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Transport Co STM Company Reviews

Bus Express, Transport Co STM, Jan 20, 2020
Departure and arrival on time. Dinner at 23h30. 3 stops to tka people on the way in luded one at 1h30 AM.... with light on...
Bus Express, Transport Co STM, Jan 17, 2020
Very nice and comfortable seat.
Bus Express, Transport Co STM, Dec 27, 2019
I liked so much this company, they offered blankets and some food and drinks during the trip. They were very kind as well
Bus Express, Transport Co STM, Nov 6, 2019
Vários funcionários tiveram que ver a minha reserva para eu conseguir embarcar. O ônibus não era bom (meio velho, banheiro ruim, banco não reclinava muito).
Bus Express, Transport Co STM, Jul 26, 2019
Everything was OK and professional. Room for improvement: if a conductor/driver would know some english.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, May 5, 2019
Very rude crew, gross old seats, ants all over the ground- and as a result on me. It has potential but does require some improvements.
Bus Express, Transport Co STM, Apr 18, 2019
Excellent service, very punctual.
Bus Express, Transport Co STM, Apr 15, 2019
Not a lot of space
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Mar 28, 2019
The lights go out at half past 7. We could not read or nothing while driving. The seats are really good. It was cleaned ok. Could be better. At least we had a comfortable trip to khao lak. We will use it again
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Mar 13, 2019
There was a little problem with the seat and when I asked about it the young man was very rude to me. He was quite loud about it. I did go back to the ticket booth and they were very happy to help. I am still not sure where they dropped me off in khao lak could not find bus station. I wanted to buy return ticket and when I asked he just handed me my bag and drove off. The ride was good. Thanks for listening. Stephen Martin
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Mar 6, 2019
Alles perfekt - nur ausgerechnet an meinem Sitz funktionierte die Beinstütze nicht, weshalb die Stunden doch anstrengend wurden. Alles in allem aber sehr empfehlenswert.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Jan 24, 2019
Very punctual and the bus was good compared to typical Thai transportation. Absolutely a relaxing trip.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Jan 20, 2019
Really comfy and excellent service. On time at the departure and arrived earlier which allows new to take the earlier connexion! Perfect :)
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Jan 14, 2019
The Service Men in the Bus was Not friendly. He Not like tourists. Thats only Bad thing
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Jan 12, 2019
There isn't charger for cellphone.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Jan 5, 2019
Le voyage s'est bien passé, les horaires ont été respectés. Par contre le bus était ancien et le niveau de confort n'était pas celui prévu...
Bus Express, Transport Co STM, Jan 1, 2019
It was an average overnight bus ride. The leg room was smaller than we've experienced on other buses. The only thing that was a bit odd was the gentleman who was passing out all of the snacks and blankets. He seemed quite high strung. He moved really fast, no smiles, and didn't give you a chance to take any of the items from him. They were just put where they went - on the tray table, in your lap. He shook the guy in front of us awake very suddenly and put a blanket in his face. We've traveled throughout Thailand on buses and he was just a bit too much. Morning coffee was a nice touch. Maybe consider having a nut free snack option, too? My husband has an allergy and couldn't eat his.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Dec 23, 2018
Все хорошо, только телевизор в первые три часа поездки очень раздражал - работал Громко, через колонки. Лучше бы были входы для наушников у каждого кресла. В остальном поездка прошла отлично - выехали вовремя, приехали на 30 мин раньше.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Dec 23, 2018
Comfortable bus, but w/o usb to charge a phone
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Dec 23, 2018
Old bus, hard seats and no pillows so impossible to sleep.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Dec 6, 2018
Everything went smoothly. The lady at check-in in Bangkok was extremely friendly and welcoming, also the nice guy on the bus who handed out blankets, water and the free meal. We felt safe with the driver at any time. A good way to travel!
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Nov 20, 2018
Comfortable and friendly bus conductor who takes care of you.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Nov 7, 2018
Nice bus, vriend personal but again verry cold...
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Oct 23, 2018
Globalement excellent rapport qualité prix, personnel disponible et aimable, repas correct.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Oct 19, 2018
Streets are little bit Bad, Bus is ok. Meal was a Kind of Rice soop with different Kinds of meat and vegetables. Was ok but nothing speacial. All in all good Service with fair price. Thanks to 12go Team for the good description of the Terminal and the Organisation.
Bus Express, Transport Co STM, Jul 5, 2018
just a normal standard bus service from A to B. Nothing to say in cons, nothing in pros
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, May 22, 2018
Very dirty toilet!
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, May 17, 2018
Alles in allem besser als erwartet., sitze bieten viel platz, aber alles etwas abgenutzt. nach einigen stunden kurzer und einziger stopp std von 25min wo man kurz etwas essen kann(schmeckte fad).. im bus. gab es wasser und ein trockenes weck. es gab eine bettdecke da es nachts schon etwas kühl ist. straßen sind manchmal etwas holprig und es klappert. aber sonst angenehm. busfahrer haben uns geholfen da wir die einizgen europäer waren. würden wieder mit bus fahren
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Apr 29, 2018
Make sure you leave enough time to get to southern bus terminal - it took us an hour in Bangkok traffic from near Khao San and we were late. When we arrived (in a rush) it was hard to find how to get to the third floor and then find your way through a shopping centre to the ticket offices for check in which are all only marked in Thai. We were glad we had phoned from taxi to say we would be late as although they had told us the bus couldn’t wait, it did and the driver was at the ticket booth when we finally found it. He then led us downstairs to the bus. We were very relieved and grateful for this. The bus itself was not the VIP24 we were expecting after taking the same class from Chiang Mai (best bus EVER) but it was ok. Seats broken but mostly comfortable. Take food as the food in the restaurant we stopped in was disgusting (and we usually eat pretty much anything). Even the Thai people on our table left it. To be fair the food may change daily/weekly but i’d take food just in case. Mostly friendly staff and good drivers. Always felt safe even though we were driving through a bad storm. Would recommend but I think with this company if you pay for just normal VIP you’d get the same bus. We were just grateful to be on the bus after arriving late so were happy with what we got!
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Apr 2, 2018
Foreign people should be on the busstation in Bangkok earlier than 30 minutes! Unfortunately we where late because of traffic jam in Bangkok! To inform the bus company on phone it is very happily. you get -  in a kindly and very good spoken englisch - as solution, that you only have to pick up your tickets at the  CheckIn and the bus driver will be instructed to wait. But - to find the way to the Check In is horrible for foreigners because all is written in thai letters. Also it isn't really helpful the notice that you find on your voucher - because on phone you'll get another information!  And if you use the lift you reach another flor as you can reach whith the  escalators! And you can't identify the staff to ask for the way especially only less people can speak englisch! The way to the CheckIn is hidden behind many shopping stalls- therefore you can't see the CheckIn from a distance. And at least - if you happily found the CheckIn and got the promissed tickets you've a quite simmilar adventure to find the departure of the bus! Unfortunately the path is on many patches damaged so you've to be carefully that your baggage's wheels don't breake, to say nothing about how'll be these many experiences for disabled persons? Apart from these facts the other little problems wheren't really spectacular. The meals really where a series of snacs and the seats surely have seen better times long time ago;  they didn't work to recline. All busdriver where certain in conducing and found the way without problems. It was a very quiet and relaxed trip.  Also they where very kindly when we had to get of. Even they really stopped there where we said to them! Thank you very much.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Mar 26, 2018
One of the seats was broken and the stewardess didn’t show any care or interest And no one was speaking any English.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Mar 21, 2018
Everything great. The bus was easy to find. The crew and driver of our bus was helpful (luggage) and he brought us fast (one hour faster than the normal travelling time) and save to Khao Lak. The bus was ok, had air condition and also the seets were comfortable. All in all we can totally recommend that service and we will use it again.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Feb 27, 2018
The bus is good,also confortable, but the food is not good
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Jan 19, 2018
Nothing fancy, bring your own pillow for some extra back support. Seats recline to almost flat. Meal is nothing special either seemed more like a series of snacks. It was early in arriving at my destination though and I slept surprisingly well on it so it seemed really fast
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Dec 4, 2017
Comfy way of traveling. But the mid dinner break can be a bit longet we had to eat within 15 min.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Nov 23, 2017
Bonne organisation .horaires respectés.
Bus VIP 24, Transport Co STM, Oct 25, 2017
Seats were super comfy! Snacks were great! Only issue was that we weren't given our mid trip meal because we didn't have our tickets to surrender (the ticket which was taken off us by the ticket lady prior to boarding), so a little unfair.
71 customer reviews
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