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This van service specialise in the popular Bangkok – Trat route and are viewed by locals and visitors alike as one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get from Thailand’s capital to the tourist hotspot of Koh Chang. Based in Bangkok, this reliable operator also offers ferry tickets to Koh Chang from Trat.

Routes served by Triple T (TTT)

As mentioned above, Triple T focuses on servicing the busy Bangkok–Trat route. Although there is little in Trat itself, it is a useful gateway to reach the beautiful islands of Koh Chang, Koh Kood and Koh Mak with ease.


Helpfully, there are two departure points from Bangkok; Mo Chit, in the north of the city, and Ekkamai, the eastern bus terminal. A one-way ticket from either station in Bangkok to Trat costs approximately THB320, with departures throughout the day. As Bangkok is a huge city, having this choice is very useful as it could save you a trek across the city.

Services from Mo Chit depart hourly between 05.00-08.00 and 09.30-15.30, with the final service at 18.30. Vans from Ekkamai run hourly throughout the day from 06.00-19.00, with both trips taking around 5 hours in total.

The return trip from Trat to either Bangkok station costs the same amount (THB320) with vans every hour to both stations (08.00-18.00 to Mo Chit and 05.00-19.00 to Ekkamai).

Bangkok–Koh Chang

From Trat it is possible to travel by ferry to Koh Chang. You can make this journey yourself by catching a songthaew to the port and purchasing a ferry ticket there. However, it is much easier and also cheaper to take advantage of the excellent value Bangkok–Koh Chang package offered by Triple T.

This ticket costs just THB350 from Mo Chit and includes a van to Trat as well as the ferry across to Koh Chang. Vans depart Bangkok hourly from 05.00-08.00 and 09.30-12.30, with the full trip lasting around 6 ½ hours. Tickets from Ekkamai station in Bangkok are priced at THB440 for the same trip, with vans leaving every hour between 06.00-12.00.

Note A word of warning if you are planning on heading to Koh Chang without purchasing the Bangkok–Koh Chang package ticket, bear in mind that the last ferry is at 19.00 so leaving Bangkok any later than 12.00 risks missing this service and having to find some overnight accommodation.

It is also possible to buy a ticket direct to the pier where the Koh Chang ferry departs from. However, from Mo Chit this is the same price as the combination ticket so not really a worthwhile option. Priced at THB350, vans depart both Bangkok stations between 05.00-08.00 and 09.30-11.30 (Mo Chit) and 06.00-12.00 (Ekkamai).


As mentioned, the package ticket from Bangkok–Koh Chang offers excellent value for money and is a great option for travellers. This is one of the main reasons that Triple T is such a popular choice on this route.

The flexibility offered by departures from both Mo Chit and Ekkamai is another advantage of using Triple T. Travelling across Bangkok can be difficult and time-consuming, if you're located in the east of the city then it will be far easier to catch a van from Ekkamai, saving you both time and money.

Mo Chit is one of Thailand’s more confusing bus stations, so the information provided on the website is very helpful when trying to locate the ticket office or ask someone for help.

Finally, as there are so many services heading to and from Trat each day, it might be possible to be put on an earlier or later departure depending on availability if you miss your scheduled departure time. This is particularly useful in Bangkok where delays in traffic or on public transport are frequent.


It's worth noting that it isn't possible to choose actual seats in the vans, just to reserve a place, so it is worth getting there early to ensure that you get a good seat and are not stuck next to the luggage.

Also, as some of the vans tend to be a few years old, the air conditioning is not always of the best quality. Again, arrive early to grab a seat close to the a/c to ensure your trip is as comfortable as possible.

If you purchase a Bangkok–Koh Chang ticket you will most likely have to change at Trat and catch a songthaew (which will be arranged and paid for by Triple T). For those unused to travelling in Thailand this process may seem chaotic, but don't worry, there is a system and you will arrive in time for your ferry!

Keep in mind

Although, it is possible to buy a ticket from Bangkok to Trat and then make your own way to the islands, if you're heading to Koh Chang it is highly recommended that you buy the package ticket which will take you all the way there. There is little to do in Trat itself but if you decide to spend the day there remember that the last ferry departs at 19.00, and it’s around 30 minutes to the pier! This combination ticket costs the same as a ticket to the pier, where you would then have to pay for a ferry, so it does offer good value for money.

Travellers reviews

The majority of reviews focus on the very competitively priced tickets, especially the Bangkok – Koh Chang ticket, made even more attractive with the fairly quick journey times.

Many reviews highlight the fact that, unlike some other transport providers, Triple T often let you on a later service if you are delayed and there is space on the next van departing. With hourly departures throughout the day, there is never too long to wait for the next one!

The biggest complaint is the age of the vehicles, with the result that the air conditioning can sometimes be unreliable. Unfortunately, this is true of almost all transport companies across Thailand and there is little that can be done about this, except arriving early to ensure you sit as close to the a/c or a window as possible, or bringing your own small fan!

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Triple T Company Reviews

1105 customer reviews
99.0% of 25,016 travelers were presumably happy with Triple T as they left good or no review
bus Express, Triple T, Nov 6, 2019
It would be nice to know in advance how many stops/breaks we are going to have. Overall a good trip for the price
bus Express, Triple T, Nov 4, 2019
Crowded, luggage everywhere, unclear info, but you get there in the end.
van Regional 14pax, Triple T, Nov 4, 2019
Most of the passengers are locals thus don't be too surprised if questions go unanswered. Do your research and list down some common questions in Thai. Else, get some help from the passengers. Thais are generally very nice and helpful. Not advisable for those with huge luggage. There ain't enough room for legs, not to mention backpacks or luggages.
bus Express, Triple T, Oct 29, 2019
We travelled from Bangkok to Trat Bus Terminal which took roughly 5 hours. Along the way we had two stops, the first one after 90 mins of driving. That was good as it gave us enough time to stretch our legs and use the bathroom. Both times the bathrooms were super clean. The bus driver was really nice and made sure that we didn't miss our stop. Overall we had a really good experience and would use their service again. :)
bus Express, Triple T, Oct 24, 2019
We had a 3,5 hour window to get from this train in Bangkok to our next bus. Because this train had a delay of more than 3 hours! we had to get out at an earlier station and nearly missed our connection. The train left on time at Surat Thani. If it's normal to have such a delay they should change the arrival times so passengers can take this into account. Train itself was fine, just a normal sleeper train 2nd class with AC.
bus Express, Triple T, Oct 21, 2019
Felt very well looked after at each stage of journey. Van comfortable with AC. Had a comfort break half way. Happy with service, thanks.
bus Express, Triple T, Sep 29, 2019
All went pretty smoothly and comfortably. It could have been a bit quicker without the random stops at towns to pick up or drop off passengers along the way.
bus Express, Triple T, Sep 11, 2019
The trip itself was Ok. The driver of the bus was good but did not speak English. The only toilet stop in 5 hours was after 2.5 hours but there are shops etc to buy refreshments. We didn't know that we would have to change from the bus to a Songtheu/taxi during the trip to the ferry. We were very surprised when we had to get off the bus and then had to wait for over an hour until there were enough people for the taxi to leave and to drive to the ferry. The Bus station or rather half closed shop had a very poor toilet 5 Baht and no paper and about 6 drinks to buy and staff could not tell us where to get anything else. Please do not wait without a drink turn left out of the place and walk 50m to the petrol station and use the toilet there and the great coffee shop inside the tyre depot! We arrived only just in time at the pier and had to run to catch the ferry which is bad considering we waited over an hour at the bus stop for the taxi to leave because they were waiting for more passengers!
bus Express, Triple T, Aug 12, 2019
Avoid seat nmr. 7D as there is absolute no leg room under that seat (they automatically just place you in a seat and assign it to your ticket. Try to mention this at the boot that you want a normal seat). There is an construction underneath that seat that blocks you to sit probably. Luckily I could switch seats with a child. Otherwise this 5hour bus ride would have been the worst.
bus Express, Triple T, Aug 3, 2019
Good bus and a nice trip. But when we was dropped off to take taxi to pier, they wanted alot of money to drive us. This was clearly a scam and the taxi company told us they would just leave us there for many hours if we didnt pay.
bus Express, Triple T, Jul 31, 2019
Transport from Van (drop on mainroad) to ferry was in overloaded open car. Driver was speeding and we travel not safe.
van Regional 14pax, Triple T, Jul 17, 2019
Service good but van was a little uncomfortable and packed.
van Regional 14pax, Triple T, Jul 9, 2019
Arrived at Mochit and was immediately hurried to the Minivan. I thought I was an hour early because it said 9 am on my ticket. Thought I had enough time to go to toilet. But no. The ride on the van was ok. Not crowded. I had a large suitcase with me and enough space. We stopped at a petrol station. The next stop was in the middle of nowhere and I would have missed it if other passengers hadn't told me to get off. Without them it would have been more difficult to understand what was going on. We had to change to a Songthaew to get to the ferry. That ride was bumpy and crowded. The ferry ride was good. So be prepared for this of you choose this way to get to Koh Chang. From the discription on 12go.Asia it sounded as if the Minivan would get you right to the ferry. This is NOT the case!
bus Minibus, Triple T, Jun 25, 2019
Comfy seats, cool air conditioning, smooth ride! Thanks for an enjoyable trip.
bus Express, Triple T, Jun 15, 2019
The bus ride itself was smooth, and driver was helpful to drop us at the BTS station before reaching Ekkamai. However the bus was 30min late from the time given in the email. Called the hotline as advised and they hung up after they realize I am a 'farang'. I called and tried to communicate with my limited Thai, and they seems to put no effort to trying to understand. Whatever I say they just say 'mai ru' (don't know). I'm sure my Thai is so bad that they do not understand a single word. Thank goodness for a guy at the station, who speaks no English , did his best to tell me the time on my paper was wrong, went to the counter to check for me and try to assure me that the bus will come soon.
bus Express, Triple T, Jun 15, 2019
Everything was ok! Thank you, R&M K. from Czech Republic
bus Express, Triple T, Jun 9, 2019
I left my shoes on the other bus and my taxi driver to the ferry drove after my shuttle bus to get my shoes
bus Express, Triple T, Jun 7, 2019
Reached on time. Ride was decent. One rest stop in btw. Driver was really friendly. Thank you!
van Regional 14pax, Triple T, May 6, 2019
Working very good. We were 1 hour before schedule. For this price highly recommend.
bus Express, Triple T, May 5, 2019
The first part of the journey was comfortable. The driver made a stop so we could go the bathroom and shop if we needed to. However the change over to the pick up was a little confusing and not particularly comfortable due to the amount of people and luggage they packed on but it got us to the ferry.

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