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Transtar Travel Schedule & Timetable

Kuala Lumpur - Singapore
Bus VIP 24
08:00, 08:30, 13:00, 14:00, 14:30, 16:00, 17:00, 19:00, 19:30
Bus Express
Singapore - Kuala Lumpur
Bus Express
Bus VIP 24
08:30, 09:00, 11:00, 15:30, 20:00, 21:00, 23:45
Kuala Lumpur - Johor Bahru
Bus VIP 24
12:31, 13:00, 18:31, 18:46, 19:15, 20:00, 20:01, 20:30, 22:30, 22:31, 23:00
Bus Express
Selangor - Singapore
12:00, 13:00
Singapore - Selangor
09:00, 15:30, 20:00, 21:00
Genting Highlands - Singapore
Singapore - Genting Highlands
Bus Express
06:45, 07:15, 07:30
Bus VIP 24
Johor Bahru - Kuala Lumpur
Bus Express
Bus VIP 24
10:15, 12:15, 17:15, 21:30
Johor Bahru - Genting Highlands

About Transtar Travel

Company information

With Transtar Express celebrating their 20+ year anniversary, this reputable travel and tour company is one of the Singapore’s top express coaches when traveling within Singapore or to major Malaysian cities.

Routes served by Transtar Express

Changi Airport–Johor Bahru Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex (CIQ)

The first bus from Changi Airport leaves at 8.15am and the last bus leaves at 11.15pm.

This route can be taken from various locations within Changi Airport, such as Changi Airport Terminal 2, Changi Airport Terminal 4, Near Sats Flight Centre, in front of Citibank, opposite Mera Terr p/g, opposite Woodlands Civic Centre Marsiling MRT Station Woodlands CIQ, and Johor Bahru CIQ.

On average the buses leave at roughly one-hour intervals from each departure point with adult tickets costing SGD 10 and children SGD 5 for a one-way trip. The duration of either journey is roughly an hour and a half.

Johor Bahru Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex (CIQ)–Changi Airport

Leaving the opposite way (Johor Bahru CIQ to Changi Airport, the first bus leaves at 5am and the last bus at 9pm. Departure points for this route are. Johor Bahru CIQ, Woodlands CIQ, Marsiling MRT Station, Woodlands Civic Centre, Mera Terrace playground, in front of SCB, Airport Police Station, Changi Airport Terminal 4, Changi Airport Terminal 3, Changi Airport Terminal 1, and, Changi Airport Terminal 2.

The price of SGD 10 for adults and SGD 5 for children is the same as above; and the same duration of an hour and a half travel time still applies.

Resorts World Sentosa–Johor Bahru CIQ

The first bus plying this route leaves at 8am and the last bus leaves just after midnight at 12.15am.

Pick-up points for this route are. Resorts World Sentosa, Blk 16 Cantonment Link, Opposite Outram Park Station, Opposite Great World City, Thong Teck Building, Opposite Steven Ct, Raffles Town Club, Woodlands CIQ, and Johor Bahru CIQ.

Buses tend to ply this journey at one-hour intervals with slight variation in pick-up times on weekends and public holidays with tickets costing SGD 7 for a one-way ticket. Be sure to check out their website for up to date travel times.

Johor Bahru CIQ–Resorts World Sentosa

Costing the same SGD 7 price per ticket, the opposite route is also possible. Bus stop pick-up points in Jahor Bahru CIQ are. Johor Bahru Check Point, Woodlands Check Point, After Tanglin C.C, Bef Metro YMCA, Opposite Paterson Lodge, Opposite Great World City, Outram Pk Station, Opposite Customs Port BR HQ, and Resorts World Sentosa.

Singapore–Genting Highlands

This journey can be travelled during the mornings with departure times of 5.45am, 6am, 6.15, 6.30 and 7am; as well as in the night time at 9.30pm, 10.00pm, 10.30pm and 10.45pm. The duration of the journey usual takes around 7 hours but is dependent on traffic.

Pick-up points from Singapore are at Tampines MRT Exit B, Compass Point Shopping Mall, Lavender MRT Exit B (In front of McDonald), 5001 Beach Road #01-12 Golden Mile Complex, and Jurong East MRT (Maybank bus stop). Arrival points in the Genting Highlands are. First World Hotel and Genting Resort Hotel (basement 5).

Ticket prices vary from SGD35 to SGD45 depending on the type of coach selected. SGD50 will get you a seat on Transtar’s luxurious Solitaire line for those wishing to splurge in the name of comfort and the ultimate relaxation.

Singapore–Kuala Lumpur

Transtar buses also ply international routes, with the journey to and from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur being a popular route for locals and foreigners.

5001 Beach Road #01-12 Golden Mile Complex is the pick-up point and arrival will land passengers at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), Berjaya Times Square, One Utama Complex and No.135 Jalan Imbi (opposite Oversea Restaurant) in Kuala Lumpur. Leaving times from 5001 Beach Road #01-12 Golden Mile Complex is at 7am, 2.30pm, 6.30p, 10pm and 11pm.
The journey will take around 6 hours and cost between MYR 65 and MYR 80 depending on whether you select the Premium/SVIP or the SVIP bus. The Solitaire bus which is Transtar’s more luxurious option can also be selected for SGD 93 and leaves at 7am.


Transtar is a trusted and reliable company that first-time travellers in Singapore can trust without fear or worry. The quality and service provided by Transtar has actually won them a great deal of awards over the years making the brand a reputable and respected one in the industry.

Transtar also offers limousine transfers for those wishing to travel in style or to celebrate or commemorate a special occasion while in Singapore.

With buses leaving frequently, travellers can rest assured that there will almost always be a time that best suits their travel needs with very little waiting time.

Transtar offers various tour packages for visitors wanting the ease of transportation and minimal stress while travelling around all of Singapore’s top sights and tourist attractions.

Transtar prides themselves on offering excellent and comfortable facilities onboard their buses or coaches and many passengers state that traveling with this company is relaxing and enjoyable. From on-board entertainment, massaging chairs, an on-board steward and seat-belts this travel company boasts many enjoyable features for its passengers.


Some of the buses do not have toilets on board and the occasional delay of a few hours does occur.

Keep in mind

Payment for the journey needs to be made in cash or an E-Z link card only and exact change is strongly advisable as no change is given to passengers.

Passengers are advised to be at the pick-up point or bus station ten minutes before departure.

Travellers’ reviews

Despite the occasionally reported delay, most passengers that have travelled with Transtar believe the journey to be a comfortable and pleasant experience. The on-board entertainment options of a screen on the back of each chair with movies, games and music options are a huge plus especially for passengers traveling long distances. The friendly staff, personal headphones and wider seats also get a big thumbs-up from weary travellers.

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Transtar Travel Stations

Simpang TaipingGolden Mile ComplexTBS Kuala LumpurGelang Patah Bus TerminalJalan ImbiBerjaya Times SquareOne UtamaTampinesGenting Resort HotelLavender MRTGenting First World HotelEquatorial Hotel

Transtar Travel Company Reviews

Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Feb 8, 2020
Only reason not rated 5 is that not everything on the coach worked but was very comfortable ride. Also no bathroom onboard but would use again.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Jan 12, 2020
I think you should specify the bus stop becouse there isn’t an office.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Dec 13, 2019
Bus was 40y old. It late 3 hours.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Dec 1, 2019
It took long queue to pass the custom. Unfortunately, the bus driver left most of us before we were able to come out. At the end, we had to use the public transport to go to MRT station.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Nov 10, 2019
It was a good journey.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Oct 29, 2019
Bus was delayed but comfort and trip was OK. I can recommend this operator.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Oct 23, 2019
Checking in for our trip was pretty simple, just be aware that there are many different companies operating from the same block, so you need to find the right counter. Transtar is on the far end. Both locations (starting and ending points) are central and easily accessible, so I recommend this route. Seats are roomy, and the cabin was clean. There are no bathrooms on board, but you'll make a stop for food and bathrooms halfway through the journey. There are also bathrooms after going through customs. The only real downside to this trip was the stop. We stopped for food for about 40 minutes and then made a stop for gas after that, pushing our arrival time back and we were late. I wish the stops were shorter so we could get to our destination on time.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Oct 22, 2019
Driver seemed very moody and there was no WiFi on the coach at all when it stated there was and this was the main reason we went with this coach. There was also no toilet.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Sep 24, 2019
The bus late in the beguin of travel... almost 30 minutes
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Sep 24, 2019
Everything was great. We had to wait a little bit long for 2 pessengers at the border but it wasn’t the driver’s fault. The seats were really comfortable, I could sleep a lot :)
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Sep 16, 2019
The driver was good, not like what i previously read about the reviews on them. He made sure we're all complete always before leaving. Just take note to go to their office first before going to the bus so they can check your attendance (we we're waiting at the bus terminal and didn't know this, but the driver check our attendance himself) the bus also left on time but we're 1 hr late from the scheduled arrival. Also the immigration part was really fast. Just have your things with you when going down.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, May 23, 2016
Departure unfortunately 2.5 hours delayed. the bus was fine and stuff friedly, but could not compensate the bad impression created due to the delay
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, May 4, 2016
Nice and comfortable seat, friendly staff and pleasant trip.
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Apr 20, 2016
все прошло изумительно и ненапряжно.автобус хоть и потертый внутри ,но по сравнению с российскими перевозчиками просто космомс спасибо за сервис и помощь
Bus VIP 24, Transtar Travel, Apr 18, 2016
The journey was meant to take 5hs 2min but was delayed by almost three hours. There were no toilets on the bus and staff were not very helpful in responding to enquiries.
41 customer reviews
100% of 755 travelers were presumably happy with Transtar Travel as they left good or no review