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About Sueksa Tour

Company Information

Sueksa Tour is one of the main operators connecting the northern cities with the Isan region in Thailand. The company is based in the major city in Isan, Udon Thani, with plenty of routes up to north-eastern Thailand and towards the borders with Cambodia and Laos.

Routes served by Sueksa Tour

All the buses on routes operated by Sueksa Tour are VIP buses so you know you'll be travelling in comfort.

Udon Thani to Lampang & Lamphun

From the operator’s base in Udon Thani, you can travel to both Lampang and Lamphun. There is one departure each day from Udon Thani to both destinations (leaving at 20.30 and costing THB840). It takes around 10 ¼ hours to reach Lampang, so you are due to arrive at 06.40, and it’s an 11 ½ hour trip to Lamphun, arriving just before 08.00.

Udon Thani–Chiang Mai

You can also catch services from Sueksa Tour in Chiang Mai. There are daily departures from Chiang Mai to Udon Thani and Nong Bua Lamphu (both leaving Chiang Mai at 20.30 and priced at THB 840). It takes approximately 12 hours to reach Udon Thani from Chiang Mai, so you'd be due to reach your destination at 08.20. Nong Bua Lamphu is slightly closer to Chiang Mai, taking 10 ¾ hours and arriving just after 07.00.

Chiang Mai–Nong Khai

A very useful route for those heading from Chiang Mai to Vientiane in Laos. There is one night bus leaving Chiang Mai at 20.30 and arriving to the border town of Nong Khai before 9.00 the next morning, in time in case you are planning to get to the Thai consulate the same day. Tickets cost under THB900.

In the opposite direction from Nong Khai to Chiang Mai the bus leaves at 19.00 and takes just under 12 hours to get to the destination.


One of the best things about picking Sueksa Tour is the complimentary food and drink you receive when you arrive at the bus. You'll be given a snack and a bottle of water but then you'll also receive a hot meal later on. This is usually a meal purchased from a street food stall so could be pad thai or something similar. Unfortunately, they don't really cater to different diets, so it might be worth bringing something extra if you have specific dietary requirements.

As all the vehicles used on routes by Sueksa Tour are the newer, roomier VIP buses, these trips tend to be much more comfortable than a journey on a regular bus. There are fewer passengers aboard so it's quieter and you're far more likely to get some rest during the night. Also, there is a good deal more legroom than on other buses so you can really stretch out and have a nap.


Unfortunately, there are no charging ports on board these buses, this can be annoying when you have a long, overnight journey. It's always best to make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave, in case you need to use it once you reach your destination or if you need to contact someone in case of an emergency.

Most of these VIP buses have a shared TV at the front of the bus and not the individual monitors that you might get on other vehicles. It can be a little aggravating having to listen to the television if you want to read, relax or sleep but it is switched off at around 22.00, along with the lights so it isn't too much of a hassle. Make use of the quiet during the night to get some rest as the lights do come on at around 06.00 and it can often be fairly noisy in the morning as passengers get on and off the bus.

Keep in mind

It can get a bit chilly on buses during the evening, especially as the air conditioning is usually kept on throughout the night. The good news is that Sueksa Tour offers you blankets at the beginning of the journey so you should be fine.

Travellers reviews

Passengers can sometimes find the shared TV onboard a bit disruptive, especially if you find yourself sitting underneath a speaker. But this usually only lasts a couple of hours at the start and end of the journey so you can still get some much-needed rest during the trip.

There are plenty of positive reviews about the comfort onboard these services and it really is worth paying a little extra to travel by VIP bus as you'll have more legroom and a much comfier seat!

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Sueksa Tour Company Reviews

Safe trip and good road
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Feb 15, 2020
On time, however many mosquitoes inside the bus an nothing to kill them.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Feb 15, 2020
Nice, easy and painless. Big comfortable reclining seats.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Feb 7, 2020
2 seats down behind the driver are optimal. Plenty of room. Do not forget warm clothes to wear. Nozzles for air conditioning cannot be closed completely. 2 or 3 stops on the way are sufficient. Packed lunch can be forgotten...
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Feb 1, 2020
Very comfortable and roomy seats. They recline very far for sleeping. Noisy so bring earplugs. Good service but the snacks are all sugar so many people cannot eat them. I am afraid many are wasted and thrown in the trash adding to Thailand’s trash problem. Good driver and attendants. I would use again but bring my own food. Thank you.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Jan 31, 2020
+ very comfortable + snacks on board + toilet on board - much too cold
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Jan 31, 2020
The three rows of seats were comfortable with a large recline. We arrived in Louie at 5:00 am, earlier than scheduled. They came to my seat and woke me up.Blankets are available, but it is generally cold on Thai buses, so it is better to bring an extra layer or a blanket.
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Jan 28, 2020
Comfortable and without problems.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Jan 22, 2020
It was a beautiful smooth over night ride . Driver was a cautious driver . Comfortable seats and they provided snacks and treats for the ride. Good tour!
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Dec 13, 2019
Had a very pleasant trip, but no light in the toilet
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Dec 1, 2019
+ : Safe driving, on time, easy booking on 12go and smooth process /// - : Less comfortable than expected and hard to get a good sleep. A lot of light and frequent stops. I slept bad and arrived tired. The driver collects 40 BHT at the end if you want to stop at the border instead of the bus station in town ; which would be cheaper than transportation from the bus station to the border but this looks quite informal. The meal was just junk food, eat something before if you book this bus. /// If you go to Vientiane : keep 20 BHT fo the bus on the bridge. Then just after the tuk-tuk drivers there are white-green buses that go to the center for 8,000 KIP.
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Nov 14, 2019
Seats were really comfy, and they reclined almost all the way back. Drive was smooth and the driver stopped a few times to have a break for 10 minutes, which I think was really good because there's no way he should have to drive 12 hours straight. Didn't sleep much but that's no reflection on the journey.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Nov 11, 2019
Bus was journey was okay and on time
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Oct 28, 2019
On time and quite pleasant
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Oct 28, 2019
Driver was very safe. Seats were much more comfortable than an airplane. But, the so-called dinner was a bagful of processed sugar junk food. Really revolting and an insult to good health. For such a long trip, a hot meal should be the norm: rice, vegetables, noodles, etc.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Oct 24, 2019
The bus was rather old and the legroom in the 1st row upper deck is very limited even if you are only 1,65cm.. was okay overall
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Oct 14, 2019
The bus trip was great but the bathroom in the bus did not work
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Sep 10, 2019
The bus was full of ants, that was very uncomfortable
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Sep 9, 2019
The bus seat was slightly uncomfortable, but nothing major. The driving was good and safe, water, food, blanket was provided. No socket to charge your phone through though. The driver collected an extra 40 baht from everyone at the end, I don't know why since I don't speak Thai. I didn't pay but all the Thai passengers did.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Aug 26, 2019
אוטובוס אחלה עם כורסאות נפתחות והגיע שעה לפני הזמן
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Aug 19, 2019
Comfortable ride with great service.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Aug 7, 2019
The price is reasonable and Clean
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Jun 28, 2019
Plenty of space on the bus, left on time and arrived early. We were given snacks, water and a blanket.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Jun 18, 2019
It was great, great bus, great service and great driver
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Jun 9, 2019
The bus was in a great condition, one of the best we had taken in Thailand. We have arrived on time. Excellent!
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, May 18, 2019
I always book with you excellent
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Apr 23, 2019
Nice bus, comfy seats, good driving.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Mar 30, 2019
Chiang Mai to Laos - Nongkhai (Border) - very comfortable Bus with much free room for sleeping. One star minus because the Air was too cold. Bring warm jackets.
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Feb 24, 2019
This was the first good overnight bus I have taken in Asia! The bus is set up with reclining seats so rather than sharing a tiny bed with some stranger, like all of the other overnight buses in Asia, you have your own space. To top it off the bus actually left and arrived on time! Amazing
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Feb 21, 2019
There will be plenty of stops along the way, but not necessarily to allow you to stretch your legs or eat something other than the meager and very bad snack (only sweet treats). So don't hesitate to get something to eat beforehand. These multiple stops (between 20 and 30) make your journey longer but not less painful.
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Feb 15, 2019
Good driver, and blankets was avaible for the Night time. Bus arived already 07.30 instead of scheduled time 09.00 very good trip.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Feb 4, 2019
29.01.2019. Very comfortable and spacious bus compared to the ones I have taken so far. They give you water and sweets for breakfast. We went from Chiang Mai to Nong Khai. 100% recommendable.
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Jan 30, 2019
Bus was very quiet A lot of leg room! Very comfortable seats Blanket and Snakbag provided Air con was not too cold
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Jan 28, 2019
Everything was ok except locked toilet.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Jan 21, 2019
Big seats and comfortable drive. But baggage side is little dirty. Your bag may get some dust
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Dec 28, 2018
We left on time and arrived early. The bus was older but in good condition. Three across seating with a very good recline and a footrest and I slept well. Blankets provided came in a sealed bag and seemed to be clean but bring a jacket as well as it does get cold. The driver drove at a sensible speed and did not appear to take risks. Would use this service again.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Dec 14, 2018
Decent jouney. I was in and out of sleep for most of it.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Nov 29, 2018
We took the VIP bus with 3 rows of seats. The seats were spacious and I slept well. Water and snacks were given to us. I did not use the restroom, so I am not sure. I would like to use this bus again.
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Nov 22, 2018
Very comfortable bus. Seats are huge and recline almost flat. Blanket provided. Food provided. As good as buses get really.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Nov 21, 2018
Slept like a log
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Nov 18, 2018
Overall comfortable trip. The only thing that wasn't fully perfect is the fact that first floor of the bus had a bit of a bad smell coming from the toilet.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Nov 11, 2018
Overall very nice trip! The seats are super comfortable and spacious. The only thing that I was missing were the 5minute stops along the way to stretch out legs. We had none. Also it was quite cold in the bus because of the sting AC. The food package given at the beginning of the trip was awesome. Overall very enjoyable experience.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Nov 6, 2018
Good Bus Service- on time. Happy customer.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Oct 21, 2018
Clean, comfortable, friendly
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Oct 12, 2018
The seats were roomier than I thought they’d be. Was able to get some rest. They provided a snack bag. Next time I will choose the upper level. Hoping it’s quieter than the lower.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Oct 6, 2018
On my way from Chiang mai to nongkhai we had a different bus. T was green. That bus was amazing. I had forgot to assign my seat so you automatically assigned the 1C which was sitting on topnof a TV. It was horrible. Nobody in advanced would allow me to get a new seat thank god some other lady gave me her ticket so I could move. There was plenty of room, and I slept better than ever. But the way back was a slice of hell. The seat did not totally recline and my feet could not go forward they were smashed into the front of the bus. It was AN ICE BOX and I was not able to sleep properly. The worst part was I was woken up TWICE gasping for my life because the bus driver was slamming on his breaks around the bend! He was driving far too fast on curvy roads and if I wake up from sleeping that should tell you something. I seriously wonder if they screen these drivers for drugs and alcohol beforehand. On some of the curves where there yellow and orange flags, he would SPEED UP instead of slow down. I felt he didn't know the route either. Once I saw how fast he was going I had a hard time falling back asleep. Of course this is at 1-2am so all people are sleeping and didn't see. But I saw. If you would have given me the first bus again I would have taken this company again. But I'll try to avoid in the future seeing how horrible it was on the way back and I was afraid of dying.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Sep 28, 2018
The ride was fine. The crew was ok, but they like to smoke by the door. We booked out the entire bottom section of the bus and that was the one place I guess it costs extra to cool because I had to ask about 8 times to get the air turned on because I had kids and and infant who were sweating. Doubt I’ll use this route again.....
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Sep 25, 2018
A very comfortable trip. A nice touch being given breakfast.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Sep 15, 2018
We departed on time and met some nice travellers on the bus. We were given a goody bag with some biscuits and a Thai tea ect, and we had lots of leg room. A few things that could be improved on was my tray for putting food on was broken, the description mentioned a meal onboard and a tv. There was a tv on board but not turned on. I think this trip was good value for money but travellers should bring food, own entertainment and bring a hoody as a/c is cold!
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Sep 13, 2018
Less stopping would make this a better service.
Bus VIP 24, Sueksa Tour, Sep 1, 2018
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