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Based in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand’s flagship airline has been known under its current name since 1988 and has the distinction of being the first Asia Pacific airline to serve London Heathrow.

Thai Airways is part owned by the Thai government and is also a major shareholder in both Nok Air and Thai Smile. Thai Airways is one of the most popular airlines in the region, welcoming over 20 million passengers aboard each year.

Routes Served by Thai Airways

Thai Airways serves a huge range of routes, both domestically and internationally. In fact, it is possible to visit almost any destination in the world with the airline.

Domestic destinations

From Bangkok there are 10 daily flights to Chiang Mai, in the north of the country, with departures throughout the day from 07.00 until around 22.30. This flight should last less than 90 minutes and tickets are available from THB1,400.

It is possible to visit the country’s world-famous beaches in the south as well, with daily services from the capital to Koh Samui, Krabi and Phuket. There are two flights each day to Koh Samui, with tickets for the hour flight usually costing around THB4,595. Krabi and Phuket are both served by Thai Airway with a flight time of under 90 minutes, there are five flights to Krabi and 15 departures to Phuket each day, with tickets available from THB1,700 and THB1,900 respectively.

Regional destinations

One of the most popular routes offered by Thai Airways connects Bangkok with Kuala Lumpur, one of the region’s major transport hubs. There are three departures a day to KL from Bangkok, with a flight time of just over two hours and tickets usually costing around THB6,135.

Penang in the north of Malaysia is connected to the Thai capital with one flight per day, lasting under two hours, and priced at about THB5,765.

Also on the Malaysian peninsular is Singapore, which you can easily visit with Thai Airways as there are five flights per day leaving Bangkok. The flights are scheduled to take just over two hours and fares are often priced at around THB7,365.

Thai Airways provides regular services to Thailand’s neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

There are three departures every day from Bangkok to Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, with a flight time of a little over an hour and two daily flights to Siem Reap to visit the world-famous site of Angkor Wat. Tickets are usually priced at around THB6,375 and THB6,270 respectively.

There are two flights each day to both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with a scheduled flight time of two hours and 90 minutes respectively. Tickets to either destination are priced from THB6,070.

There are also three services to Yangon in Myanmar every day, with tickets costing around THB7,095.

Travellers wishing to visit Indonesia have the option of flying with Thai Airways to either the capital, Jakarta, or to the popular tourist destination of Bali. There are two flights each day to Jakarta and one daily service to Denpasar in Bali with tickets usually costing around THB8,600 to either destination.


For those looking to head further afield, Thai Airways offers direct services to China, Japan, South Korea and India. There are two daily flights to both Beijing and Shanghai, with flight times of four to five hours and tickets priced from THB11,500. There are also five departures each day to Tokyo from Bangkok, which will take almost six hours, and two services to Seoul. Delhi and Mumbai can both be visited with Thai Airways with fares usually starting from THB12,100.

From Bangkok, there are daily direct flights to destinations across Europe including Paris, Moscow, Rome as well as two services each day to London. It is possible to visit North America from Bangkok but you will have to catch a connecting flight along the way, for example, flights to New York will take at least 19 hours.


There really is huge choice when flying with Thai Airways, you can seemingly visit almost anywhere in the world you might want! Especially when travelling within Thailand or around neighbouring countries, Thai Airways is the best option for those looking to travel in style.

Tickets are competitively priced as well as there are often sales with great deals up for grabs so it is important to research before you book your travel. After all, you don’t want to find out that you could have booked a comfortable flight with Thai Airways for a similar price to a 10-hour bus ride!

When purchasing your ticket with Thai Airways, you will be delighted to know that not only will you receive a complimentary meal (no matter how short the journey is!) but 30kg of checked baggage is also included! When travelling with budget airlines across the region it can often be the case that the cost of baggage is similar to the airfare so Thai Airways can sometimes be the cheaper option. As an added bonus, some classes include access to lounges where complimentary drinks, snacks and even massages are on offer. The perfect way to relax ahead of your flight.


Of course, domestic flights with Thai Airways are usually far more expensive than bus or train trips across the country, so may not be an option for those travelling on a tight budget.

Keep in mind

Thai Airways has received numerous awards for great service and excellent quality. At the 2017 SkyTrax Awards the airline won awards for Best Economy Class, World’s Best Airline Lounge Spa and Bes Economy Class Onboard Catering. Thai Airways was also ranked 11th in the Top 100 Airlines this year!

Travellers Reviews

Passengers love the wide range of departure times and routes that are offered by Thai Airways, with options that are sure to suit your schedule. Although the tickets can be more expensive than travelling by land, or using some budget airlines, the fact that 30kg of checked baggage is included in the cost of a ticket means that there are no hidden costs and the price you see is exactly what you pay, so promises great value for money.

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Auckland - Bangkok
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19:10, 20:50
Bangkok - Auckland
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Bangkok - Chiang Mai
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06:45, 07:00, 07:50, 07:55, 07:55, 08:00, 08:00, 08:00, 08:10, 08:30, 08:45, 08:45, 09:40, 10:00, 10:30, 10:30, 11:55, 12:05, 12:25, 12:45, 12:55, 13:10, 13:10, 13:15, 14:30, 14:40, 15:25, 15:30, 15:35, 16:55
Bangkok - Chiang Rai
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08:05, 08:30, 10:50, 11:55, 13:10, 16:55, 19:10
Bangkok - Delhi
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07:00, 07:35, 17:55, 20:00, 21:25, 21:50, 23:15, 23:25, 23:35, 23:35, 23:35
Bangkok - Hanoi
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00:05, 01:45, 07:10, 07:35, 07:45, 07:45, 14:30, 17:30, 17:50, 23:35, 23:50, 23:59
Bangkok - Ho Chi Minh
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07:35, 07:35, 07:35, 07:45, 08:00, 17:35, 17:50, 17:50, 17:50, 23:35, 23:50, 23:50, 23:55
Bangkok - Koh Samui
Find tickets
06:00, 07:30, 08:10, 08:25, 08:30, 08:45, 09:00, 09:00, 09:00, 09:00, 09:10, 09:15, 09:15, 09:25, 09:30, 09:40, 09:40, 09:55, 10:05, 10:15, 10:20, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 11:40, 12:15, 12:40, 12:45, 13:00, 13:30
Bangkok - Krabi
Find tickets
07:50, 08:00, 08:10, 09:10, 09:15, 09:25, 12:10, 12:50, 13:20, 13:35, 15:35, 16:45, 17:15, 17:15, 17:20, 18:15
Bangkok - Kuala Lumpur
Find tickets
05:55, 06:00, 08:45, 09:05, 11:30, 14:00, 14:00, 14:15, 16:40, 16:45, 17:05, 17:55, 18:25, 18:40, 19:40, 19:45, 20:05, 22:25, 23:15, 23:15, 23:15, 23:50, 23:59
Bangkok - Manila
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07:25, 07:45, 08:00, 13:55, 14:30, 17:35, 18:25, 19:35
Bangkok - Phnom Penh
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07:35, 07:35, 07:35, 07:40, 08:00, 08:35, 11:30, 14:30, 14:35, 18:20, 18:45, 18:45, 23:50, 23:55
Bangkok - Phuket
Find tickets
06:20, 07:40, 07:40, 07:45, 08:05, 08:05, 08:20, 08:30, 08:30, 09:30, 10:00, 10:25, 10:25, 11:50, 12:25, 12:25, 12:25, 13:00, 13:05, 13:15, 13:55, 14:00, 14:05, 14:30, 15:25, 16:45, 16:45, 16:55, 17:30, 17:40
Bangkok - Siem Reap
Find tickets
07:35, 07:35, 07:35, 07:45, 07:50, 08:00, 08:00, 08:00, 08:00, 08:00, 10:35, 11:30, 13:30, 13:50, 14:05, 17:35, 17:40, 18:40, 19:05, 19:10, 19:40, 19:40
Bangkok - Surat Thani Airport
Find tickets
07:40, 07:45, 07:55, 12:15, 16:25, 17:55
Bangkok - Tokyo
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00:05, 00:05, 00:05, 00:50, 01:00, 07:35, 08:00, 08:00, 08:15, 10:05, 10:30, 13:00, 14:20, 14:30, 14:50, 17:35, 22:10, 22:30, 22:45, 23:15, 23:30, 23:30, 23:30, 23:30, 23:45, 23:45, 23:45, 23:50, 23:50, 23:55
Bangkok - Vientiane
Find tickets
09:30, 11:15, 11:25, 18:35, 18:35
Chiang Mai - Bangkok
Find tickets
06:10, 06:15, 06:50, 06:55, 09:00, 10:05, 10:05, 10:10, 10:10, 10:20, 10:40, 10:40, 11:45, 12:40, 14:30, 15:05, 15:10, 15:10, 15:20, 15:40, 16:40, 16:50, 17:15, 17:25, 17:35, 19:15, 19:20, 19:20, 19:35, 20:50
Delhi - Bangkok
Find tickets
00:45, 01:50, 02:00, 09:40, 10:10, 22:00, 22:50
Hanoi - Bangkok
Find tickets
10:35, 20:25, 20:45
Ho Chi Minh - Bangkok
Find tickets
10:05, 10:15, 20:10
Koh Samui - Bangkok
Find tickets
06:00, 06:00, 07:50, 08:00, 08:45, 09:20, 09:25, 09:30, 10:05, 10:20, 10:25, 10:30, 10:45, 10:50, 10:50, 11:10, 11:20, 11:30, 11:40, 11:45, 12:05, 12:15, 12:30, 12:35, 12:55, 13:00, 14:00, 14:25, 14:25, 14:30
Krabi - Bangkok
Find tickets
09:50, 10:20, 11:30, 11:40, 14:35, 14:40, 15:10, 15:35, 15:55, 17:40, 19:00, 19:20, 19:25, 19:40
Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok
Find tickets
09:05, 10:00, 13:10, 13:15, 14:05, 14:20, 15:50, 16:05, 17:00, 17:20, 18:45, 21:55, 22:05, 23:00, 23:30
Manila - Bangkok
Find tickets
13:55, 14:10, 20:10, 20:45
Phnom Penh - Bangkok
Find tickets
09:40, 09:50, 10:40, 16:50, 20:55, 21:15
Phuket - Bangkok
Find tickets
06:45, 06:45, 07:20, 07:20, 08:40, 10:00, 10:00, 10:05, 10:20, 10:25, 10:55, 10:55, 11:55, 12:15, 12:20, 12:25, 12:40, 12:55, 13:55, 14:05, 14:20, 14:30, 14:40, 14:45, 15:20, 15:30, 16:10, 16:20, 16:25, 16:50
Vientiane - Bangkok
Find tickets
11:40, 13:25, 20:30
Yangon - Bangkok
Find tickets
09:05, 10:50, 19:15, 19:20

Thai Airways Company Reviews

flight Economy, Thai Airways, Mar 25, 2020
Super Service
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Mar 21, 2020
Everything very smooth and service excellent. 12go sent confirmation/tickets almost instantly
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Mar 8, 2020
The trip was fine and on-time. They gave out snacks for the 1+ hour trip.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Mar 2, 2020
Bon voyage, à l’heure. Le voucher de 12goasia indiquait la nécessité d’arriver 2 heures avant le vol, 1h30 aurait été largement suffisant,
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Mar 2, 2020
Все на наивысшем уровне, профессионально!!!
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Feb 28, 2020
Le trajet c'est très bien passé
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Feb 24, 2020
Ok service
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Feb 20, 2020
Very nice staff. Good flight
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Feb 13, 2020
Amazing trip with thai smile :)
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Feb 6, 2020
Company is really superb at the top the reception the meal on board and the design
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jan 28, 2020
pleasant flight, everything went smooth
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jan 14, 2020
Alles gut.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jan 12, 2020
Thai Airways was OK, only Krabi airport need to improve some infrastructure need to install information screens
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Dec 27, 2019
Alles Top. Tolles Portal was man nur weiterempfehlen kann
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Dec 6, 2019
Everything was perfect and in time!
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Dec 4, 2019
All good a part from the fact that the temperature inside the airplane was way too low. It was so cold it actually ruined my flight.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Dec 3, 2019
Staff extremely friendly and helpful. Flight operated by Thai Smile. On time.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Dec 1, 2019
It is very easy to book with you. Everything will be fine
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Nov 30, 2019
Security and boarding went off without a hitch. Landed on time.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Nov 26, 2019
It was good.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Nov 14, 2019
Very clean and prompt!
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Nov 13, 2019
Wonderful services!
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Nov 10, 2019
All was OK
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Nov 2, 2019
Trip was wonderful quick and easy. Staff was delightful and friendly.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Nov 1, 2019
Vol ok pas de remarque
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Oct 17, 2019
The crew was wery nice and polite. We were on time, sow everything was ok
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Oct 8, 2019
Einfache Handhabung. Guter Flug. Nur 1,5 Stunden auf Gepäck gewartet.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Oct 7, 2019
Friendly and efficient service on board, however the complimentary bottled water smelled and tasted foul.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Sep 28, 2019
A Vientiane le préposé à l’enregistrement de Thaï Smile n’avait aucun sourire et très arrogant en plus d’exiger une preuve de mon billet d’avion pour le Canada qui as lieu dans 3 jours et qui n’as aucun rapport avec mon vol vers Bkk, il m’as meme demander mon no de vol pour le Canada via Qatar Airways ,quel attitude désobligeante ,très regrettable . Je m’imagine un employé frustré ,ce n’est pas représentatif de Thaï Smile ,Denis Riel
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Sep 26, 2019
Vol agréable à bord d'un AIRBUS A380. Personnel de bord très gentil et très serviable. Je recommande la compagnie THAI AIRWAYS
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Sep 23, 2019
Delayed but ok.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Sep 8, 2019
Arrived after check-in closed and still was allowed to board the plane. Only in Thailand. Thank you
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Aug 24, 2019
Très bon vol, 20mn de retard !!
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Aug 17, 2019
Le vol s'est très bien déroulé, mais la valise de mon compagnon a été récupérée avec une fermeture très abimée ainsi que la coque.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Aug 14, 2019
Expected the basics due to it being an hour flight but complimentary food and drinks were provided, access to a wide range or movies and games, all of which made the flight very comfortable and enjoyable
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Aug 12, 2019
Bonne organisation, mail reçu avec les billets, aucun soucis
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Aug 11, 2019
Bel aéroport
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Aug 10, 2019
Compagnie et vol très agréable. Très bien organisé par 12Go Asia
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Aug 9, 2019
Een vlucht van ruim een uur waarin er nog tijd was voor een gratis snack water en koffie. Prima vlucht. Boek als je kan voortijdig dan kan je echt heel goedkoop vliegen
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Aug 9, 2019
Excellent airline, good selection of movies. Arrived on time to Bangkok. Easy check in in Phuket. I would recommend this Airline to everyone
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Aug 6, 2019
Very smooth flight and handling. The trip was cheap, almost as cheap as the train. Regular Fee.Comfortable plane, enough legroom.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jul 30, 2019
Nice spacious plane. Nice staff
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jul 30, 2019
The agent was waiting for us. The van was clean, very comfortable and the driver cautious and kind
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jul 26, 2019
Graet airline even for a domestic flight they offered a snack and coffee, tea or juice, you won' t get that service elsewhere
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jul 20, 2019
Très bien rien à signaler tout était parfait
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jul 17, 2019
Excellent vol horaires respectés
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jul 10, 2019
Der Flug war super, der Service auch. Wir hatten Befürchtungen wegen dem Gewicht, da wir gelesen hatten, dass es Schwierigkeiten geben könnte(30kg erlaubt, doch am Ende sollen es 20kg sein). Es war uns jedoch möglich in Zürich das Gepäck bereits nach Chiang Mai durchzuchecken, wir sind beide Strecken mit Thai Airways geflogen hatten aber alles separat gebucht.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jul 7, 2019
Perfect, I recommend this to anyone. No stress about traveling
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jun 28, 2019
Good service, guick organization, nice area.
flight Economy, Thai Airways, Jun 28, 2019
Flug war super, Personal der Thai Airways war sehr UNFREUNDLICH!
401 customer reviews
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