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Company information

Thai Lion Air is a relatively new airline, founded in 2013, and is an associate company of the Indonesia-based Lion Air. The airline is based in Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport, from where it serves 22 destinations across Thailand and Asia.

The airline has 25 planes in its fleet, carrying a maximum capacity of 215 passengers. The company's very first scheduled flight was between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Routes served by Thai Lion Air

Thai Lion Air services domestic destinations across Thailand as well as international routes to airports in China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam. As with all flights, prices can change rapidly so plan ahead, but Thai Lion Air is almost always offers the most budget friendly options. The prices below are listed as a guide only and refer to flights from Don Mueang.

Most popular domestic destinations

For visitors looking to travel around Thailand, there are plenty of options with this airline. There are 11 departures to Chiang Mai each day, with a journey time of 1 ¼ hours and tickets available from around THB800. These flights depart throughout the day between 08.55-22.25. If you want to head to one of Thailand's famous beaches there are numerous scheduled flights to Krabi and Phuket every day, priced at around THB800.

Most popular iInternational destinations

If you want to pop over to Vietnam, that's easy as well. There are eight flights per week to Hanoi (at 10.00 and 17.35) and one every day leaving for Ho Chi Minh City at 05.25, with both taking less than two hours and priced from around THB1,100.

There are many options for those wanting to visit other countries within SE Asia as well. There are two departures daily to Singapore, at 07.40 and 15.40, taking around 2 ¾ hours, usually costing around THB1,800. There are also two flights every day making the one hour journey to connect Bangkok with Yangon in Myanmar (09.05 and 18.15), with prices often approximately THB1,200. The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, is further away but there is also a departure every day at 19.05, with the 3 ½ -hour flight costing about THB2,300.

Thai Lion Air also service destinations across China. There are around 10 departures each week to Guangzhou, with a journey time of just under three hours. Chengdu has one flight a day at 22.05, taking the same amount of time as flying to Guangzhou, with similar prices of close to THB2,300. Those looking to travel to Nanjing can expect to pay slightly more, maybe around THB3,000, but there are seven flights per week making the four hour journey.


The biggest benefit with travelling with Thai Lion Air is that checked luggage is included, even sports equipment! This is the case for both domestic flights, where you receive a complimentary 15kg of baggage, and international flights where this allowance increases to 20kg. You can, of course, pay a little bit extra if your luggage is heavier but this is a real money-saver!

Although the fares can sometimes be higher than some of their competitors, not having to pay for luggage can make the flight cheaper. Plus they also regularly offer promotional fares which can be great value.

Thai Lion Air also allow you to choose your seat for free, not something that some other budget airlines offer.


Unfortunately, Thai Lion Air does not offer complimentary food or drink on its flights. You can purchase snacks and drinks when on the plane but as anyone who has flown before will know, this isn't always the best quality and usually expensive.

The aircrafts also do not have any in-flight entertainment. Whilst this probably won't be an issue for very short domestic flights lasting an hour or two, on longer flights this can be a pain. It's best to have a good book handy!

Keep in mind

Thai Lion Air is a fairly new airline so the services are continuously being expanded and improved. If they don't fly to whichever destination you want to travel to, chances are they will in a year or two. So keep your eyes peeled for any new route announcements.

When travelling with children, it's worth bearing in mind that those over the age of two will be required to pay full price for their ticket. Infants, children under two years old, are typically charged at around 30% of a full fare.

Travellers reviews

Travellers are always pleasantly surprised to learn that luggage is included when they book a flight with Thai Lion Air. This is a pretty rare perk in Asia and unheard of in Europe where budget airlines will always charge for checked bags. This can often be almost as much as the flight itself! Many customers leave glowing reviews of the airline, almost solely based on the fact that they aren't required to pay additional fees for luggage.

Complaints about Thai Lion Air tend to focus on the size of the seats on their flights. Unfortunately, for many travellers of average height or above, it is likely to be a bit of a squeeze and may not make for the most comfortable flight. This shouldn't be too much of an issue with domestic flights but if you're travelling for four hours, from Bangkok to Nanjing for example, then this could be something to consider.

Finally, as is the case with airlines across the globe, delays are not uncommon. It's always worth leaving plenty of time if you have a connecting flight, just in case. This is especially true if you need to travel from Don Mueang International Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport, as Bangkok is notoriously busy at the best of times!

November 4.3

October 4.6

September 4.3

November 2017

Juliane, Nov 24, 2017 - Everything was fine. No compliants at all.
Katrin, Nov 23, 2017 - The flight was good.
Dilson, Nov 23, 2017 - very good
Celine, Nov 18, 2017 - No complaints no surprise!
Carly, Nov 17, 2017 - Great! No complaints at all. Flight arrived early into final destination.
Kelly, Nov 14, 2017 - We had a wonderful time traveling through Thailand. 12go was very helpful and kept us updated on all changes. Also when we wanted to make changes they were also very helpful.
Ari, Nov 13, 2017 - Flight late and much waiting.
Darja, Nov 10, 2017 - A long wait for check in,everything else ok
Timothy, Nov 7, 2017 - Only concern was handing in the bus ticket and being told to wait in the terminal. But the system worked......
Tamara, Nov 6, 2017 - The flight departured 7:40 not as booked 8:40. we were bot informed about the change and barely cought the flight
Lemberg, Nov 4, 2017 - Очень приветливы и вежливы.
Darja, Nov 1, 2017 - Everything ok

October 2017

Catharina, Oct 31, 2017 - Flight leave 45 min to late. And inside airplane not much space for legs. Reading magazine only in thai. So just good for thai people.
Timothy, Oct 25, 2017 - No stress......
Diana, Oct 24, 2017 - Good, friendly service.
Nilan, Oct 18, 2017 - It was a very pleasant experience and I will continue to book more trips
Emily, Oct 15, 2017 - Very easy to book, just took my reference number with me to the airport. Check in was easy and everyone was very helpful, nice flight
Keryll, Oct 8, 2017 - 12go was easy to use as a booking cite. The flight was good. The seats don't have much leg space.
James, Oct 6, 2017 - Great flight with lovely staff and good that checked in luggage included. Very good value.

September 2017

Bernard, Sep 25, 2017 - Trip was OK no particular remarks on this flight from Krabi to Bangkok
Harold, Sep 21, 2017 - Everything was OK. The only thing is the little space between the sits in the plane, but is not a big deal for a little trip (1.30 hrs)
Lucy, Sep 11, 2017 - I was very impressed by the cleanliness and spaciousness of the airport. Signs were well placed and there were no long lines.
Nerea, Sep 4, 2017 - En el aeropuerto de Suratthani al realizar el check in nos exigieron enseñar el equipaje y nos lo pesaron estrictamente. Tuvimos que facturar una de las mochilas que aunque es gratis, fue un rollo porque tardaron muchísmo en salir las maletas a la lloegada. El avión nos dejó muy lejos de la terminal en don mueang, un viaje bastante largo en un autobúsque iba muy lleno y no te podías ni agarrar. Me imagino que las maletas tardaron tanto en llegar por la lejanía y porque no empezaron a sacarlas hasta que el avión estaba vacío. El vuelo muy bien.

August 2017

Fahad, Aug 31, 2017 - The worst experience ever bcoz of Thai Lion staff. My flight was 23:55 from Phuket and I reached airport 20:30. The check in counters of only Thai Lion were closed while all other were operating. The counter opened at around 22:00 and I had to wait for 90 minutes to get boarding pass while the queue was of like 20 odd persons. The staff was really inexperienced and had no idea what to do n how to handle people.
Karera, Aug 29, 2017 - Perfect except for the space for my legs. It's a main problem I experience in Thailand because I'm tall but the welcoming smiles of the air hostesses make you forget the little discomfort! Good job!
Stama, Aug 25, 2017 - Very good!
Lee, Aug 24, 2017 - To b honest I find the ground crew of ThaiLion rude and disinterested. Flight crew were ok-certainly not stand out tho.
Claudio, Aug 23, 2017 - 30 minutes late
Hayley, Aug 22, 2017 - Comfortable, left on time, easy to navigate,
Bastiaan, Aug 13, 2017 - Very little leg space
Maria, Aug 13, 2017 - Nice comfortable flight, left on time, inexpensive. Very good for the price.
Michael, Aug 13, 2017 - All good
Godefridus, Aug 10, 2017 - The flight of 15.50 didn't fly! We had to wait till 23.30! From 13.00, so that is 10½ hours. We had no message recieved from 12go. On our email, till now, also no response. We had 2 flights with Thai Lion Air (12GO) planned and both were cancelled. For the first (Chiang Mai to Suratthani) we have an alternitive flight (over Bangkok), 6 hours extra traveltime! The second we arranged an alternitive by our selve on the airport.
Emiliano, Aug 7, 2017 - Everything went well during our travel,no problem at all...
Michael, Aug 4, 2017 - All good!
Michael, Aug 4, 2017 - All good!

July 2017

Tania, Jul 17, 2017 - The flight attendants were very friendly!
Tanmay, Jul 9, 2017 - It was too bad

June 2017

Lide, Jun 14, 2017 - All good. No delays.
Shane, Jun 9, 2017 - Everything went very smoothly and the ride was comfortable

Thai Lion Air

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Thai Lion Air Economy Inside
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Thai Lion Air Economy Outside

Schedule Thai Lion Air

06:10, 06:50, 08:15, 10:50, 11:40, 13:05, 13:30, 15:45, 17:10, 18:45, 20:45, 22:00;
08:10, 09:00, 10:25, 14:50, 16:10, 19:35, 21:50;
08:35, 09:40, 10:35, 11:30, 13:45, 15:05, 15:55, 16:50, 18:50, 20:00, 22:25;
09:05, 12:10, 14:05, 17:45, 18:55, 19:50, 20:25;
07:15, 09:50, 10:45, 12:10, 12:50, 14:45, 16:55, 18:35, 19:50, 21:05, 22:15;
05:20, 09:10, 13:20, 15:20, 18:30;
02:00, 03:05, 05:40, 05:45, 06:20, 07:15, 12:00, 16:20, 18:25, 22:15, 23:35;
07:45, 16:05;
08:25, 08:50, 13:20, 18:55, 19:50, 21:35;
09:05, 18:15;
06:30, 07:30, 08:10, 09:35, 12:15, 13:05, 13:40, 14:50, 17:05, 19:30, 21:00, 22:00;
09:20, 09:45, 10:30, 13:15, 17:25, 21:30;
10:45, 13:35, 16:30, 18:00;
00:05, 07:45, 09:40, 09:55, 15:05, 18:45, 20:45, 22:30;
07:00, 08:00, 10:25, 15:20, 21:00, 21:25, 23:30;
07:25, 10:00, 12:30, 13:35, 15:30, 17:20;
06:45, 07:10, 11:15, 16:40, 16:45, 19:15, 21:55;
11:35, 19:55;

Stations Thai Lion Air

Don Mueang Airport, Kuala Lumpur Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Rai Airport, Hat Yai Airport, Krabi Airport, Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport, Phuket Airport, Suratthani Airport, Ubon Ratchathani Airport, Udonthani Airport, Yangon Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Ho Chi Minh Airport, Noibai Airport

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