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Jan 4, 2019
bus Express, Transport Co KVB
All of the announcements were only in Thai and there was only one stop on a busdrive of 12 hours, while the bus driver pulled over a few times to get some food for himself and drop of a friend. Also, we arrived two hours earlier than planned, so our hotel did not expect us yet since it was 5 in the morning. The bus itself was quite comfortable and we got some water, snacks and a blanket.
Nov 25, 2018
bus Express, Transport Co KVB
I only wish there were inputs to charge phones. Other than that excellent and once again, tasty food!
Jul 3, 2018
bus Express, Transport Co KVB
Completely disappointed. Bus staff very unfriendly and visible disturbed when I was asking them to allow me to charge the mobile phone . No any USB sockets to charge your electronic devices ; not acceptable in 21th century for a 12 hours trip. TV not working . Individual passengers lights not working. Protective seat covers in the head area DIRTY . From time to time a TERRIBLE smell of feces and urine coming from the toilet . If the representatives of the transport company need some technical advises how to solve this smell issue in the future I can provide them the solution FREE of CHARGE.
Jun 10, 2018
bus Express, Transport Co KVB
It was a nice bus Service. Reached earlier than expected.
Apr 14, 2018
bus Express, Transport Co KVB
A solid 3.5. The bad was strange time changes. I booked it for 5:30 pm, then it got changed to 5:00 pm. They sent me two emails within a week and even a text confirming this. Then when I got to the station early, they said it was changed to 6:00 pm which I was not notified of. The bus itself: not super comfortable as the seats aren't very big and they played this intense horror movie with lots of graphic, gory sounds for everyone which I found a strange choice for a bus ride. The good was the great customer service on the phone and email. The ride was generally fine, the driver was efficient but not urgent or lurching. It wasn't that cold as reviews say, I wore a tee and skirt and used their provided blanket, it was enough. And I really enjoyed the route taken, where you could see glistening stars dotting the velvet sky a good chunk of the way back to Bangkok.

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