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Nov 20, 2018
bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM
Comfortable and friendly bus conductor who takes care of you.
Jul 5, 2018
bus Express, Transport Co STM
just a normal standard bus service from A to B. Nothing to say in cons, nothing in pros
Apr 29, 2018
bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM
Make sure you leave enough time to get to southern bus terminal - it took us an hour in Bangkok traffic from near Khao San and we were late. When we arrived (in a rush) it was hard to find how to get to the third floor and then find your way through a shopping centre to the ticket offices for check in which are all only marked in Thai. We were glad we had phoned from taxi to say we would be late as although they had told us the bus couldn’t wait, it did and the driver was at the ticket booth when we finally found it. He then led us downstairs to the bus. We were very relieved and grateful for this. The bus itself was not the VIP24 we were expecting after taking the same class from Chiang Mai (best bus EVER) but it was ok. Seats broken but mostly comfortable. Take food as the food in the restaurant we stopped in was disgusting (and we usually eat pretty much anything). Even the Thai people on our table left it. To be fair the food may change daily/weekly but i’d take food just in case. Mostly friendly staff and good drivers. Always felt safe even though we were driving through a bad storm. Would recommend but I think with this company if you pay for just normal VIP you’d get the same bus. We were just grateful to be on the bus after arriving late so were happy with what we got!
Mar 26, 2018
bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM
One of the seats was broken and the stewardess didn’t show any care or interest And no one was speaking any English.
Feb 27, 2018
bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM
The bus is good,also confortable, but the food is not good
Jan 19, 2018
bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM
Nothing fancy, bring your own pillow for some extra back support. Seats recline to almost flat. Meal is nothing special either seemed more like a series of snacks. It was early in arriving at my destination though and I slept surprisingly well on it so it seemed really fast

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Southern Terminal Khao Lak Bus Station Langu Koh Samui Na Thon Koh Samui Donsak Seatran Thong Sala Koh Phangan Hat Yai Dan Nok TCO Krabi Bus Terminal