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Based at Hat Yai railway station, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai is a good choice for those looking to visit Koh Lipe. The city is ideally located for those headed to Malaysia, with the border crossing nearby.

Routes served by Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai

Hat Yai–Koh Lipe

There is one service each day between Hat Yai and Koh Lipe, leaving at 09.00 in either direction, the journey lasts between four and five hours with a scheduled arrival time of 13.30.

Helpfully passengers can choose whether they wish to use these services from Hat Yai’s train station or the city’s airport. Services departing from or terminating at the train station are priced at THB600 whereas the buses that head to the airport cost THB700.

VIP minivans are used on all services when travelling with Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai.


Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai is a good option for anyone looking to visit Koh Lipe from the mainland. The fact that the ferry trip is included in the cost of the tickets is helpful as it can save passengers a lot of hassle trying to arrange separate stages of this trip and it can often work out cheaper to purchase this combination ticket through Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai.

For those enjoying the stunning beaches of Koh Lipe, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai is useful as you can head to Hat Yai to then easily cross the border into Malaysia. This service is handy for those whose visa is coming to an end and they need to exit the country at short notice.

Finally, the option of arranging tours of the Songkhla province is ideal for those who are travelling on a shorter schedule. This full day tour would allow visitors to see all the tourist spots around the region in just one day, saving a good deal of time travelling around the area by public transport.


The biggest issue with Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai is the limited choice of departures. With just one minivan leaving each day from Hat Yai for Koh Lipe, travellers will most likely be required to stay in Hat Yai overnight in order to catch this service.

Keep in mind

Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai also offers tours around the local area. For example, you can choose this operator to travel across the Songkhla province and visit a wide range of tourist destinations including temples, religious sites and beaches. To hire a minivan for this full day tour costs THB2,000, with capacity for 12 passengers, and a private car is priced at THB1,700 for the day. On top of this you will have to pay entrance fees to these sights.

Travellers Reviews

Most visitors think that more departures are needed to make Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai a more useful service for passengers. A greater number of services on the Hat Yai to Koh Lipe route would be beneficial as it would give visitors more flexibility as to arranging their travel plans.

Currently, passengers need to ensure that they have arrived in Hat Yai for 09.00 in order to travel to Koh Lipe, this may not be possible if you are travelling from further afield so it is likely that you will have to stay at least one night in Hat Yai.

Similarly, if Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai offered an improved number of routes then passengers would benefit, especially if these included minivans to other major destinations across the country such as Bangkok, Pattaya or Koh Samui. Passengers are sometimes surprised that the operator does not offer a transfer to the Malaysian border from Hat Yai as this would no doubt prove a popular service for many travelling around this region.

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Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai Company Reviews

345 customer reviews
99.4% of 6,013 travelers were presumably happy with Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai as they left good or no review
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Nov 16, 2019
Ontime transfer with good driver
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Nov 13, 2019
Schedule of pickup at hotel was 930am but the van came at 9am! But was ok as we were ready already. There was a security check enroute pakbara but luckily we managed to arrive at the pier 15min before the 1130am departure to koh lipe. The ferry ride was good. It stopped at tarutau np to do some transfer but we were allowed to get into the np for 10min, it was a bonus for us! Another big bonus was they stopped at the Lover's Gate (rock arch) on koh chuku for us to take pictures! We arrived koh lipe at 1330pm.
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Nov 12, 2019
Boat and van were on time. Van was very comfortable. Everything was fine.
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Nov 9, 2019
I booked Koh Lipe to Hay Yai airport for 600 TBH. Even though we left an hour later than expected (low season), the staff was very nice, the boat and the van were clean, safe (life vests), there was someone waiting for me in the pier, and I made it in time for my flight. I will definitely book again with them. Thank you!
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Oct 31, 2019
We used Hat Yai hotel pick up transfer to Koh lipe and everything went well. Driver picked up us at the exact time and there were no problem also on the ferry to Koh Lipe. I fully recommend.
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Oct 25, 2019
my first time to booked my transportation since i do backpacking. Their service was smooth sailing..highly recommend it. We arrived atthe pier on timeand left the pier on time tokoh lipe..all good
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Oct 20, 2019
Fast, efficient and lovely staff - we got to Hat Yai earlier than expected.
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Oct 13, 2019
When we arrived at the airport there was no one waiting for us and we had to ask around for the tours representatives. Eventually they arrived and told me my booking was done to 1h later, which is not what was written in my voucher. Mini bus was a bit old and could be cleaner but adequate and had the A/C working. When we arrived at the pier, some lady showed up and gave me a sticker and a plastic ticket and told me to go inside the pier. We were not sure what to do with those. More information would had been helpful. To enter the pier we had to pay 20 THB just because. We tried to argue about that fee but to no avail. It would had been good for 12go to let us know about this extra magic fee. When we got in, we were told our speedboat wad fully booked and we would have to wait 1h for the next one. Not sure how that happened, given that the agency was supposed to have booked the specific 14h30 speedboat. We did get to our destination but the service was mediocre.
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Sep 29, 2019
Most efficient, effective and friendliest transport I've ever used! Thank you very much. Appreciate your work. We will definitely use it again.
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Sep 17, 2019
An email or message with the correct time of pick up from Pak Bara pier, would be great customer service. Almost missed the van...
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Sep 2, 2019
The van from our hotel to the pier was good, comfortable and with air conditioner. But the speed boat to Koh Lipe was horrible, everyone was vomiting and the boat was bumping all time, very uncomfortable trip
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Sep 2, 2019
Arrived on time. Rough speed boat ride but because of bad weather. Many people were sick on boat. Great experience.
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Aug 17, 2019
The driver to the speed boat was very, very friendly and we went comfortable in a van to the speed boat. The speed boat was very full - to many people were on the boat - that wasn't good.
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Aug 8, 2019
This was the cheapest operator proposed by 12go, coming cheaper than tickets bought in the airport, and the service was clearly the same as the other ones, satisfying if not outstanding, Everything was on time, the speedboat trip is a rather unpleasant but unavoidable experience. Contrarily to what was written on the voucher, there was nobody waiting for us at the arrival of the plane, the driver materialized 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Aug 7, 2019
Mini van driver displayed irresponsible driving (racing 2 other mini vans on route to the ferry port) which put us and our 2 kids on edge. This kind of driving is outright dangerous, of which there was absolutely no need as we arrived 30 mins early. In Brief the mini van experience was both stressful and genuinely dangerous. The speedboat was well organised and the whole transfer procedure was great to awesome - Awesome in the fact that the boat trip was a unique and pleasurable experience.
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Jul 30, 2019
All the people who involved in my journey very nice.. helpfull and kind.. tq thai people.. love
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Jun 30, 2019
Easy on and easy off! A can was there waiting for us and we got going early since no one else was sharing it with us. The pier for the speedboat was small and you have to pay a pier fee of 20thb per person. The speedboat was also on time and easy locate. Overall excellent experience with no hassle!
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, Jun 19, 2019
We were picked up at 8am but didn't leave for the ferry till 10am. A 1.5hr trip became a 3.5hr trip :( Driver was very pleasant
taxi Van 9pax, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, May 30, 2019
The travel company did not specify that pick up is from exit point of the airport instead of the arrival hall so we waited at the arrival hall. Van is big and comfortable. Will choose the company again for airport transfer.
van VIP, Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai, May 6, 2019
As previously stated, great service and will definitely use their services again.

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