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About Thai AirAsia

Company Information

Founded in 2003, Thai AirAsia launched its scheduled service in 2004. Air Asia Thailand is an affiliate of the wider AirAsia network.

Since 2012, Don Mueang has been used as Airasia Thailand airport.

The airline's current fleet size (Feb 2020) consists of 63 aircraft. The major part of the fleet (50 aircraft) is Thai AirAsia A320-200 accommodating up to 180 passengers.
Note that AirAsia Thai services domestic and short-haul international routes only.
Long-haul international routes are operated by Thai AirAsia X, also headquartered in the same airport. Air Asia X Thailand is the first operator in Asia to have A330neo in their fleet.

Skytrax, the international air transport rating organisation, for several years in a row named AirAsia the “World's Best Low-cost Airline”.
Thai Air Asia is the sponsor of several football teams across Thailand as well as London-based Queen’s Park Rangers and former Premier League champions Leicester City. The company has annual revenue of THB27.5bn!

Routes served by Thai AirAisa

The airline flies to 67 regional destinations, both domestic and international.

AirAsia Thailand destinations list includes airports in Thailand as well as in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Domestic destinations

In Bangkok, all AirAsia Thailand domestic flights are operated from the airline’s main hub and second international airport of the Thai capital, Don Mueang.
Chiang Mai and Phuket serve as Thai AirAsia’s secondary hubs. There is plenty of choice if you are planning on flying from one of these airports to domestic and international destinations, without having to change at Bangkok.

Some details of popular AirAsia Thailand routes are below. Remember that prices of flights are notoriously changeable so it is best to always book in advance and, if possible, have flexibility surrounding your departure dates to ensure you get the best deal.

Thai AirAsia runs a very frequent timetable of domestic flights to Chiang Mai. Thai AirAsia flight to Chiang Mai is a very quick journey taking just 1 ¼ hours, much faster than the train!

There are also plenty of flights from Bangkok to Krabi and Phuket throughout the day.

Some of the popular Thai islands which do not have their own airport are still in the list of Air Asia Thailand Destinations. The airline offers a very handy Island Transfer Service. It will bring you to:

Such tickets include flight, bus and/or ferry.

International destinations

Air Asia Thailand flights are operated to over a dozen regional destinations with a varied frequency.

Indian routes are among those that sell out faster than others. Air Asia will bring you from:

In Vietnam, AirAsia Thailand's two most popular destinations with two–three departures a day include

Both trips should take around 1 ½ hours.
Tourists looking to head to the beach in Vietnam can catch a flight Bangkok to Da Nang.

Thailand’s neighbours, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, are served with plenty of scheduled departures throughout the day. With Thai AirAsia, you can reach

  • Phnom Penh in under 1 ½ hours with three flights on this route each day
  • Luang Prabang
  • Vientiane, both flights to Laos taking about 1 ¼ hours.
  • Mandalay which is less than two hours away from Bangkok.

Malaysia and Singapore are easily reached with about 5–7 flights a day. There is a daily service to

China and its neighbouring territories of Hong Kong and Macao, further afield, are well connected with Air Asia flights to Thailand. There are direct flights to:

AirAsia Thailand booking

Thai Air Asia booking process is easy and straightforward.
Book online on the airline's official website or through online travel aggregators and booking agencies.

Things to remember while booking online:

  • checked luggage is not included into the standard air fare
  • in-flight meals cost extra and should be bought separately
  • AirAsia Thailand check-in is free of charge when done online but you have to pay for seat selection if you need to keep your party together.

Thailand Air Asia FAQs

  1. What is Thai AirAsia IATA code? – FD.

  2. Does the airline have a loyalty program for frequent fliers? – Yes, it is called AirAsia Big.

  3. Where to look for AirAsia Thailand promotions? – Check the airline's pages in social media including Facebook and Twitter. All the promotions are posted there. If you are an AirAsia BIG member, you will have early access to the best deals and offers.

  4. Do all airline's flights feature Thai AirAsia Business Class seats? – Yes.

Air Asia Thailand Reviews

Positive reviews of Thai AirAsia tend to focus on:

  1. The range of possible departures every day, enabling you to reach many destinations in Asia;

  2. A smooth booking process even for connecting flights;

  3. Punctuality as Thai AirAsia is one of the most punctual ASEAN airline with 96% of flights on time;

  4. A very useful Thai AirAsia’s Island Transfer Service.

Customers sometimes get annoyed by the following facts:

  1. Unlike some of their budget competitors in the region, Thai AirAsia charges extra for checked luggage.

  2. Paying for checked luggage at the airport costs much more than online – if you have bought less kg than your luggage actually weighs, be prepared to shell out some more bucks.

  3. No food or drink included on Thai AirAsia flights but in general this is unlikely to be a problem on domestic or short-haul international flights.

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Thai AirAsia Popular Routes

Kunming - Phuket
Colombo Airport - Chiang Mai
22:35, 23:00, 23:15
Taipei - Chiang Mai
18:30, 18:35, 18:50
Ho Chi Minh City - Changsha
Penang - Krabi
14:00, 14:15, 20:25
Da Nang - Yangon
09:35, 12:00, 18:10
Chennai - Taipei
Khon Kaen - Hat Yai
07:40, 09:05, 16:10
Shenzhen - Phuket
04:00, 23:30
Don Mueang Airport - Singapore
06:10, 07:00, 10:40, 10:50, 13:00, 13:15, 16:40, 16:45, 18:50
Yangon - Krabi
08:30, 08:45
Bali - Chennai
Macau - Penang
Hanoi - Yangon
09:00, 09:15, 20:50, 20:55
Don Mueang Airport - Changsha
18:00, 18:10
Krabi - Bali
17:10, 17:35, 18:10, 18:35, 19:00, 19:30, 19:55
Krabi - Chiang Rai
10:50, 11:20, 12:25, 12:55, 15:00, 15:45
Singapore - Macau
10:15, 17:10, 20:35, 20:40, 22:10, 22:45
Chiang Rai - Krabi
09:00, 09:05, 09:55, 10:50, 13:10, 13:40
Singapore - Chongqing
10:15, 11:00, 17:10, 20:35, 20:40, 22:10, 22:45
Kochi India - Phuket
Ubon Ratchathani - Nakhon Si Thammarat
North Male Atoll - Bali
Phnom Penh - Chennai
09:45, 17:05
Fukuoka - Kuala Lumpur
Ubon Ratchathani - Don Mueang Airport
08:15, 08:45, 12:35, 13:00, 17:20, 19:35, 20:55
Don Mueang Airport - Lucknow
Don Mueang Airport - Riau
07:05, 13:55
Chennai - Hong Kong Airport
Hat Yai - Phitsanulok
09:25, 10:45, 13:00, 13:15, 13:40
Fri, Jun 28
One Way
NaN Passengers

Thai AirAsia Schedule & Timetable

Flight numberClassDeparture StationArrival StationDepartureArrivalTravel time
FD399EconomyDenpasar AirportDon Mueang Airport18:5023:054h 15m
FD397EconomyDenpasar AirportDon Mueang Airport12:0016:354h 35m
FD397EconomyDenpasar AirportDon Mueang Airport11:5516:154h 20m
FD503EconomyHong Kong AirportDon Mueang Airport22:2501:202h 55m
FD503EconomyHong Kong AirportDon Mueang Airport22:2001:203h 0m
FD505EconomyHong Kong AirportDon Mueang Airport20:2023:152h 55m
FD505EconomyHong Kong AirportDon Mueang Airport20:1023:153h 5m
FD501EconomyHong Kong AirportDon Mueang Airport15:2018:152h 55m
FD501EconomyHong Kong AirportDon Mueang Airport14:4017:403h 0m
FD509EconomyHong Kong AirportDon Mueang Airport10:4513:402h 55m
FD605EconomyPhnom Penh AirportDenpasar Airport22:3010:3012h 0m
FD607EconomyPhnom Penh AirportDenpasar Airport17:1510:1517h 0m
FD607EconomyPhnom Penh AirportDenpasar Airport17:0510:3017h 25m
FD609EconomyPhnom Penh AirportDenpasar Airport09:4517:207h 35m
FD609EconomyPhnom Penh AirportDenpasar Airport09:1017:208h 10m
FD619EconomySiem Reap Angkor International AirportDenpasar Airport18:5010:3015h 40m
FD503EconomyHong Kong AirportSiem Reap Angkor International Airport22:2512:1013h 45m
FD503EconomyHong Kong AirportSiem Reap Angkor International Airport22:2012:0013h 40m
FD505EconomyHong Kong AirportSiem Reap Angkor International Airport20:2012:1015h 50m
FD505EconomyHong Kong AirportSiem Reap Angkor International Airport20:1012:0015h 50m
FD509EconomyHong Kong AirportSiem Reap Angkor International Airport10:4516:506h 5m
FD607EconomyPhnom Penh AirportKolkata Airport17:0501:298h 24m
FD609EconomyPhnom Penh AirportKolkata Airport09:4501:2915h 44m
FD125EconomyGuwahati AirportDon Mueang Airport23:4002:152h 35m
FD125EconomyGuwahati AirportDon Mueang Airport23:1501:502h 35m
FD154EconomyChennai AirportHo Chi Minh Airport23:2513:5014h 25m
FD607EconomyPhnom Penh AirportHong Kong Airport17:0509:0015h 55m
FD609EconomyPhnom Penh AirportHong Kong Airport09:4518:358h 50m
FD609EconomyPhnom Penh AirportHong Kong Airport09:1018:159h 5m
FD399EconomyDenpasar AirportChiang Mai Airport18:5007:2012h 30m

Thai AirAsia Stations

Hong Kong AirportKolkata AirportChennai AirportSiem Reap Angkor International AirportGuwahati AirportHo Chi Minh AirportPhnom Penh AirportDon Mueang AirportChiang Mai AirportDenpasar AirportJieyang Chaoshan AirportJaipur AirportChumphon AirportHangzhou Xiaoshan AirportChiang Rai AirportTaoyuan AirportSakon Nakhon AirportShenzhen Baoan AirportDa Nang AirportPenang International AirportHua Hin AirportJohor AirportKrabi AirportMale AirportNakhon Phanom AirportNarathiwat AirportFukuoka AirportGaya AirportOkinawa AirportVientiane AirportSuvarnabhumi AirportPhuket AirportLucknow AirportXian Xianyang AirportBandaranaike AirportBeijing Daxing AirportWuhan AirportBangalore AirportMacau AirportKochi Airport IndiaKunming AirportKuala Lumpur AirportRoi Et AirportHat Yai AirportLuang Prabang AirportSoekarno Hatta AirportSurat Thani AirportRanong AirportBuriram AirportAhmedabad AirportCam Ranh AirportVisakhapatnam AirportSingapore AirportHanoi Noi Bai AirportChongqing AirportGuangzhou Baiyun AirportNarita AirportYangon AirportLoei AirportChengdu TianfuChangsha AirportDhaka AirportKhon Kaen AirportNakhon Si Thammarat AirportNan AirportPhitsanulok AirportRayong AirportTrang AirportUbon Ratchathani AirportUdon Thani AirportKaohsiung AirportMandalay AirportNanjing AirportShanghai Pudong AirportSiem Reap AirportSihanoukville Airport

Thai AirAsia Company Reviews

The flight was delayed by almost 2 hours. The toilet was not clean and there was no water in the toilets.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Apr 14, 2024
On time and a nice easy boarding process and our arrival at Trang was lovely with a nice sunny stroll from the plane to the terminal building to collect our bags that arrived very quickly.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Feb 24, 2024
They were a little late but apart from that very friendly staff And seats not suitable for adults! Not much space... But hey, it's a low-cost flight!
This review was autotranslated
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Feb 7, 2024
The olane q
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Jan 12, 2024
Can’t reach the support. Trying hard and it didn’t work out. I have to bought a second flight instead. First flight costs me money without to use it.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Jan 6, 2024
I had to change my flight and the rep at Air Asia vaws very helpful and professional. Thank You!
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Dec 27, 2023
Arrived. Flight was delayed. One day before the flight, we received an e-mail that the flight would be delayed by 35 minutes. At the time of the delay, the plane had just arrived. So we were over an hour late. There was still a bit of garbage from the flight before.
This review was autotranslated
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Dec 19, 2023
I was charged 7000 bahts for my suitcase....I think it was unfair
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Sep 16, 2023
I'm quite tall (203 cm)o just sitting in a regular place is horrible. Lucked out by sitting in a hot seat (it's red, no idea why it's a hot seat) with a space between me and a fellow traveler. So I could shift my legs to the free space so I was sitting quite well. Took an hour in total to get to bankok and bags were really fast at the belt
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Sep 15, 2023
The airplane was on time and check in went smoothly. The airport had a lot of empty seats and as I‘m very tall I wasn’t allowed to change seats to a larger one
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Sep 12, 2023
Easy and fast check-in and access to the flight. Departure and arrival at the scheduled time. Clean plane and very attentive staff
This review was autotranslated
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Sep 11, 2023
Everything went nice and smooth. Check-in, flight and luggage. Top notch.
This review was autotranslated
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Aug 28, 2023
During the transfer we couldn't go outside to smoke and there were 3/4 hours left
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Aug 21, 2023
The only thing I have something to comment on is that the explanation for the emergency door was very poor. I had been assigned a seat next to the emergency exit and this was my first time sitting here. The crewmember said only if you have questions look at the explanation and otherwise push a button. At least I assumed he said this because I could barely understand him. He did not take the time and effort to explain. Otherwise had a quiet flight, people at the airport were friendly , no delays . So fine
This review was autotranslated
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Jul 21, 2023
please mention that the luggage port will close 45 min before the flight
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Jun 1, 2023
Very nice work and great organisation impressive job!
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Mar 23, 2023
The airplane was old, but everything was perfect. Crew super nice.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Mar 20, 2023
Had confusion over how to handle my oversized luggage- a bicycle
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Feb 9, 2023
Im 1m 82 and have had not enough space for my legs.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Feb 2, 2023
I have travel whit this company before and my bike have always been checked in by the normaly 15 kg im was buying. This time im most purchase an extra cost for about 1000bath for check in my bike, I loose money this time.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Jan 28, 2023
Overview where to go at the airport would be the 5th star
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Jan 25, 2023
Bad whether land in Krabi arrive at Surat 5
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Dec 20, 2022
Everything went nicely..
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Dec 17, 2022
Everyrhing ok perfect
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Dec 9, 2022
Easy to book. Only the people in the office from the ferry are not informed about the travel agency phantam They told us that we go to the ferry. The worker there told us we must go to the office and so on….. The trip was ok. The flight was ok. Attention for the weight of your luggage. I have to pay 1700 baht for 5 kg overweight The 15 kg luggage weight cost 450 baht. The next Level 20 kg , I didn’t know only 59 bath more
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Dec 7, 2022
Fast Check-in and Nice flight
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Nov 27, 2022
Everything worked very smooth, which actually surprised me. There were no queues, the personal was very friendly. Planes are made for shorter people but the staff helped to accommodate if there were free spots with more space for legs. Everything was on time.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Nov 17, 2022
Everything went well. On time, friendly staff.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Nov 7, 2022
Everything worked fine. Friendly staff. No delay.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Nov 7, 2022
Plane on time, good flight without turbulence. A minor complaint about the fact that you can't choose your seat on the plane.
This review was autotranslated
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Nov 4, 2022
I bought online my ticket after travelling international. Had to pay 2700 baht panelty for weight! Try to explain better online instructions easier regarding baggage please!
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Oct 29, 2022
Hat alles super funktioniert! Ohne Probleme und total unkompliziert.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Oct 29, 2022
Only bad point: Not possible to buy a return ticket. It was necessary to by two tickets
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Oct 28, 2022
I had no problems during the travel.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Oct 27, 2022
Because of the flood I came 10min late for boarding and was still allowed to the plane 🙏
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Oct 21, 2022
12go, is a reliable site that give you all the options for train, bus, boat, cab or whatever. You can pay with PayPal or credit card, You will be sent your tickets immediately.
This review was autotranslated
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Oct 18, 2022
Nothing unexpected, simple flight from Chiang Mai to Surat Thani. Everything was on time, quick security check at Chiang Mai airport, nice flight with Air Asia.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Oct 16, 2022
Everything is fine, I have no complaints.
This review was autotranslated
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Oct 16, 2022
Can't fault anything.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Oct 11, 2022
Very good service
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Sep 30, 2022
Only two check_in counters open and hundred of pax. Complete chaos. Flight was OK
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Sep 3, 2022
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Aug 24, 2022
We had a good experience and we get an upgrade in the Airplane. we had
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Aug 21, 2022
Right on time, short and pleasant flight, despite of the heavy rain and lightning in and near Bangkok
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Aug 17, 2022
Excellent flight…
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Aug 17, 2022
Good booking, was not able to add it to checkmytrip.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Aug 15, 2022
On time, even 20 min before time planned. Everything was correct.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Aug 14, 2022
I didn't know English and it was a bit complicated to communicate.
This review was autotranslated
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Aug 14, 2022
As a family we were not next to eachother in the plain. Not So Nice when traveling with a child
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Aug 10, 2022
The flight was perfect and very punctual
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia, Aug 8, 2022
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97% of 2,979 travelers were presumably happy with Thai AirAsia as they left good or no review