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Company Information

This bus operator has been in business since 1993 becoming established as one of the most popular travel companies in Vietnam after a name change in 2009. Sinh Tourist was initially based in a small coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) but now spans offices across Vietnam which provide expert advice as well as assisting travellers in arranging tours and transport.

Routes served by The Sinh Tourist

Sinh Tourist offers a huge range of routes all across the country. It’s possible to travel to almost every destination within Vietnam you could wish with The Sinh Tourist, ensuring you are using an excellent, reliable and safe service.

From Ho Chi Minh City

One of the most popular trips for tourists is from HCMC to Dalat, Sinh Tourist offer one service per day on this route which leaves HCMC at 22.00, arriving at 05.00 and costing VND259,000. The journey in the opposite direction is priced at VND249,000 as it often takes a little longer, leaving Dalat at 08.00 and due to arrive in HCMC at 16.00.

If you’re in HCMC and wish to head to the beaches at Mui Ne then there are three buses each day making the trip. The services are spread throughout the day between 07.00 and 20.00, with a journey time of five hours. Visitors wishing to return to HCMC can jump on buses from Mui Ne at 07.30 or 13.00 each day. Buses are priced at VND169,000 for the journey in either direction.

Of course, The Sinh Tourist can also help if you are wanting to travel between Dalat and Mui Ne. There are two buses each day heading in either direction between 07.30 and 13.00, costing VND169,000 for the four hour trip.

One of the country’s main routes is the road from HCMC to Nha Trang and there are two buses a day connecting these cities. The journey typically takes around 11 hours and you have the option of travelling during the day or overnight on a sleeper bus. Tickets are from VND239,000 and buses depart in both directions at around 07.00 and 20.00.

From Nha Trang

From Nha Trang, visitors can head south along the coast or inland to either Mui Ne or Dalat. The bus ride between Nha Trang and Mui Ne takes around five hours, with two departures each day at 07.15 and 20.00. Buses for the return journey leave at 13.00 every day and tickets are priced at VND179,000 either way.

Sinh Tourist offers just one bus per day from Nha Tang to Dalat which leaves at 07.30 and is scheduled to arrive at 11.30. However, there are two buses leaving Dalat for Nah Trang each day at 07.30 and 13.00, tickets cost VND169,000 each way.

From Hanoi

All visitors to Vietnam will spend some time in Hanoi during their trip and you’ll no doubt want to visit the ancient capital of Hue. There is one overnight service per day connecting the two cities, leaving Hanoi at 18.00 (arriving in Hue at 07.00) and departing Hue at 17.30 (getting in to the capital for 06.45). This is a 13 hour trip that will cost from VND299,000 one way.

From Hue

From Hue, Sinh Tourist can arrange transport to Da Nang, a popular coastal city in its own right but also the gateway to Hoi An. There are two services each day from Hue (at 08.00 and 13.15) making the three hour trip to Da Nang. There are also two buses every day heading tin the opposite direction, both priced at VND169,000. From Da Nang all visitors should head to Hoi An, just 1 ½ hours away. There are two buses connecting Da Nang and Hoi An each day, priced at VND159,000.

International destinations

Sinh Tourist can also help you book tickets to international destinations, including within Cambodia and Laos.

From HCMC, you can travel to Sihanoukville by bus at 07.00 each morning, the trip costs VND678,000 for the 11 hour journey. You can also visit Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, from HCMC. There are four services per day between 06.30 and 15.30 crossing the border into Cambodia. For visitors looking to return to HCMC, there are three buses each day from Phnom Penh, with prices starting at VND307,000.

From Hanoi, Sinh Tourist can arrange travel into Laos, it these are very long bus rides. There is one service each day to both Vientiane (22 hours) and Luang Prabang (24 hours), both departing at 17.00. Tickets cost VND674,000 to Vientiane and VND1,059,000 to Luang Prabang.


It’s very convenient that you are able to book all of your travel within Vietnam, and even to Cambodia and Laos, using just one company. This will save you a lot of time organising and arranging transport, so you can focus on choosing where you want to stay and what you want to eat during your trip.

As Sinh Tourist has been operating since 1993, you can be confident that you will receive a reliable and high quality service.


The prices of Sinh Tourist buses can be slightly higher than with some of its competitors, but you are paying for the expertise and professionalism of this long-established company.

Keep in mind

It is possible to purchase open bus tickets from Sinh Tourist, which allow you to hop-on and hop-off all along the route between Hanoi and HCMC. You’ll have to check the prices as it can depend on where your journey begins.

Travellers reviews

The majority of reviews of Sinh Tourist services praise the reliability and comfort of the buses and the operator has long been a hugely popular choice amongst travellers of all ages and budgets.

Criticism of these trips tend to focus on the same issues that plague bus travel across the country, such as fairly common delays affecting journey times and the lack of toilets onboard the buses. Unfortunately, delays are a fact of life when travelling through many countries and Vietnam is no exception. The absence of toilets is a bigger issue but, again, is one that affects travellers on almost every bus in the country.

January 3.7

December 3.1

November 3.7

January 2018

Zuzana, Jan 13, 2018 - Bus was an hour late. The ladies in travel agents office kept saying it is coming in the time I heard this 5times I really wanted to just grab a taxi and forget about this bus. Once it arrived it was actually pretty good. Clean and comfortable. Never seen such a sleeper bus. You can only lay down not good for sitting up if you travel day time. So consider this as a overnight trip bus more or less.
Hanne, Jan 10, 2018 - We were lucky that the bus was not fully booked, so we could take multiple seats. The drivers were not friendly at all and drove not save. The airco wasn’t working what Made it very hot in the bus. Busses are not made for people taller than 1m70. There was No place to storage your handluggage
Alaina, Jan 7, 2018 - The Sinh Tourist company was very organised and made the journey very painless. They even dropped us at our hostel!
Anne-mette, Jan 5, 2018 - On time departure - Nice driver. I think half of the bus passenger woul like to have one bus stop in Mui Ne to drop of and the passenger could take a taxi to the hotel from there. We could have been in our hotel at least one hours before it the bus should’ve have stopped in all the hotel
Kevin, Jan 5, 2018 - Very comfortable trip
Lucinda, Jan 2, 2018 - Very good
Brittany, Jan 2, 2018 - So again the wifi on the bus didn't work and there was no toilet on the bus as is insisted upon on the website. However, the two stars are because although I booked a sleeper bus, I couldn't get any sleep because they put me in the very back seat where the seat doesn't recline. At all. All the other seats you can sleep.... it's the first thing people do to get comfortable is recline the seat because nobody sleeps sitting up vertically. So instead I was in the back, and there is a place for some of the (drivers?) to lie down completely (because....we need to recline to sleep) and they guy goes straight away to sleep. So you are sat in front of him just listening to him snore and watching everyone else be comfortable and snooze....while you are sat up at a 90 degree angle the whole time. Just take a flight.
Mark, Jan 1, 2018 - Comfortable ride, on time etc. Nothing to complain about.

December 2017

Asli, Dec 31, 2017 - nice and clean
Brittany, Dec 31, 2017 - Bus was comfortable but I was given a middle seat with no air vents so it was up to the people on either side of me if I was cold or hot. I wish the drivers would take a stand on loud kids because I had this obnoxious toddler screaming and spitting behind me and running up and down the aisles. Parents did nothing so I wish the driver would have at least tried to say something. If I spoke Vietnamese I would have said more than a silent, pleading look. The site also says there are bathrooms on all buses and that is untrue. Driver also stopped after 1 hour for a food/wc break at 9:30 pm. Then we didn't stop again until the journey ended at 6am so my bladder was about to explode. Decent service on the bus, but 12go also massively overcharged me for the ticket. Experience=meh - 12Go: Dear Brittany Renee Gnau We sell these tickets at the price mandated by Sinh Tourist. Often the ticket they give you when you exchange the voucher has the normal sale price on it when in fact this is peak holiday season and prices are significantly higher. If you believe that we have over charged you, please send us a photo of the ticket you received from Sinh Tourist and we will see what we can do about it. Our sincere apologies for the hassle. Best regards, Spencer Tiesse, 12Go Business Development Team [Support case #279309](,,)
Giedrius, Dec 30, 2017 - Not very happy!!! No WiFi in the bus .... Futa is much better.
Jenna, Dec 28, 2017 - Fun experience! There's no extra space in the bus, but it's still a convenient and a comfortable way to travel. The AC in the bus was not the best so dress lightly.
Lucinda, Dec 28, 2017 - Very good
Todo, Dec 26, 2017 - Luoc Phuong Bus is a kinda old bus but at least it has good service
Javier, Dec 26, 2017 - It was a nightmare. The bus wasn't the one shown in the photography. Also regarding the symbols shown in your site the service would include TV, food, drinks, snacks and WC. None of these services were provided. I cannot really wait for 6 hours to go to the toilette because of some medicins I was taking. It was disrespectful and dishonest. I require the refunding of my payment if you want to avoid a legal complaint.
James, Dec 26, 2017 - No room for feet. Near impossible to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time
James, Dec 26, 2017 - No room for feet. Very uncomfortable.
Liza, Dec 25, 2017 - It was a little bit hot in the bus
Areum, Dec 25, 2017 - smelly blankets
Sarrido, Dec 24, 2017 - Uncomfortable beds. Driver was using his phone several times while driving. Pull away and stopping was very rusty( unsmooth). Rough handeling of luggage.
Natalia, Dec 24, 2017 - The bus was good and seats were comfortable. Driver was good but the conductor was like a military leader yelling at people at the bus stops "No eat, no eat! It would be better if they found someone who spoke more languages to interact with the international travellers.
Jamie, Dec 19, 2017 - Very poor bus. They Show you new VIP bus and comfortable seats when you get a very old non VIP bus with terrible seats. Would never use again.
Charissa, Dec 18, 2017 - Verry uncomfortable. The beds are so small that you nearly fit in, and i’m pretty skinny and only 1.67. Also the fitting of the lying chair is verry weird so you cam’t lay comfortable.
Rebecca, Dec 15, 2017 - The driver repeatedly beeped the horn throughout the journey, seats are too small so not enough leg room.
Pearl, Dec 12, 2017 - Staff in the office in Nha Trang and on the bus not friendly. During the journey there was so much unnecessary beeping by the driver (like everywhere in Vietnam) which interfered with being able to sleep. Didn’t feel particularly safe. Arrived in Ho Chi Minh City at 4am (instead of 6am) and had to leave the bus then. Got to the destination in one piece but not the best experience.
Josetta, Dec 11, 2017 - Journey from Hanoi to Luang Prabang took 30 hours instead of 25h which was told. 5 hours delay is not a "accident" but company just don't want to tell the real length of the journey.
Jagannath, Dec 8, 2017 - excellent bus and driver Plasent journey
Sandra, Dec 7, 2017 - How you can call this a vip sleeper I will never know.It broke down about 3 hours into the journey and we was transported like cattle onto another bus that was even worse for the remainder of the journey
Alicia, Dec 6, 2017 - Fue un TIMO. El autobús no era ni mucho menos VIP, pese a pagar más de 40$ por el trayecto. La mitad estaba lleno de cajas que tapaban el acceso al baño y los pasillos llenos de gente tirada en el suelo que iban recogiendo por el camino. Un desastre y casi 30 horas para llegar a Luang Prabang.
Elena, Dec 3, 2017 - Very disappointed!!! The bus service was not opperated by the company we booked. The one we booked said sleeping bus, but we ended up in a regular, very very old and uncomfortable bus! Second time we didnt get what we booked with 12 go Asia. Never again - 12Go: Dear Elena Gahr This is a common occurrence in Vietnam when traveling across borders and it is noted on your voucher: “Sometimes there may be another company's bus, The Sinh Tourists`s partner's, you still will be served by 12GO voucher without any issues.” As for the issue of Sleeper vs. Regular bus - the class is listed as “Express” not “Sleeper” and the images shown are not of a Sleeper bus. Best regards, Spencer Tiesse, 12Go Business Development Team [Support case #240123](,,)
Laura, Dec 2, 2017 - Booked with Sinh Tourist however was driven to another bus company called Long Phuong. Bus was comfortable and free water. Most tame and unviolent bus ride I have taken through Asia. Really good driver. A bit hard through the boarder regarding what to do as no instructions given in English - you give them the passport and they sort it all but just stick with others from your bus so you don't get left behind!

November 2017

Ler, Nov 30, 2017 - Punctual and on time. But bus is narrow and a bit uncomfortable. Should consider using bus with wider seat for leg rest.
David, Nov 26, 2017 - Mostly very good. Stops for bathroom were often enough, bus was good and comfortable, but Wi-Fi did not work for much of the trip, was the only problem.
Anna, Nov 25, 2017 - Кресла небольшие. Всех выпустили у своих отелей, но нас почему-то о такой возможности не предупредили, поэтому спрашивайте об этом при оформлении билетов. В остальном было достаточно комфортно. Водитель аккуратный, была остановка для покупки еды-воды и других нужд. Поедем этой же фирмой обратно.
Bozena, Nov 24, 2017 - Nice trip being on time. Little bit cold in thr bus due to airconditinon.
Laura, Nov 24, 2017 - Was not the new VIP sleeper 41 bus like told it would be. Very uncomfortable seats (much smaller and shorter than the new busses) rail to stop you falling out of the bed was missing. Very bumpy drive, no sleep. Would have been nice if the driver didn't speed as was dropped just before 4am in HCMC instead of 6:30am like stated. There was a toilet on board by typically it was not working.
Doo, Nov 24, 2017 - Bus was not clean and driver ran so fast. Too scared.
Laura, Nov 20, 2017 - Very clean and tidy. Very good WIFI! two toilet stops in first 4 hours then none for the further 7 hours! Great way to get from A to B without loosing a days travel and having to pay accommodation.
Ng, Nov 19, 2017 - Overall it's worth for budget travel. The temperature was too hot and the cleanliness need to be improved. The space is just nice to sleep but not to move around. Not recommended for tall people.
Elia, Nov 14, 2017 - .

The SinhTourist

The SinhTourist VIP Sleeper 41 Inside
The SinhTourist VIP Sleeper 41 Inside
VIP Sleeper 41 Outside
The SinhTourist VIP Sleeper 41 Outside
The SinhTourist Express Inside
The SinhTourist Express Inside
Express Outside
The SinhTourist Express Outside

Schedule The SinhTourist

07:30; 13:00, 13:30;
07:30, 12:30;
10:30, 15:30;
07:45, 14:00;
3.1 Hanoi - Hue
17:30, 18:00;
5.0 Hanoi - Sapa
07:00, 22:00;
14:00; 07:00, 20:00;
08:30, 22:00;
07:00, 20:00;
06:30, 08:30, 10:00, 11:30, 15:30;
3.3 Hue - Da Nang
08:00, 13:15;
3.1 Hue - Hanoi
3.8 Hue - Quang Nam
08:00, 13:15;
07:30, 13:00;
08:00, 21:30;
07:30, 13:00;
07:15, 20:00;
07:15, 20:00;
07:30, 13:00;
06:00, 08:30, 11:30, 15:30;
08:30, 13:45;
3.8 Quang Nam - Hue
08:30, 13:45;
3.0 Sapa - Hanoi
08:30, 15:30, 22:00;

Stations The SinhTourist

Mui Ne Sinh, Ho Chi Minh City Sinh, Nha Trang Sinh, Dalat Sinh, Phnom Penh (SinhTourist), Hoi An Sinh, Danang Sinh, Hue Sinh, Hanoi Sinh, Tuan Chau Island Sinh, Siem Reap Bus Terminal, Sihanoukville, Phong Nha Sinh, Luang Prabang Northern Bus Station, Vientiane Southern Bus Station