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Company Information

Sueksa Tour is one of the main operators connecting the northern cities with the Isan region in Thailand. The company is based in the major city in Isan, Udon Thani, with plenty of routes up to north-eastern Thailand and towards the borders with Cambodia and Laos.

Routes served by Sueksa Tour

All the buses on routes operated by Sueksa Tour are VIP buses so you know you'll be travelling in comfort.

Udon Thani to Lampang & Lamphun

From the operator’s base in Udon Thani, you can travel to both Lampang and Lamphun. There is one departure each day from Udon Thani to both destinations (leaving at 20.30 and costing THB840). It takes around 10 ¼ hours to reach Lampang, so you are due to arrive at 06.40, and it’s an 11 ½ hour trip to Lamphun, arriving just before 08.00.

Udon Thani–Chiang Mai

You can also catch services from Sueksa Tour in Chiang Mai. There are daily departures from Chiang Mai to Udon Thani and Nong Bua Lamphu (both leaving Chiang Mai at 20.30 and priced at THB 840). It takes approximately 12 hours to reach Udon Thani from Chiang Mai, so you'd be due to reach your destination at 08.20. Nong Bua Lamphu is slightly closer to Chiang Mai, taking 10 ¾ hours and arriving just after 07.00.

Chiang Mai–Nong Khai

A very useful route for those heading from Chiang Mai to Vientiane in Laos. There is one night bus leaving Chiang Mai at 20.30 and arriving to the border town of Nong Khai before 9.00 the next morning, in time in case you are planning to get to the Thai consulate the same day. Tickets cost under THB900.

In the opposite direction from Nong Khai to Chiang Mai the bus leaves at 19.00 and takes just under 12 hours to get to the destination.


One of the best things about picking Sueksa Tour is the complimentary food and drink you receive when you arrive at the bus. You'll be given a snack and a bottle of water but then you'll also receive a hot meal later on. This is usually a meal purchased from a street food stall so could be pad thai or something similar. Unfortunately, they don't really cater to different diets, so it might be worth bringing something extra if you have specific dietary requirements.

As all the vehicles used on routes by Sueksa Tour are the newer, roomier VIP buses, these trips tend to be much more comfortable than a journey on a regular bus. There are fewer passengers aboard so it's quieter and you're far more likely to get some rest during the night. Also, there is a good deal more legroom than on other buses so you can really stretch out and have a nap.


Unfortunately, there are no charging ports on board these buses, this can be annoying when you have a long, overnight journey. It's always best to make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave, in case you need to use it once you reach your destination or if you need to contact someone in case of an emergency.

Most of these VIP buses have a shared TV at the front of the bus and not the individual monitors that you might get on other vehicles. It can be a little aggravating having to listen to the television if you want to read, relax or sleep but it is switched off at around 22.00, along with the lights so it isn't too much of a hassle. Make use of the quiet during the night to get some rest as the lights do come on at around 06.00 and it can often be fairly noisy in the morning as passengers get on and off the bus.

Keep in mind

It can get a bit chilly on buses during the evening, especially as the air conditioning is usually kept on throughout the night. The good news is that Sueksa Tour offers you blankets at the beginning of the journey so you should be fine.

Travellers reviews

Passengers can sometimes find the shared TV onboard a bit disruptive, especially if you find yourself sitting underneath a speaker. But this usually only lasts a couple of hours at the start and end of the journey so you can still get some much-needed rest during the trip.

There are plenty of positive reviews about the comfort onboard these services and it really is worth paying a little extra to travel by VIP bus as you'll have more legroom and a much comfier seat!

January 4.0

December 3.9

November 4.2

January 2018

Max, Jan 6, 2018 - We departed and arrived on time, which is great. However they messed up the food, and some people barely got enough to eat.

December 2017

Max, Dec 31, 2017 - Great and reliable service. Wear warm clothes for the air condition.
Elodie, Dec 23, 2017 - The food could be better for such a long trip but nice staff and very comfortable bus !
Adele, Dec 21, 2017 - Super comfy, slept straight through the night!
Eric, Dec 16, 2017 - Good trip, good service. Would use again. Downsides: no power/USB charging in the seats, massage seats did not work, supplied blankets were not quite warm enough for the super-hi-power air conditioning... I was glad I brought my own blanket!

November 2017

Conny, Nov 29, 2017 - We had never so a nice and clean bus like this in Asia. The service was perfect, the bus - except the toilet - was clean and comfortable. We were wondering that we also get a food package. We can recommend this company to all !
Thomas, Nov 29, 2017 - No longer stop for eating, toilet, walken. Many people were waiting for toilet, but all doors were locked. Nö english anouncements.
Gabriel, Nov 25, 2017 - Easy.
Williamina, Nov 1, 2017 - Very comfortable, wide chairs that reclined and allowed me to sleep and wake up feeling surprisingly rested. I felt really safe with the driving. A nice snack was provided, and I very much appreciated the toilet even though it was far from clean. Overall, a very pleasant experience.

October 2017

Tijmen, Oct 21, 2017 - Was very nice and comfortable, though changing buses happened a bit abruptly and caused some confusion. Would defenitely reccomend and ride again.
Katie, Oct 16, 2017 - Comfortable bus trip with large reclining chairs. Bus actually left Chiang Mai before scheduled time. Bus clean with blankets and a small snack.
Mike, Oct 7, 2017 - The bus was clean, but the attendant was very hands-off. I had children with me, but they still left the door open when people were smoking right outside the door, turned the cabin lights on and had conversations in the back during the very early hours. I'd use the service again but would prefer a different bus.

September 2017

Adriana, Sep 10, 2017 - It was a very good ride. We left Chiang Mai on time and arrive to destination half an hour earlier than scheduled. The staff was kind and helpful and, considering it was a bus ride, it was comfortable and nice.

August 2017

Anthony, Aug 27, 2017 - Fantastic drive. Comfortable, the free food was great and we arrived on time.
Anthony, Aug 21, 2017 - very comfortable
Massimo, Aug 19, 2017 - Very comfortable!
Jonathan, Aug 4, 2017 - Generally good. The only thing I would add is USB chargers for the phones. It's the first company I travel with in Thailand that doesn't have that.

July 2017

Nicole, Jul 29, 2017 - It was a really uncomplicated and confortable journey. Thanks for that!
Evgeniia, Jul 26, 2017 - Everything is good!
Grace, Jul 17, 2017 - Best night bus I've been on in Southeast Asia! It was very spacious and reclined pretty far back. Snacks and water was provided. The only con was the constantly filled toilet, which was unpleasant with a bumpy bus ride. Nonetheless, slept most of the way and actually woke up refreshed.

June 2017

Karen, Jun 1, 2017 - I did not take this bus! Change of plans.

May 2017

Jason, May 7, 2017 - On time, quiet, and service was amazing! Nothing more I can ask for. They give you a care package and a bottle of water so you survive the trip.
Charley, May 3, 2017 - We booked the night bus departing at 20.30. The bus was very comfortable and things got off to a good start. FYI, there were no charging points on he bus. Around 5am there was a strong smell of gas, the bus pulled over and we were asked to get off quickly! It looked like a small engine fire. We waited for an hr sat on the roadside some 3 hrs from Nong Khai before we were asked to get on a public bus. We were only told that the final stop of this bus would be close to Nong Khai. Once there we were met by a minibus that took us to Nong Khai bus station. Poor communication and did not react quick enough.

April 2017

Rebekah, Apr 26, 2017 - Cold, communication bad although good grasp of english. Damp. Faint smell of ghosts
Otmane, Apr 11, 2017 - it was a comfortable ride!

March 2017

Christopher, Mar 23, 2017 - Great! Just a little bumpy but no big deal.
Laura, Mar 18, 2017 - Bus was almost 2 hours Early and we were not told. No english information on the bus
Kai, Mar 5, 2017 - Too noisy, beacuse the stuff talked too loud full night. They put a motorbike on the floor. It blocked the way an in case of accident there's no chance to survive. Stuff don't speak english. They didn't drop me off at uduonthani bus station. V.i.P?

February 2017

Arkadiy, Feb 9, 2017 - nice servise and friendly personal!!! Thank you!!!

January 2017

Clare, Jan 13, 2017 - Seats were comfortable, some snacks and a small bottle of water provided. Driver drove quite fast, blankets (which were needed because it was cold and the ac was on) smelt and were damp. Overall a good trip, just not as great a service as other Thai buses we've been on.

December 2016

Chelsea, Dec 11, 2016 - The trip was great. Cool air, comfortable reclining chairs, and water and snacks. Thanks!

November 2016

Arkadiusz, Nov 30, 2016 - It was too cold. There is no need to set so low temperature. The toilet was stinking all the way. But staff was very nice and friendly :-)
Stephen, Nov 30, 2016 - Good trip. Decent food and comfortable spacious seats for sleeping. I was next to the toilet, which had a bit of an odor -- but I kind of liked it. It kept me alert.
Thomas, Nov 25, 2016 - Surprising comfortable. My first trip with a VIP-bus and I was more than relieved over the huge leg room which was enough for a 2m person. Excellent seats which could changed for sleeping. Nice crew. One tasty meal, street food I think. I had not visited the toilet. One small minus: all people went to sleep shortly, so I had no idea why to play a quite disturbing Transformer movie...but it ended ca. 22h. Overall a really nice comfortable trip. Thank you!
Daniella, Nov 17, 2016 - The food was good. The bathroom was disgusting. The air conditioning was way too strong. Needs to be lowered

October 2016

Matt, Oct 27, 2016 - Good seats, reclined pretty much the whole way back, food, blanket all good. Bit of a bumpy ride half way then fine!
Moidy, Oct 25, 2016 - Very good service and comfortable journey considering that this is our 1st trip using this Bus (
Hugo, Oct 19, 2016 - Comfortable bus left on time provided a meal and a warm duvet so I could not suffer from cold air conditioner arrived on time on destination
Colette, Oct 15, 2016 - Blankets provided. Lights and TV went off around 10 but back on before 6 ???? Comfortable, toilets a little stinky but all in all great. We arrived an hour earlier than scheduled too

September 2016

Natalia, Sep 28, 2016 - Fast driver, good blankets. One of the best bus rides I've taken.

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