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Transtar Travel SG Company Reviews

236 customer reviews
99.5% of 5,615 travelers were presumably happy with Transtar Travel SG as they left good or no review
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Dec 5, 2019
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Nov 25, 2019
The driver didn’t explain anything . He just stopped and we had to guess if it was for immigration , luggage test etc... the arrive hour do not correspond because of the immigration time spend
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Nov 24, 2019
Bus was nice and comfortable with bathroom and food stop. However we were delayed by almost 3 hours at the border because of passengers on the bus which almost made us miss a connection.
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Nov 24, 2019
The bus and ride was comfortable. The bus was clean and in good condition. However, drivers don't keep schedule, we arrived more than 2 hours late! Drivers made too many and too long stops which were unnecessary, especially when we were so much late. It was one stop when only one driver left the bus and spent more than 15 minutes somewhere outside. We were already 2 hours late to our destination and they didn't care. Also, we started our journey later than we supposed to and drivers left us outside waiting till they open bus doors and let us go inside. I was very angry and disappointed with this journey because it became too long (it supposed to be a 5 hours ride, but it was more than 7 hours!). This ruined all my plans. Drivers don't respect passengers at all, so I wouldn't recommend go with them (these drivers) if time and schedule is important to you.
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Nov 13, 2019
Everything is ok! The bus is comfortable and driver is very nice and helpful. We reccomend this line!
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Nov 8, 2019
comfy bus but bad communication by the driver about the ride. He left with the bus at stop to refill gas without telling the passengers. no wifi. 2 hrs delay :(
Bus Premium, Transtar Travel SG, Nov 3, 2019
There was no roll call and head count done to ensure that all passengers are on board. On the start of the trip, we were told to wait at the edge of Golden Mile Complex - turns out, the bus was waiting to the opposite side. A lack of communication and disorganized information can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Sep 21, 2019
The driver did not communicate effectively during any of the journey with him often stopping at service stations and us asking if we are allowed off the bus and how long for. The aircon was leaking a lot of water from the vents, so we were then moved to a different bus of which the driver was also very unhelpful and would tell me he doesn’t know the answer to any question I had about the journey, customs and the bus change. We also arrived very late after sitting at the boarder for a long time with no idea why we were waiting and when asked the driver ignored us.
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Sep 10, 2019
Comfortable bus but it took 2 hours more to get to KL
Bus Premium, Transtar Travel SG, Sep 10, 2019
Thank you so much and transtar!! Good and comfortable couches to sleep in, they arrived on time and the customer service online is a big plus! Just two things, there’s a small roach in my coach, so maybe you can double check the bus and get it clean and the driver is a little bit noisy but it’s okay. He needs to stay awake for that whole night. And also I would like to thank Transtar for giving us a ride when our Klook bus left us in the immigration going to Singapore. It was really stressful we dont know what to do but all thanks to Transtar! Salamat!
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Aug 22, 2019
Very good.The bus arrived a bit later than aspected.
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Aug 19, 2019
slightly off the scheduled time, however the trip is pleasant. bus is quite clean and in good condition
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Aug 18, 2019
Bus very clean and the seats were very comfortable
Bus Solitaire, Transtar Travel SG, Aug 10, 2019
I bought a VIP seat because I needed Wi-Fi, but When I arrived for check-in they told me that the bus changed and it was not possible to have this service anymore. Now I am for the refund but not came yes. We changed Two different bus but we were not supposed to do it when i booked. Bus was late of an hour and the first driver was such rude with me when i asked two Times (i didn’t get at first) if we had to bring the luggage with us to cross the border.
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Aug 6, 2019
Very easy to organise, pleasant trip with minimal delay through customs
Bus Solitaire, Transtar Travel SG, Jul 28, 2019
The people were great. The bus however was very old, very dirty and falling apart. One of our chairs did not recline. The ride took 6 hours instead of 5. Not because of traffic. Trucks and other busses passed us. Also drop off was in a bad location. No taxi connection to your hotels.
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Jul 17, 2019
The driver was smoking while driving and the bus smelled really bad because of the smoke.
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Jul 14, 2019
Bus does not wait for you at border. One girl from our bus was missing and ppl were angry that driver just moved on without her. And all ppl in the bus told him that at least 5’ wait for her because she was just behind us in the immigration line. So, just be with other passengers and let them know that u r still on the way. Besides that, bus was comfy and clean. Once stopped for toilet and eating.
Bus VIP, Transtar Travel SG, Jul 11, 2019
Driver should be time conscious and polite at all times.
Bus Solitaire, Transtar Travel SG, Jul 5, 2019
Old interior and not top clean. The ride though was pleasant and we arrived in Singapore on time.

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