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Singapore - Johor
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Singapore - Kuala Lumpur
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Singapore - Malacca
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StarMart Express SG Company Reviews

217 customer reviews
99.3% of 6,200 travelers were presumably happy with StarMart Express SG as they left good or no review
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Nov 13, 2019
Correu tudo bem a única coisa chata é a espera nas 2 fronteiras
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Oct 27, 2019
All the staffs at the transit were so unkind. We're satisfied with the time and price.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Oct 22, 2019
Seat belt was cut off and the driver was driving so fast I jumped out of my seat a few times.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Oct 16, 2019
the massage type chair on the way to KL isn't working and the USB port too. hopefully next time, there will be wifi connection on the bus
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Oct 15, 2019
Aircon was not working properly stopped for repairs without notice Unfriendly driver was smoking in bus. Good seats with a lot of leg room Bus was loud could need some oil at some points so reduce noise
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Oct 14, 2019
safe travel the entire trip , we arrived in our destination earlier than the said estimated arrival which is good because we do have lots of time to look for our hotel here in Malaysia, nice crew and pleasant surrounding — all in all me and friend enjoy the whole trip ????
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Oct 2, 2019
Bus left fairly promptly. Temperature on bus was very cold and was uncomfortable most of journey. Despite documentation stating only 30 mins at immigration, driver decided to wait for well over an hour for 2 people who didn’t have correct visas. Despite there being an English speaking representative on board the bus, no explanation was given as to why we were delayed for such a long time, we worked it out from conversations that were happening between driver and other Starmart representatives. Definitely a cost effective way to travel between Malaysia and Singapore. Massage seats not working, bus seats large and recline nicely. driver had very limited English, so little instruction given as to what to expect at immigration. Probably won’t travel this way again if doing the same journey
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Aug 28, 2019
Nice bus, A/C working properly. All went as expected. Customs was simple and straightforward.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Aug 26, 2019
Easy booking system and quickly received ticket confirmation. Then easy check in procedure and great service from StarMart also.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Aug 26, 2019
First, thank you to the staff who kept our left baggage in Golden Mile Tower. Second, though, our bus arrived a little bit delayed, 45 minutes to be exact, it was kinda okay because the trip was smooth and fast.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Aug 13, 2019
Prompt departure and smooth ride. Driver drove with his “slippers’ with his shoes by his side. Had difficulty finding drop off points and had to use google maps many times. Was on his mobile phone 5 - 6 times. Notice the bus speedometer was not working with the needle stuck at zero ....
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Aug 9, 2019
There was a slight delay with the original schedule, but that seems to be the norm with buses from Singapore to KL. The ride itself was decent.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Aug 8, 2019
The bus was nice, but the journey took 7,5 hours instead of 5.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Aug 6, 2019
Itbwas okay but the connection from the Malaysian boarder to Butterworth was chaotic. It was disorganized and we need to wait for almost an hour just to get into our connecting bus.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Aug 1, 2019
The driver stopped a lot of times that took our trip for 7.5 hrs going to TBS. How much more if it’s going to BTS.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Jul 22, 2019
Bus was great: huge seats reclinabile seats and very comfortable!! The bus arrived at the pick up point about half hour late and there was a lot of confusion about which bus everyone needed to get. We also arrived at our destination an hour late even though there was no traffic so timings may need reviewing!
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Jul 10, 2019
it arrived 2 and a half hours late.. that said.. it did have in seat massage chairs.. thought it was a sarcastic joke but they really did... but arriving on time is the big goal here. we also left a half hour or so late. but the bus did make it which going by other reviews is pretty impressive..and i was like 10 singapore dollars for a 8 hour trip.. so i guess what can i expect.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Jul 4, 2019
everything was fine, seats were very spacious and AC worked fine, the driver waited for me as I had problems on the border, WIFI would be cool tough
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Jul 3, 2019
I have a very good seat which was #2 & 3... more leg room... thanks
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, Jun 22, 2019
The bus manager wasn't friendly at all. Kept shouting and not even explaining to us first timers in a bus that we have to go down twice without proper explanation. Didn't even help at all with the luggage (or im not sure if it's not part of their job really). Bus is very dirty, left over food from other passengers were still in our seats. The voucher said to have only 1 stop at a gas station but we made 2 stops. Made another stop at TBS which we thought it would go straight to berjaya times square. Travel is not 4 hours as mentioned. We travelled 9 hours

StarMart Express SG Stations

Melaka Sentral Golden Mile Tower Boon Lay Equatorial Hotel Hatten Hotel Melaka City Plaza Berjaya Times Square TBS Kuala Lumpur Swiss Garden Hotel KL Sentral Butterworth Sungai Nibong Aman Jaya Ipoh Bagan Serai Bidor Chemor Gopeng Kampar Kanthan Baru Kuala Kangsar Sungai Siput Tapah Tanjong Malim Parit Buntar Lumut Teluk Intan Sitiawan One Utama Klang Sentral Shah Alam Sungai Besar Sabak Bernam Sekinchan Seremban Terminal 1 Kluang Bus Station Legoland Johor Mersing Muar Alor Setar Sungai Petani Cameron Highlands Tanah Rata Genting First World Hotel Changloon Makhota Medical Centre Hat Yai Chee Road Bus Terminal Yong Peng AmanJaya Ipoh Simpang