. Der Fahrer wollte uns in Bangkok mit den meisten anderen am Markt absetzen und verwies auf die BTS Station. Wir hatten aber bis Mochit gebucht und von dort wollten wir weiter reisen. Letztendlich hat der Fahrer uns und ein weiteres Paar in Mochit abgeliefert, weil wir darauf bestanden haben. Leider hat er aber auf der falschen Seite der Schnellstraße gehalten, sodass wir mit unseren Koffern noch einen netten Marsch (inkl. Überflieger und div. Treppen) bewältigten mussten. Sorry - das war echt Mist !
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Nov 17, 2019
Good service overall. Drive is quick - it’s not long before you are on the outskirts of Bangkok. Slightly chaotic at the booth in Ayutthaya but nothing you can’t figure out easily. Main negative is we paid for an extra seat for our bags as suggested in the about section. This wasn’t really needed as we got there early enough to be the first in a van ready to depart. Even if it had been needed, the driver seemed insistent on filling every seat with a person and putting our hand luggage in a space in front of us. Therefore bit of a waste of money for the extra seat.
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Nov 16, 2019
The van was comfortable, we left early as the van was full and got to Bangkok super early but we did not mind at all as we had a loooong day ahead. Almost hassle free journey, the only thing we did not like is that the driver made us get out 5km far from Mochit and of course we had no idea... with our huge backpacks and with the help of 4 different thai people we found Mochit terminal an hour later :/ this happened despite of the fact that the driver confirmed our destination at the beginning of our journey. Not nice :(
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Nov 13, 2019
The Mochit station si very dar, and dificult to find, other than that it was good enough
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Oct 30, 2019
Perfect organisation, friendly and good English speaking professionals.
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Oct 28, 2019
We were forced to keep our backpack on our knees all the way
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Oct 18, 2019
The trip was great. We took less than the expected time to get in Ayutthaya. The driver asked a guy to change his seat than we could seat in the last row, where have more space for our backpacks. Very good!
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Oct 11, 2019
As we got to the van terminal earlier, we were able to get on a van 30 minutes early. The journey was quicker than what it says here, and we arrived in Ayutthaya in 1 hour!
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Oct 10, 2019
Fast and easy! Arrived with no complications. Thank you!!!
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Oct 9, 2019
Squished van, especially if you have baggage. Very cheap though
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Sep 25, 2019
Journey was fine, we left 40mins late and arrived 30mins late, but ok because we’re on holiday time!
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Sep 10, 2019
I give 5 starts for being as described and easiness is boarding but for sure the bag policy is a little intense. Also they loaded the car with packages at one point and dropped them off along the way. I thought it was strange.
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Sep 5, 2019
Il prezzo è ottimo, l'orario di partenza varia in base allo spazio sul van, nel nostro caso arrivando prima in stazione siamo riusciti a partire un'ora prima! Conviene prenotare un posto in più se si hanno bagagli ingombranti, anche se nel nostro caso anticipando la corsa di un'ora i posti erano solo 2, pur avendone pagati 3. L'autista ha comunque trovato spazio per i nostri bagagli sul suo sedile.
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Aug 31, 2019
That was one of my best enjoyable journey with this 12Go minibus service and really cheap
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Aug 28, 2019
Good support services! Fast and efficient ! Thank you!
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Aug 27, 2019
Really comfortable when we found the terminal (would have given 5stars if it was better signposted)
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Aug 9, 2019
Servizio buono, posti a sedere un po' stretti Attenzione che il van parte una volta pieno, quindi l'orario è puramente indicativo. All'andata dovevano partire alle 10.30 e siamo partiti venti minuti dopo. Al ritorno dovevamo partire alle 17 invece alle 16.30 era pieno quindi è partito La stazione dei bus è mo chit 2 e non il capolinea della bts. Arrivati lì dovete prendere il bus n 3, o un motor taxi per raggiungere il bus terminal
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Aug 8, 2019
The trip went very well and we arrived marginally earlier than promised, which luckily wasn't a problem for our destination. We would've liked something a bit more spacious, as we had to ride with our bags on our laps (maybe a baggage storage would be beneficial).
van Regional 14pax, Win 91 Ayutthaya, Aug 6, 2019
The place is not clear to found. The bus was chill. The ride is faster then whriten.

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